Sonic Free Riders Soundtrack “Break Free” Confirmed for December

Sonic Free Riders Soundtrack “Break Free” Confirmed for December

Beating the Sonic Colors soundtrack to its release is the official Sonic Free Riders Soundtrack, Break Free, which will be hitting Japanese shelves on the 8th of December.  Standing at a modest 12 tracks long, the soundtrack will also feature unsurprisingly a cover of the main theme tune to Sonic Free Riders, “Free”, performed by Crush 40, as well as the original version performed by Chris Madlin.

For a full track listing, head to the Video Game Music Database.

If you’ve got a spare ¥1800 and you’re mad on your Sonic music, you’ll want to ask for this in your stocking this christmas!

If you’re like Bob Cratchit, and are too poor to purchase a copy this year, tune in to T-TIME on Sunday the 5th of December during Project 24 on SEGASonic:Radio (4:00PM GMT), to be in for an opportunity to win yourself a copy of the soundtrack (along with loads of other goodies!).

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  1. I guess this is cool, I never really liked any sonic rider’s music because it’s forgettable beyond all belief; and I hate this theme “free”, it’s terrible.

    But whatever, this is cool I guess.

  2. I’d sure like to listen to Crush 40’s cover. I thought this soundtrack was better than the norm for the Riders series, but I’m holding out for the Colors music!

  3. I wish we could buy the tracks seperately. I can’t see myself buying Free Riders anytime soon what with Kinect being as expensive as it is.

  4. Hmmm… if Crush 40 has a version of “Break Free,” I wonder if they have one for “Reach For The Stars?”

    Back on the story: A game with music like that of course has to have a soundtrack to it. But only twelve tracks? No album exclusives then, besides C40’s version of the cover?

  5. It would make sense for Crush 40 would do a remix for “Free” seeing as both Johnny and Jun had a hand in it (lyrics and guitars respectively, if you check out the credits).

    I doubt Reach for the Stars would see a Crush 40 remix, the song itself sounds more like it would be more fitting as a Bentley Jones mix.

  6. FUUUUU-

    Another soundtrack to buy and rip. My task never ends. >.>

    Oh well, maybe my rip will be the one used for a music review here. 😛

  7. I think that the ‘original’ is more like the cover, because Johnny wrote the lyrics and Jun composed it. So basically it’s like an original, after having the cover made first. Either way, the ‘original’ sounds pretty good, can’t wait to hear C40’s version!!! 😀

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