Sonic Free Riders Multiplayer Trailer, 6 New Screenshots

Sonic Free Riders Multiplayer Trailer, 6 New Screenshots


A new trailer for Sonic Free Riders has appeared on YouTube user SegaCzech’s channel, which showcases the various multiplayer modes of the game, namely VS Mode, 2 Player Co-op/Tag Mode and Relay Race. The trailer is just like the Introduction and Weapons trailers, in that people show how the game is played, actions and all. Plenty more gameplay footage can also be seen from the variety of tracks the game has to offer.

Elsewhere, IGN has released six more screenshots of the game, which you can view below.

Screenshots source: IGN

Thanks to Woun at the SSMB for the heads up on the screenshots!

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  1. Aww man. This looks fun! I wanna pretend like I have a hoverboard from Back To The Future 2! D: lol

  2. come on i want a sonic colours update i want to see starlight carnaval zone or aquarium zone

  3. Yeah! It does look really fun! I love to pretend I’m on a hoverboard of some sort! For some reason the video wouldnt show at all but I downloaded it and then it worked fine! LOL! And I’ve pre-ordered my copy of Kinect and Sonic Free Riders too! You know what, I went into GAME and they said that if you dont order Kinect this week then you wont be able to get a copy before Christmas! Yes, it’s going to be that good! Let’s make this article a Kinect fans only article, I hate those noobs who say it’s gonna be rubbish! KINECT RULES!

  4. Dammit, I want it now!…But I don’t have a 360!…But I am willing to get one simply because I want this game!…I had too much sugar for breakfast!

  5. I got a message from Gamestop that Sonic Free Riders wii come out in midnight. (November 3) I also preorder Sonic Colors for Wii and DS. I don’t like Sonic hat only the game.

  6. Hmm. Still not getting it. It’s so different from Zero Gravity…Not to mention that I would dearly prefer to keep my dignity in tact.

    Oh, and a 360 with the “Red Rings of Death” also spoils the fun. *Shakes fist angrily and is attacked by rabid Microsoft employees*

  7. Oh those crazy Sonic couples fans are going to have a whale of a time with co-op mode xD
    Although it begs a question…Sonic and Eggman in Co-op =S oh dear

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