Sonic Colours Wii in High-Resolution

Sonic Colours Wii in High-Resolution


Since the first screenshots and gameplay footage was shown of Sonic Colours on Wii there have been some fans craving an HD version of the game. While that doesn’t seem to be happening, we can at least now have a glimpse at what Sonic Colours might look like with high-resolution 1080p graphics thanks to screenshots and video from JADS, who ran the game through the Dolphin emulator and shared the images and video at NeoGAF.

What do you think of the pics and video? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. Okay, I need to know a few things…

    A.) Is this a ROM Emulator thing or can I use Wii discs on the computer? I have no desire to pirate.

    B.) What are the tech specs to make this run smooth?

  2. Yeah it’s a emulator( Dolphin SVN R6372)
    and here are his specs.

    i7 860 at 3.5´╗┐ Ghz, 4 GB of ram and an AMD Radeon 5850

    And he has Enable XFB and Enable EFB copy To Texture enabled.

  3. It’s a Wii emulator, running a ripped ISO of the game. Don’t go thinking you can easily run it yourself. It requires a PC FAR more powerful than the Wii, and the 360/PS3 as well for that matter. Especially if you want to output the HD graphics.

    Shame though, this does look pretty fantastic, it would’ve been nice to see a 360/PS3 version. I can only hope they’ve got an entirely different game in the works for those systems.

  4. hmm… to be quite honest, it looks exactly the same. XD I would prefer the best graphics available (as long as the game’s already good in every way possible of course =P) buuuut if the “better graphics” aren’t really a difference then I don’t care. XD

    I mean they made this Wii game look like a PS3/360 game almost and considering the controls for this game, this would be like the only game that could look exactly the same and control exactly the same on all 3 Wii, 360 and PS3. XP

  5. There’s no way in hell I would buy a new 3000$ computer just to play it at 1080p, especially when I hardly see the difference :/

  6. I heard SEGA are considering to release this on XBOX 360/PS3 (credit jakeiiiiblade from YouTube) if the game sells well on the Wii/DS. Maybe this is a taster for what it would be like on the XBOX 360/PS3 version…

  7. while the chances of colors going hd is VERY unlikely i don’t think it’s impossible. the game hasn’t hit the u.s yet and if it sells big here than i wouldn’t be shocked to hear sega saying there making a hd port.

  8. I wouldn’t be surprised if SEGA pulls a Capcom move like Capcom did with Sengoku Basara on the Wii and PS3. Just make minor changes like adding trophies/achievements and small touch ups to the HD counterpart if they port it over. Trust be told, I really don’t see too much of a difference to justify getting an expensive PC just to run a Wii game in HD though.

  9. It seems to look a bit better… but I can’t tell for sure. To the admins: could you add sonicstadium’s own planet wisp act 1 video to this article so everybody can compare?

    Naturally, we have the wentos rumours for a true HD version, but I don’t really believe that. It would be nice.., but it’s going to take good sales and a lot of begging from the fanbase.

    Actually, if they release a HD version next year, which does not only improve graphics, but perhaps also listens to the complaints and fixes them, maybe add a wisp or two… *dreams*

    And yeah, I do not own a HD console>_> But I like gameplay vids, and it would rock for those who DO own one. Plus I most likely would get to play them in a few years or so..

  10. When I first told my friend about sonic colors he thought the graphics would be crappy, but when I played him a level he took that back. Also I play sonic colors on an HD tv and the resolution still feels the same, why is that?

  11. Um… Not seeing a difference except in framerate… is that the only difference I’m supposed to see? If so why the screens?

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