Sonic Colours & Sonic Free Riders Barely Reach UK Top 40

Sonic Colours & Sonic Free Riders Barely Reach UK Top 40

Chart Track has revealed the UK sales chart rankings for last week and new Sonic releases Sonic Colours and Sonic Free Riders just barely broke into the top 40 all format chart. Released on Friday, Sonic Colours on Wii and DS placed at 36 and Sonic Free Riders, which released on Wednesday for Xbox 360 Kinect placed just two positions below at 38. In the top 40 Wii chart, Sonic Colours climbed higher, but just missed the top 10 at 11th place and didn’t perform any better in the DS top 40 at 12th place. As for Sonic Free Riders, SEGA’s Kinect racer placed 16th, the lowest ranked of the Kinect titles to make the chart, with Kinect Sports being the highest at the number 2 position.

With mostly positive fan and critical reception, this is a bad start for Sonic Colours in the all format department. With a full week of sales behind it in next weeks chart, could the game perform better? Check back next week and we’ll let you know how Sonic Colours and Sonic Free Riders fare.

Source: Chart Track
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    Curse you gametrailers and Jim Sterlign! Yes, Sterlign, because you can’t spell Ignorant without SterlIGN

  2. I get the feeling that once this game hits store shelves in the US tommorow, there’s gonna be quite the change to the sales charts in comparison…

  3. Well I think that sonic colours could have done alot better if it would have been multiplatform instead of being just for the wii. I for one would have been one of the first to get this game for my ps3 and I know alot of people who feels the same although I do have a wii also I still think that it was a mistake to make it a WII and DS exclusive.The game really is awsome and I cant get enough of it I love it and I love all the sonic 3d games but I cant help and wonder how colours would have looked on the ps3 since the difference in sonic unleashed for the wii and the ps3 are insane I loved it for the ps3 but didnt enjoy it at all for the wii.

  4. I don’t think it’s much to worry about. The games have barely been out a week, we’re hardly going to have accurate representations yet.

    And well, Free Riders was never going to be commercially successful anyway. >.>

  5. @Thomas Daly: Sonic’s not dead. Have a little faith. 😉

    As has been said, sales are going to skyrocket tomorrow.

  6. Well, what did you expect?
    Even if Sonic is your favourite character, economy is hard these times.
    It might be that it’ll get sold little by little.
    Or might even be sold more on Christmas.

    ¿Remember how they run out of preorders in Toys R’ Us? Well, be confident.

  7. I think People are saving colours for Xmas, like me, im leaving it for Christmas.

    But if it fails in sales after Christmas then, yeah i think people have quit with sonic to a point they dont trust any game, because Unleashed and black knight were really bad games, they put alot of gamers and the public off Sonic’s franchise.

    Thous two games even put me off, but its thanks to sonic 4 that’s got my attention back to it, and colours looks polished/Fun, some of music ive heard is brilliant too very sonic like 😀

    but story/voices are awful , sorry but the new cast is embarrassing just like 4kids, we need real VA’s doing the games when i mean real i mean ones like Nolan north, James Arnold Taylor, Jim Cummings etc ones that sound natural and real.

    Roger and co no offence seem like fake cheap VA’s found online…..

    But oh well we’ve got skip option on the cut scenes and Japan option so im fine with that.

    oh and lets be honest, sonic free riders looks completely awful and lazy too, they need to remove the riders series because its putting people off Sonics series thinking its still a Running Joke.

    We all know sonic doesn’t need a hoverboard he’s fast with out it, plus we had sega all stars -racing which was a great racing game so i think people rather play that then Riders any day.

  8. Plus one last thing, sonic has had a Bad history from 2005 to 2009 so blame sega, not to mention today’s gamers just want blood, Guns and swearing…..

  9. Releasing on the same week as Black Ops = Epic Failure, not that Black ops fans and Sonic fans are one and the same XD But any game coming out in the week a game that breaks the sales record for a multimedia product in one day is pretty doomed in sales figures. I just hope this figure doesn’t make SEGA think they’re doing it wrong and go back to well-selling shovelware :S

    No comment on Free Riders, I haven’t played it.

  10. To me, Sonic Unleashed and Sonic and the Black Knight was awesome; I just wanted to state my opinion since SK72 reminded me about those games. I can’t wait until tomarrow! Hopefully I’m still living by then… ^_^.

  11. @SK72 yeah and no thanks to those gamers, we’re not cool.
    but I don’t understand your logic on this:
    “We all know sonic doesn’t need a hoverboard he’s fast with out it, plus we had sega all stars -racing which was a great racing game so i think people rather play that then Riders any day.”

    I agree with some of you about the economy… you need money for food in order to be a living to play Sonic games…

    I’m waiting for tomorrow… got it paid off and now just to wait at least 24 hours to pick it up.

    but Pinata has a point…. not smart unless people’s pay day is on a different week. lol who knows.

    As for Sonic Free Riders, it looks fun…. when you play with a controller but I still want to try the co-op play.

  12. @slam422

    A lot of my Sonic Colours playthrough viewers are American…all of them are super psyched to get the game! You’re most definitely right! =D

  13. If this game is good, which i think it will be, the worst i can see happening is it becomes a cult classic.
    If its good, people will find out and buy it ALLOT!
    This is Sonic were talking about, tons of people even buy the crappy games.

  14. Well to be completely honest most people in the world right now are going “OMG WTH BLACK OPS/HALO REACH IS OUT!!!!!!!!!!! I WILL LOVE IT AND HUG IT AND PLAY IT PLAY IT PPLLAAYY IITT!!!!!”
    (Apart from me of course)
    PS at least Sonic colours/colors got #11 on Wii

  15. I think it’ll sell better in the US than the UK. I wouldn’t mind buying twenty copies to let Sega know this is a step in the right direction and that I want them to continue doing Sonic 🙂

  16. You guys do realize Friday is almost the end of the week? How the heck is it supposed to chart if it barely came out?

  17. Friday IS pretty late in the week y’know. Actually Sonic Free Riders seems to be doing okay considering it’s on a platform of a platform and it’s reviews haven’t been that great.

  18. Ouch :/ It was a great game in my opinion only thing that sucked were a few of the platforming in levels, 1 or 2 wisps, The voice actors O_O and the cutscenes :/ *Faceplam* cringe aside from that

    I think it still deserves higher though

  19. Jason is right it was only released 3 days ago give it some time ….wait for a few weeks and we will see how it goes 🙂 Its an alright game though I thought Unleashed was better it still had some pretty damn good stages Give it time and you’ll see what happens you neer know it could just come crowning up for a big number 1 😉

  20. @C.J Haha I loved the cut-scenes, they were my favoruite part XD They reminded me of the old Sonic that I used to love, the sarcastic little blue bugger and I think RCS really suits the new/old style

  21. @ Rundas

    Do you really think the mass majority of consumers actually read the gametrailers review of Sonic Colours? Frankly it was the most accurate and critical of reviews. It got over a 6/10 so you”ll enjoy it.

    I personally don’t think the game will bomb. It’s only been 3 days of release here and many of the younger Sonic gamers will wait until Xmas to get it.

  22. My copy of Sonic Colurs on Wii is delayed so I do not know how long I will have to wait 🙁

  23. man i can’t wait for the game to come out!!! i’ll prob. buy it black friday since i live super close to gamestop. i was gonna get it christmas but hell i can’t wait that long. by the way SK72 what is it about the story that you don’t like? is it the voicing the story itself or the humor? i mean personally i found it to be closer to the gen. games story: save the animals/aliens from eggman. the only difference is that there’s talking in between gameplay. it still though felt like sonic’s real personality. i’m not trying to bash your opinion but it just seems when it comes to a story sega apparently never “gets it right.” “(06)it’s to to convoluted!(unleashed) what’s with the dark creature? (Colors)it’s to corny! you get what i’m saying?

  24. I think we’ll really find out after Xmas.
    Yeah, Free Riders needed a little more love from M$, all the release titles are mentioned everywhere except for it

  25. Let me get my pillow so I can do my jolly laugh. *stuffs pillow under shirt*


    Free Riders was a disaster waiting to happen….all it had to do was hit shelves. I am more excited to see Sonic 06 on shelves than that Kinect piece of crotch.

  26. For what it’s worth: Colours Wii is in the Amazon UK top 100 PC & videogames list (which includes hardware, bundles etc.) and it seems to be rising (currently at position 62). Free Riders is below 200 right now. I hope we will see Colours rise in more charts.

  27. hang on! Kinect sports is voted better than Free Riders!?! Seriously WTF!?! who the heck would play a blatant rip off of wii sports compared to free riders which has IMO better ideas and gameplay. I mean ok kinect sports was created by rare but what angers me is rare couldve created a banjo kazooie and conker sequal which fans have asked for too. but all they want to work on was kinect sports which plays just like wii sports. im sorry but it does and i didnt even like wii sports either or resort cause they were utterly boring where as the riders games I found more entertaining and challenging. and yet a creative idea like free riders using your bodies movements to control sonic and co compared to a basic sports game with tennis and gold and kinect sports is getting 2nd position while free riders goes last. Seriously!?! its like saying hmm should i play sonic 1 or pong, oh yes definitly pong cause its wayy better and more fun than sonic ¬¬ no, no it isnt.

    I understand its all opinion based but theres no way people could find a basic sports game more fun than a different styled sports game based round a character and cast from a popular series.

  28. Nearly all of the UK’s new games release on a friday and manage to either get to number one or somewhere near the top in the 2 days before the chart period ends so that doesn’t suddenly become an excuse for Sonics poor performance in the same condtitions, it’s more likely a case of strong competition that week and a lack off advertising.

    Also despite a second week in the charts being a full 7 days most games sell alot less then they do in their initial 2 day chart period.

  29. At least many Sonic games are still on the top 40, I mean look at the poor Kirby whose game got 89% overall but still nowhere to be found on any the lists.

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