Sonic Colours Now Available at U.S. Retail, Launch Trailer

Sonic Colours Now Available at U.S. Retail, Launch Trailer

UPDATE: SEGA of America has released the above trailer for the U.S. launch of the game on their blog. /UPDATE END

After hitting Australia on the 11th November and Europe the very next day, the wait is finally over for U.S. Sonic the Hedgehog fans, with Sonic Colours on Wii and DS now available at retail. The game has been receiving a great deal of praise from AU and EU players and mostly high review scores from critics, but now U.S. gamers can grab the game and judge it for themselves. If you didn’t see the launch trailer for the European release on Friday, we have it for you below, complete with American ESRB rating and launch date, because we’re cool like that.


SEGA of America has put out the below press release to mark the occasion, too, and if you missed it, the company also released a U.S. TV commercial for the game.

SAN FRANCISCO – (BUSINESS WIRE) – SEGA of America, Inc. today announced that Sonic Colors , the new title offering a high-speed and colorful adventure, has shipped to retailers across North America. In Sonic Colors , Sonic the Hedgehog is back in an interstellar adventure with new powers, exciting moves and bold, colorful worlds to explore. Along for the journey are the Wisps, an alien race whose energy Sonic can absorb to access never-before-seen powers and unlock exciting gameplay features.

“We are thrilled for consumers to finally experience Sonic Colors,” said Alan Pritchard, Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing, SEGA of America. “Sonic Team created an incredible game that not only balances the classic 2D side-scrolling Sonic the Hedgehog gameplay with new 3D action, but also adds a new and colorful twist using the Color Powers to create an experience unique to the Sonic franchise.”

Sonic returns to Wii and Nintendo DS in Sonic Colors, where he finds himself racing through incredible theme park-inspired worlds to rescue the colorful alien race, Wisps, from the clutches of the evil Dr. Eggman. Sonic Colors contains co-op and competitive local multi-player massive levels with multiple paths and over 40 single-player stages designed to provide a new experience with every play. Sonic Colors features eye-popping graphics at a high frame rate, new worlds exclusive to Sonic Colors and all new powers that gamers can harness to access hidden areas.

Sonic Colors is available exclusively on Wii and Nintendo DS systems and is rated E for Everyone. The game retails at $49.95 and $29.95, respectively, and will be available at all major retail outlets today, November 16, 2010.

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About SEGA of America Inc.:

SEGA of America, Inc. is the American arm of Tokyo, Japan-based SEGA Corporation, a worldwide leader in interactive entertainment both inside and outside the home. The company develops, publishes and distributes interactive entertainment software products for a variety of hardware platforms including PC, wireless devices, and those manufactured by Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. SEGA of America’s Web site is located at

Will you be picking up Sonic Colours? Are you enjoying the game? Let us know in the comments.


  1. Picked it up yesterday morning here in Texas and played all day and night. I’m finally at a standstill on the final stage…which is beating me up nonstop. Overall the feeling I got when I started playing was like…me being a kid again and turning on a Genesis for the first time and booting up Sonic the Hedgehog 2…a magical feeling I can’t put into words lol.

  2. I dont have a Wii either but I’m going to get the DS version this weekend! I just hope that rumour that it might come on Xbox 360 ans PS3 is true as I have an Xbox and would love to play the 3D version on that! For those people who say sonic is bad:
    Secret Rings: Bad (played it a friends)
    Unleashed: Good
    Black night: Bad (from the trailer)
    Colours: AMAZING!

  3. I went to the midnight release yesterday and picked it up at 12 am today.

    Love the game so far, my only complaint is that you cannot turn off the subtitles but thats very minor.
    Man, i dont care if the script was aimed at little kids, i LOVE it so far.
    I love how Sonic finally has some personality to him again and Roger rocks.

    And for those of you wanting to listen to the Japanese track, it IS included!

  4. haha, its kinda funny…
    in the IGN review the guy says difficulty spikes and it shows the first boss…

    I literally beat this boss in like 15 seconds and got an A my first try…
    I think he didnt know you could run in circles around the bosses ring.

  5. Finally, this is everything I’ve wanted from a 3D Sonic game. Jumping feels a little too floaty at times, but otherwise I’m very satisfied. And the new writers are definitely doing their jobs quite well.

    Heh-heh. Baldy McNosehair.

  6. I’ve been looking forward to this game ever since the first gameplay was released. It looked like the perfect Sonic game to me. Almost EVERYTHING I wanted in a new Sonic is here. Seriously, I find it scary. It’s almost like Sonic Team read my mind or something, haha. I got it this morning, and played up ’til Starlight Carnival… and I find it REALLY upsetting that I’m saying this, but… I’m not having that much fun. At least, not as much as I should.

    It’s definitely not a bad game… I’m just not having fun, and I honestly really don’t know why. I just can’t quite put my finger on it. Hopefully everyone else out there that gets the game will enjoy it more.

  7. (sigh) I have to wait tell 11pm when I’m off work to play it. It’s going to be a long 9 hours from now.

  8. I must say so far I am disappointed, I feel like I am playing Sonic for kids. The game is way too easy and like Cloverdox said above, I am not enjoying it. I have gone already through 3 worlds, and I still haven’t gotten much excitement. I think the graphics are exaggerated, there is so much color that is distracting and annoying. Not to mention the controls feel pretty awful, the 3-D segments in particular are so bad it saddens me so much. Sonic Unleashed had werehog but man the sonic levels were easier to control and much more exciting. So far it’s the worst sonic game I have played. Even Sonic and the black knight controls much more fluidly than this!

  9. Oh, posh. You couldn’t possibly say you liked unleashed better. It’s impossible to say that and to not see the irony. You all asked for unleashed without the werehog. So sega gives you precisely that, and even puts forth some extra effort to give you JUST sonic and tails, which is also what you asked for, gave you professional voice actors, hired excellent VA’s, and made sure they were well into production before announcing the game to make sure it was awesome, and the first level easy, so therefore the game is “the worst sonic game you’ve played”, and that you’d “rather play black knight any day”?! What the hell is wrong with you people? Don’t you know what you want??

  10. The guys at Gamestop made me walk out of the store with the hat on. Obviously I was glad to. Except it was raining…

    I won’t get to play however until I teach myself some Chemistry. Big test tomorrow, so unfortunate.

  11. Now all 3 games are out and some of us are done with Sonic 4 , Colours and Free Riders


  12. @SonikkuZaHejj
    Everyone is entitled to there opinion but I slightly agree with. Sonic just doesn’t have an as pleasable fan base as anyone else. Heck his country of origin isn’t fond of him at all. Some guys just gotta say SOMETHING.

    I understand you aren’t very fond of the game, but I don’t believe you should input a negative opinion in a crowd that generally goes the opposite way. That’s how arguments are started. Just simply state the positive and let them know that there is negative and you probably aren’t the only one who thinks so. Just like if you were a cashier, you must be assertive to the customer if they’re asses, but you can’t risk losing business so be a little nice.

    I like the werehog myself because honestly, the Wii version of Unleashed was terrible compared to the PS3 version (I’m not an XBox fan) and it would have been worse if the werehog wasn’t there, the day stages were just one big time attack. The PS3 version was actually about action, and the werehog made it better because those day stages were just about holding the boost button for 3 – 7 minutes. Whoever didn’t like the werehog better not EVER play a God of War game, cause they’re nothing more than over-glorified beat’em ups, the werehog actually had an alternative form of play as well as variety.

  13. @BlooDood

    Sorry to disturb but the PS3 and Xbox Versions Of Unleashed were actually the same

    The only difference was PS3 did not have much glitches, it had more objects in levels, the loading screen was just a sun and moon medal spinning wheras the Xbox showed Sonic transforming into a werehog then back to normal and also the PS3 had random freezing

    Xbox 360- Just had a lot more glitches than the PS3

    But they are still the same just a few small differeces

  14. @BlooDood

    But the things about the Werehog I agree with you ….it was honestly not that bad I dunno why a lot of people hated it ……We couldn’t always have Sonic run and just run 24/7 could we?

    Of course Colours has its own twists than just running

    The thing that ruined the Unleashed fun for me was the Hub Worlds, Long and hard missions and the Sun and Moon Medals >_<

  15. This game is amazing! Seriously, those of you who don’t have it yet, what are you waiting for?

    Those of you who who bought a Xbox 360 or PS3 over a Wii to begin with, what’s wrong with you? Trade in those dumbots for a Wii!

  16. The game made me smile. I got played a few minutes of it and I had fun. Although the jumping is a little delayed

  17. I bought Sonic Colors today, stopped at Starlight Carnival, and I must say, Sonic Colors is EVERYTHING I exspected from it! When Unleashed came out, people hated on it, but I knew it was going to be awesome… and it was! Same for SATBK and every other Sonic game. Me and my little brother had a blast playing this! It’s all thanks to my big sister I even got it! Sonic Colors is AWESOME!! I could say my favorite Sonic game to date, though all of his others are awesome, too! Sonic 4-ever!!^_^.

  18. To everyone who’s asking what was wrong with the Werehog…Nothing. You could make an entire game based on the Werehog. So why was the Werehog bashed? He was in the wrong type of game. It was like playing two type of games in one. It was like playing Need for Speed and then playing God of War in one. If I buy a game to fight…I wanna FIGHT! If I buy a game to go fast…I WANNA GO FAST!

  19. Got the game and I have one thing to say.. YES!! Had my hat on and everything from the ride back after picking it up! Played through Tropical Resort and I just started on Sweet Mountain. I’m going to take my sweet time and savor it all, unlike what I did with Unleashed Wii and PS3.

  20. @HighCaliburFun

    I’d rather has 360 AND a Wii than one or the other. XD

    “It was like playing two type of games in one.” That’s what I found so awesome about it. 😀 Neither side got too old since it alternated (360 version). ^^

    “If I buy a game to fight…I wanna FIGHT! If I buy a game to go fast…I WANNA GO FAST!”
    And if I buy a game to fight AND go fast… I wanna FIGHT AND GO FAST. That’s why I bought sonic Unleashed, unlike some people who apparently buy games they’re not even interested in. The world is a strange place. XD

  21. @Jmack, C.J., and uhhhh, others?

    I think i may just like unleashed more >.> colors is awesome beyond al means, but unleashed had it down with more speed, more fluent controls, and more control. Yeah, more control, i said it. Colors has given me some great camera angles and what not, but i feel like its a bit slower, and not just because of the wii’s ver. of the engine. I love unleashed and colors 100% but… hell, i miss the werehog! It was indeed a great change in passe. I have had times where i turn on the game and only play werehog levels. There was plenty of day stages to balance out, and once i played them all, i would be super used to all the speed. Thats just me though, i think there is more werehog haters then lovers, i got me a werehog keychain!

    For all you werehog haters out there, hhhhhheeeeeeere ya go!

  22. I like the game (music, voices, level design), but people are blowing it way out of proportion 😐

    The floaty, unwieldy jumping is driving me insane, and the overall programing has bugs that need fixing. I hope these mechanics get fixed in the next Sonic game…

  23. @C.J

    That’s what platforming is for. Sonic is definitely a platformer first above all. Speed is the hook. There’s nothing wrong with adding something new as long as it doesn’t completely interfere with the core formula. That’s how I felt when I played Unleashed, It took me soooo long to get back to the daytime stages, sometimes I didn’t want to play the game at all. That’s why I like Colors so much because the new ideas implemented into the game don’t completely block me from “Running at high speeds and platforming”. I don’t have to brawl my way to playing the next fast paced stage or talk unnecessarily in hub-worlds. I can just RUN!

  24. I got it, along with the hat, and beat just a few minutes ago! Love the game! Still have a ton to do though, but yeah, I liked the story. My only wish was that there would be an opening cutscene, but it doesn’t ruin the game for me at all.

  25. man, I can’t wait to play colors. I have the game with me now, but I’m currently on campus awaiting my ride to get home. 🙁

  26. ok… the more i play, the more i am kinda disappointed and want to take back some things… Indeed it is really easy, but that doesnt mean i dont get a game over, in fact, i have gotten 2 already, yet i defeated the first boss in 30 sec. And i know what you guys mean by the crazy jump. His jump is lagged and almost floats up AND down as he rises, like a hovercraft without a hover wisp >.> Still loving the game, but the physics seem kinda lame =/ and when it comes to slowing down after running to land on tiny platforms, you might want to forget about it, yet he accelerates very fast and this makes the plat-forming very difficult. Doable, but frustrating. Dare I say they took away some things to make room for graphics?

    I can’t describe it, it just feels really odd. Control wise the gamecube is a lot like the xbox unleashed controls, just the new jump style has me confused, a is double jump and homingattack and b is boost and homing boost attack? its easy to press the wrong one. still loving the game, but it feels kinda rushed, just from a control kind of view.

  27. “I Agree SEGA said it was for both young and old fans….they said they would have challenges…but its just tooo easy rather play Unleashed and Black knight any day!!!!”

    I don’t care how easy the game is. The game isn’t easy if you’re trying to 100% complete it. The game is fun and thats all that matters to me. I’d rather play a game that is fun and easy then a bad game that is hard and not fun anyday (this doesn’t apply to Unleashed).

  28. “I Agree SEGA said it was for both young and old fans….they said they would have challenges…but its just tooo easy rather play Unleashed and Black knight any day!!!!”

    I don’t care how easy the game is. The game isn’t easy if you’re trying to 100% unlock everything. The game is fun and thats all that matters to me. I’d rather play a game that is easy yet fun to play then to play a bad game that is hard and not fun anyday (this doesn’t apply to Unleashed).

  29. ok let me explain better, my case is that I enjoy every single sonic game, no matter the glitch or crazy spin off. I enjoyed even shadow the hedgehog, black knight, sonic 06 sure not superb but had some fun time with them and even Unleashed. So, all of a sudden me not enjoying this new sonic game is really even strange for me. Granted, the controls are better on gamecube controller but they still feel rather too loose particularly the jumping. The game is good, but I haven’t gotten any bit of superb excitement as I was expecting that’s all. It’s good, but it’s like missing something, maybe is too slow, maybe is the clunky control I don’t know. Oh and the new sonic voice I dislike but oh well. People insisted for Sonic to go classic, well here you go, but I was not one of them. I just want the old sonic adventure formula back where I had better freedom and much better control. And it really is sad for me because I never have felt so disappointed for a sonic game, granted I got annoyed with unleashed werehog but at least sonic levels were pretty fun. And honestly no, this does not play like Unleashed. What’s with the whole making brakes during the 3-D segments, why do I want to make him go slower than what he already is. That first boss fight looked epic the enemy, and suddenly I noticed I beat it. In the end, I was just expecting a bit more since Sega gave so much hype with the whole Sonic is back in form, or the dumb reviewers saying finally after decades a good sonic game. Might get the DS version though!

  30. Sonic’s and Tails’ poses at the end are almost completely identical to the ones they made in Sonic 2. Coincidence…. ?

  31. This is a great sonic game, I am currently almost finished with starlight carnival.
    For those of you saying its cheesey and you feel like it was made for kids, the fact is
    IT WAS!
    Well at least partially.

    Personally i love the cheezy dialogue, mind you i did not say bad diologue.
    Its like, 90’s cheezy.
    But it is also well thought out and genuinely funny.
    I LOVE how sonic has some personality again.

    Remember everyone how you would of felt as a kid playing this, (if your my age that is.)

    It feels like im watching a 90’s Sonic cartoon and i love that!

    I also love how there are more side scrolling sections.

    This game is amazing, the music is gold too.

  32. OMG are you guys really doing an Unleashed vs Colors war now!? XD The fans never stop. XD

    Look, we all like different stuff. It can’t be one way all the time. Seriously, aren’t we sort’ve being spoiled brats? Are we not grateful to be rid of the Sonic Labyrinth and Sonic 2006 gameplays? Are we so spoiled we can no longer have fun with something unless it’s able to bring up a memory of your childhood or is god-like amazing? XD lol

  33. @FoxBoy
    If you think that this is too much arguing, than just imagine the fan-rage if SEGA mad a SA3, it would be nothing but a side by side compare and contrast debate over SA2.

  34. @TheWaffleFactory


  35. @ FoxBoy

    uhhh, this is arguing? this is a very calm debate to me.

    @ Sonicphoto

    wow,… i think you is me. I too have never been dissapointed by a sonic game, i enjoyed shadow and 2006 a great amount, and werehogs, but I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN! it feels odd, not like the other games. Its something i cant put my finger on! shit… its bothering me that i cant figurre it out. Maybe its because of the controls slight lag, or the lack of color? Yeah, for a game called sonic colors it seems kinda lacking color. Sonic is hard to seperate from the background sometimes, i’ll find my eyes loosing him sometimes. i still love the game, but for the first time in a very very long time i feel like its missing something… Sonic does run around by himself a lot more this round, seems like less control, like all you have to do to get to a shortcut is activate a wisp, and not by reflexes maybe?

    Still i cant figure it out, maybe its because there is no exploration. Think about unleashed, adventure 2, 2006 even, all had some nice exploration in the levels, colors is a straight determined path, a lot like wii unleashed, like a race track. But even after i say that i wanna take it back, i really dont know what it is i dont like about the game, but i dont hate it one bit, it just doesnt feel right to me. Is the game feeling like its progressing too fast for everyone else? Maybe thats it. The stories n sonic games where never too great, but i still enjoyed them. This one seems so simple and not drawn out.

    Anywho, whoever reads this and thinks im pointing fingers, hold your fingers, i like this game a lot and will keep it and play it through all the way, i just wanted to say, for the first time in sonic history, i feel a bit cheated, and i still cant place that finger on what it is exactly. I have liked every sonic game ever with no complaints, why now? Do i just hate reviewers and i want to do the opposite of what they say so now when they say its good i say its bad? I dont want to believe so, how lame could i get? But a good game at least, all i can say is, give it a rent first, a hit or miss for sonic fans like every sonic game is.

  36. 2 minutes of playing the game and I knew I was going to love this game.

    BTW guys, gamestop promised a hat and I got one. 😀

  37. @ Raphiel

    Me too! Words couldn’t describe my happiness when I got both. I got the last one, though. My Gamestop sold out.

    Amazing game (IMO). Been playing it nonstop.

  38. Yeah! I got the hat at GameStop too! I wore it around the mall the rest of the night. I love the hat! I can’t wait to wear it to work tomorrow so everyone can see how cool of a hat I have! Awesome! Yeah! Groovy Dudes!

    Anyway, I also got Sonic colors for wii. It is good. Though I am not liking the wii-mote with nunchuck much. I started playing with just the wii-mote sideways and it feels a little better except I gotta shake it like a crazy person to use a wisp. Anyone else have that problem? I’m thinking i may just give in (like I did with Unleashed) and use the GameCube Control. Still, I love the cut scenes, I love the animation, I finally love the new Sonic voice actor, I love the comedy, I love the look of the game, and most of all … I love the return of the classic Badniks! Motobug, Buzzbomber and Spiney! and they are threatening and cool for once! Yay!

  39. It’s alright. It’s essentially a cleaned-up Sonic Unleashed with temporary power-ups and less of a story-line. The comedy is good, but they over-do it in some places. Also, the 6-act stages get kinda tiresome.

    But I do love the new Sonic. Combined with his new VA, he’s essentially the way Sonic is supposed to be….y’know….with a personality.

  40. Enjoyable! Thought I’d get bored in the first hour of play like I did with Black Knight and Secret Rings.
    SEGA have successfully found a way to extend a Sonics games length without the use of gimmicks which was a real issue for them in past games.
    Its fun, beautiful, sounds great, controls are spot on and my only complaint is the difficulty in stopping, turning around and heading backwards like with all the previous 3D Sonic games.

    I’d be playing right now if it weren’t so late 🙂

  41. @Miles Per-Hour

    Truueee…. but at least I’d get to play SA3! ;D Wait, I should rephrase that. A name alone isn’t good enough. When I say at least I’d get to play SA3, I meant it as a game entirely in a good way, not as just some random game CALLED SA3 or an SA3 that sucks and such. I mean a geniun third Adventure series game that fits in the Adventure series but is fresh and cool and entertains me regardless of if the fans complain and compare. XD

    I mean, the fans JUST got through Sonic 06 physics, then delt with Sonic 4 physics but mostly liked it, then Sonic Colors has a barely noticable physics deal and people are complaining but not giving any REAL reasons. The speed? Sonic wasn’t that fast BEFORE and it’s on the Wii. I’d say it’s pretty good. The level designs? What do WANT? Any suggestions? And I can’t even think of what other content there is in the game TO worry about.

    I mean how can you say it’s easy but the controls are difficult at the same time? How can you ask for a challenge but not consider them fun? How do are the classics so great with complaints like these? The classics were so easy that I could beat them at the age of 4.

    To be quite honest, I don’t care if you guys argue, it’s just as I watch I notice it’s silliness. But all I gotta say is it’s starting to sound like some people merely want Sonic to be what he isn’t when he isn’t. =P (As in they will only ask for what’s not there and never think about what is there even if it was a past request. XD) Nah, I’m just exaggerrating. 😀

  42. If there’s one word I’d give to Sonic Colors, it’s “magical”. Anyone can run through these levels and say “wow, they’re pretty!” but when you really challenge yourself to uncover every nook and cranny within them, you’ll see how much hard work and dedication Sega put into this game. It’s a little on the short side if you decide to blast right through it, but underneath, there’s a plethora of platforming joy to be had. A word that has popped up many times in this post is “platforming” because Sonic Colors is, first and foremost, a platformer. It is not a test of reflexes, as some levels in Unleashed would lead you to believe, and it is not a race from start to finish with little deviation, as Heroes and Shadow the Hedgehog, and (gasp) dare I even say Mario would have put it. And it feels fast, much unlike Sonic 06. The Wisps do not burden you, like a sword or a gun or a Wiimote tilt would. You relish in each opportunity they present to you, expanding the already visually beautiful playground. I found myself disappointed and upset when there was a platforming puzzle I came across, but did not have the proper Wisp to achieve (That soon switched to elation as I obtained it!). There’s also a brain-wracking feeling you get when you realize a challenge has been set before you, one you must finish before your wisp power runs out. I found myself in awe at the amount of challenges eight relatively simple powerups could give a game, and yes, I include the White Wisps because of their importance to quite a few puzzles. If you truly look underneath the surface you can see a bright and vivid future for Sonic, one that takes everything this game can throw at you and adds on even more. Instead of hope that Sega can redeem the Blue Blur, I’m excited to see what new ideas they add to this winning formula. I’m almost surprised when I think that Unleashed came directly before Colors, because though the two have similar game mechanics, you would think a game would have to come between them! Unleashed was a test of keeping Sonic’s speed relevant to modern standards, but this is a test of keeping Sonic’s platforming relevant. Believe me when I say that it passes, with flying… well, colors.

  43. I got the game yesterday along with the Sonic fleece cap.

    Been playing it for 13 hours(Still haven’t beaten the game, I’ve been Red Ring hunting and playing the Sonic Simulator with a friend), and I must say, it has got to be my favorite Sonic game by far.

    That is all.

  44. I don’t know why, but I did a back flip after playing this . _. The game is truly beautiful ;w ; I just wish I got my Rainbow Rave Sonic xDDD But I’m not complaining, it was wonderful all in all. Great music, funny moments, and Cubot…..pure gold. > > I do have the feeling that sometime in the future Orbot will betray Eggman like Metal Sonic. x: I did get a little teary at the ending xP Can’t blame me, I do hope to see the wisp in the future tho o: It would awesome to see they’re return.

  45. Alrighty fellow fanbase, I’m a slightly less forgiving of Sonic games than most… But I must say that Sonic Colors is at it’s core an amazing game. I do have issues with it but I also support it because of the improvements Sonic Team made overall. Especially notable in the graphics department. Despite what I state below I actually quite like the game and could elaborate on it’s strong points endlessly. However, improvement never came from bragging about your talents. It’s the flaws that need fixing. I truly love the concept of this more than any other Sonic game. I still say you should buy the game as it’s really fun at times!

    However, there are 3 primary factors and a handful of sub-factors keeping the game from being the best Wii game to date (beating even Mario).

    The screen is beyond too FAR away from Sonic for you to focus on the him accurately and also enjoy the amazing amount of detail put into the game. The art director should’ve taken offense to this… I’ve had the problem where I get hit by an enemy and I COMPLETELY lose sight of Sonic… only to have him die in a respectable bottomless pit. The rings scatter and make seeing Sonic nearly impossible. Besides, what’s the point of making Sonic Colors look as good as it does without showing off the fine details?

    Sonic Team failed to PROPERLY BALANCE the gameplay between levels. The game is too easy for it’s health at first (anyone remember “Big Boy”…? you know, the first boss in the game)… making entire zones with SIX acts go by in just under an hour and the game only has a handful of Zones….. My initial assumption for the “6 Acts per Zone” scheme was that 2 of those acts would be entirely 3D, while the next 2 acts would be entirely 2D, and the remaining longest act would be a mix. The fact that there aren’t larger 3D areas to explore VASTLY shortens play time and FUN.

    Yes, I know the red rings extend playtime. But that should be an after thought more so than being the only true challenge in the entire game… There should be more collectables and tasks to occupy your time WHILE the story progresses.

    Many Acts are simply TOO SHORT and/or too AUTOMATED. This makes the player feel like they’re not really playing if done in excess (which it is)! Adding to this problem are the INVISIBLE WALLS and INVISIBLE BOUNDARIES!!! I cannot describe how let down a player such as myself becomes after seeing an OPEN AREA that CANNOT BE ACCESSED! Adding to this problem is the lack of a Sonic first-person camera to examine the wonderful art put into the game. This should be standard by now… at the very least in 3D sections only.

    ~Tips for Sonic Team~
    When Sonic is in his “standby” pose the should’ve zoomed in on him while he’d do a few quirky animations/punch-lines. Also, spend more time working on Sonic games! No matter how amazing the concept is… Keep it concealed until it’s almost perfect. I’m almost 100% sure that’s what went wrong here with Sonic Colors.

  46. you bet ur ass i bought it, is it good?
    Hell to the yeah!!!!
    I bought it last night and i swear when i got to the Asteroid Coaster and it felt perfect for gameplay at night.
    I LOVE U SEGA!!!

  47. Frankly, I am absolutely dissapointed in a lot of the comments here.

    I’m not going to start an argument over the game, considering that I haven’t played it yet, but saying Black Knight had better controls is like saying a half-dead horse travels faster than a Ferari.

  48. I got Sonic Colours on its release in the UK (I was going to preorder from Argos, kinda glad now I didn’t), and so far I am quite happy with this game, ’tis brilliant. However, I prefer the 3D sections more than the 2D ones, and it seems there are way too many 2D sections in comparison, but that so far is like my only problem with it as well as the control in the 2D sections feels a bit slippery. All in all though, the best Sonic game since Sonic Adventure 2: Battle (nothing will ever beat that game in my heart lol). Asteroid Coaster is awesomesauce.

  49. Man, after reading all the comments on the first page, you guys are just blowing my mind! Saying Colors is too easy but Unleashed got it right? Um… did you guys actually play Unleashed? That game was so easy you could beat it with your eyes closed (Pro-tip: KEEP BOOSTING), and most stages could be S-Ranked in less than a few tries. So far, S-ranking in Colors is surprisingly difficult (especially by comparison), not to mention the added challenge of collecting all the red rings.

    In fact, I’m hard pressed to name ANY Sonic game (particularly post-Genesis) that poses even a moderate amount of challenge before the final stages. In that regard, the tricky platforming sections of Colors and the bottomless pits – THIS JUST IN: PITFALL DEATHS ARE ONE OF THE ONLY WAYS TO PRESENT A CHALLENGE IN A PLATFORMER WHERE YOU CAN HOMING ATTACK YOUR ENEMIES – actually make the game MORE challenging than many of the previous games. Granted, the boss battles take an astoundingly low number of hits to defeat, but they’re some of the most FUN fights I’ve had the pleasure of playing in quite a long time. The game is a tad short, but it’s not obscenely easy by any means.

    As far as the comments about the Werehog go, the reason it sucked was not because it was a change in pace, but because it wasn’t DONE WELL. I love beat ’em ups, and I love games like GOW or Ninja Gaiden… but seriously, the Werehog sections have got to be the easiest example of that type of gameplay in HISTORY. You can literally button mash your way through every single “fight” (with two buttons no less) and you actually have to TRY to get yourself killed. The Werehog’s platforming was almost as slippery as the floaty jump in Colors (with the stretchy-arm thing only serving as little more than a “WHOOPS I MISSED MY JUMP” grapple), and those entire sections just felt lazy and sloppy. I love the Werehog as a character, I love brawler type video games, and I love the jazzy nighttime music… but God damn they missed the ball on that one. The Werehog stages could have been great, but they were a major disappointment to anyone but the most casual button-masher.

    Not to mention they are long as fuck and they drastically outnumber the quickly finished day stages by like 3 to 1. Even moreso for the Wii version.

    I’m fine with people not liking the game (Psst! You’re CRAZY), but I always take beef when people’s rationale behind their opinion is so bogus and half-witted. Some of you guys are just plain nuts.

    To the rest of you complaining about the game’s story… well, to each their own, I suppose. Frankly, I find it refreshing to see the story move along so casually. I’m more in love with Sonic’s personality than I have ever been, and the cheesy jokes had me laughing instead of facepalming at over-the-top ridiculous storytelling. It all feels so natural and well-put together compared to the “epic” Adventure stories I’m sure many of you love. For those of you who feel like you’re missing out on the epic-ness, might I direct you to some of the more ingenious scripted sections of the game? Using the homing attack chain on an asteroid belt, sky-diving into a fleet of interstellar space ships just coming out of hyperdrive, or running down a gigantic tube toward the bottom of an ocean? This game visually stuns me with so much of that “epic-ness” IN-GAME that I don’t need an epic or serious story to make it feel like I’m doing something incredible. Instead, I’m treated to Sonic’s light-hearted attitude toward adventure and the whole thing makes me feel like a kid again.

    God I love this game. Flaws and all.

  50. @ KrazeeeKidd102 – Your right, you have not played it yet. You have to play it to get the feel for it. Its a great game, but if people are saying its just like unleashed they are dead wrong. The levels are indeed really easy, and at most times not in your control. I too have lost sight of sonic at times and that is because of no blur for things in the distance or that the color schemes choosen are not right colors, he also is too far away from the camera, My point is, i was never this picky about a sonic game. I loved the werehog, i loved shadow, i loved 2006, so why do i feel this way all of a sudden? All those past games dont play themselves, and are not too short. for real, even in the 3d segments, you are just locked to go forward. It may not look like the racetrack look from the wii unleashed, but it sure feels that way.

    @ Milo

    You got it all down, i couldnt place a finger on what frustrated me about sonic colors. As i said before, i have never had a problem with a sonic game ever! until now all of a sudden. Its still a cool game, but there where many poor choices that made the game feel less interactive.

  51. @ChaoticFox

    Thank you.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! It’s good to know that someone isn’t out of his mind!!!

  52. @thewafflefactory

    Ah, so you don’t like the game mainly because you think it plays itself and doesn’t have enough interaction.

    Word of Advice: DO NOT PLAY SECRET RINGS!!!

  53. The points about losing track of your character are valid, but to me they’re a minor complaint. It doesn’t happen TOO often and if you sit a little closer to the TV it works itself out a bit. I don’t want to give anyone the impression that this game is perfect – it has its flaws and shortcomings. But I think they’re more than balanced out by the elements of the game that were gotten oh so very right.

    As far as the game playing itself… really the only extreme example of that is Starlight Carnival. The rest of the game has about the same amount of scripted sections as Unleashed did – only they’re so damn impressive to watch that I could hardly give a damn about the lack of input. They’re generally not that long or that frequent, and they add SO much to the overall experience (in my opinion).

    But do we really even need to argue with the guy who thinks Shadow and 06 are good? lol

  54. All I gotta say is, you could stick Sonic and the Black Knight or Sonic Unleashed or Shadow in my face and say “I’ll pay you to play these instead of Colors” and I’ll definitely say no…Sonic Colors is better than all three of them put together.

    It’s crazy how the game gets way more fun after you beat it.

  55. I couldn’t put it down and I still can’t.
    It’s a pretty good game, I approve.

    I hadn’t noticed any of the things being complained about until some of you mentioned it. I use the Gamecube controller for the game, but that’s simply preference. The cut scenes are short and sweet, and add to the story without to much dialouge. I honestly love the game, and think it was overall, better than Unleashed. But I mean, some people don’t like the gme (I have no clue why) while most do.

    I honestly like short acts. It gives you a moment of quick fun, each lasting around three minutes. I personally like that idea, since it makes it easier for those in a hurry to get a quick level in. Not to mention, you have to go back later and collect all the red rings later. I know it is going to take me a while to finish the complete game, so I am honestly happy with the game itself.

  56. @Jmack

    I know, right? I’m having so much more fun collecting the red rings than I did on some of my initial playthroughs. The levels really open up once you take the time to explore and master them.

  57. @C.J
    I can respect your opinion but I don’t see why the game being easy is such a bad thing. And you’re saying that you would rather play Black Knight over Sonic Colors…like wow. Black Knight wasn’t hard either and it took me about two days to beat the main story. To me, Sonic games isn’t hard anyway unless you’re going for 100% completion. I know hunting down all the red rings and getting all S ranks will be challenging and take hours to do.

  58. @CJ

    I wouldn’t play black knight even if the palm of my hands was glued to the wiimote, in a chair glued to the floor, my wrists in braces so I couldn’t escape, myself duct taped to the chair with my legs in braces as well and my eyes pried open to be forced to watch. Sonic and The Black Knight is not fun by any means and by taking that over Sonic Colors makes me wonder what you think of Sonic ’06(I bet you think that it’s decent in some form).

    But anyway, I’m saving this game for Christmas due to me having no money and I also just bought black ops. Christmas is far but I can wait it out. Good God, life goes by so fast ;_;

  59. I don’t really understand the complaints about the difficulty, here. All Mario games are relatively easy, with few challenges actually taking a life, and yet it is lauded as a fantastic platformer because it introduces interesting puzzles which a player can overcome by using power ups and the base formula of control. Sonic Colors does the same thing, and it works. Mario Galaxy has black holes, Sonic Colors has bottomless pits. I can’t really support the disappointment here because this game just works so god damn well as a template fro how other Sonic games should be.

  60. @Thewafflefactory

    At least someone here understands my main complaints here. I think the critics cause many of the problems for gamers that like exploration… They say that if you fall into bottomless pits it’s a “cheap death” or if you are ABLE to move off of the track in the 3D segments then somehow the game becomes too difficult.
    Honestly, if this trend continues, games are going to become nothing more than movies where you sometimes press a button or two. FREEDOM is important in ANY platformer. Sonic Colors is just too restricting… like a stern Japanese parent. You cant do anything outside of this tiny track! I couldn’t even kill myself in many of the 3D segments!

    I hate the camera distance from Sonic, I absolutely hate the INVISIBLE WALLS and the track feeling in the 3D sections, I hate that there’s no first-person camera for Sonic!
    I dislike the length of the main game and that there aren’t more collectables besides wisps and red rings… (what happened to invincibility, bubbles, etc..?) Although strangely, I like the games other aspects. I grudgingly love Sonic Colors it seems.

    @Radioactive Puppy

    This does serve as a good template for future Sonic games… but if I see another Sonic game with 2-hit bosses and 3D sections on rails like in Colors & Unleashed I likely will not be buying the game. Sure the cinematics were fantastic (especially Starlight Carnival) but after a while you think “where’s the GAME I paid for?”

  61. @Milo

    Starlight Carnival is not a good 3D level. It is pretty, but too focused on quickstep or just boosting. It is, however, a fantastic 2D level. It is the only instance where I felt the game was doing too much from a spectacle standpoint. Everything else was fine to me- hell, Asteroid Coaster wins for being the big brother to Starlight Carnival because it does everything better.

    Also, this reminds me of how in Super Mario Galaxy there’s a lot of “spin to get in star cannon and then watch pretty cinematic of Mario flying around. Nobody complains about that.

  62. @Radioactive Puppy

    In any case, Sonic Colors is not a good 3D game at all. There’s nothing really fun or explorative to do in these segments… It’s just run, slide, and quickstep on a TINY track. Also, since you’ve thrown Mario into the convo, I’ll state that SMG2 is an amazing 3D game, and a mediocre 2D game…. While Sonic Colors is an amazing 2D game (despite the camera distance issue) and a below mediocre 3D game. As well, SMG2 is FAR longer than Sonic Colors and has more to do WHILE the “story” progresses. I feel like Sonic Team sacrificed too many of Sonics staple abilities in Sonic Colours. There aren’t any bubbles or invincibility containers and there’s no spindash… I don’t understand how they made the spindash only usable with the pink wisp.

    Anywho, the theatrics are fine so long as they aren’t the only entertainment available in true 3D. Sonic Colors needed more development time. I’m sure someone with authority at SEGA got excited from what they saw and ordered an immediate dispatch date for 2010. The game simply lacks where it shouldn’t.

  63. Guys… GUYS!… Let it go. No one in their right minds even care! XD

    Look, I like Unleashed a LOT. I don’t think it’s a bad game. But I won’t say Colors is worse because the only thing Unleashed offers that Colors doesing is the WereHog which I did like but didn’t expect to be anything but a theme for the game. Like I don’t expect the Wisps to return. They might give Sonic shields that allow us to do what the Wisps did in future games if they want to who knows?

    As for Black Knight I only liked the cutscenes and only cuz of the voice acting and what happens. I liked the concpet, I didn’t like the presentation and I didn’t like the gameplay. That’s my opinion. Others may disagree but they’re outnumbered.

    It’s just there’s almost NO REASON to be arguing here except that you’re the Sonic Fanbase and that’s all you can do. XD Chill out people! lol

  64. PS: I still say the first-person camera should come standard in any 3D platformer. As an artist myself, I’d be offended if there weren’t such a camera to display my hard work on the intricate details of a level.

  65. @FoxBoy

    Who’s arguing with anyone here? Not me. Hah, you should probably specify who you’re talking to… It gets confusing otherwise.

  66. I bought the game, beat and loved it. the levels are so eye-poppingly amazing and fun… only bad things were the out of place jumps in difficulty. Worth a buy I say.

    @FoxBoy: To me it doesn’t seem like they were arguing, they were debating(well, most of them. Remember, it’s NOT AN ARGUMENT UNTIL THEY PUT EVERYTHING IN CAPS AND TALK LIKE TH GEIB HUN HUIN W 54 8H 84BWESPN;BN!!!!11!!1).

  67. @Milo

    I wouldn’t say Sonic Colors is a bad 3D game at all. The 3D portions are quite massive and have a lot of exploration in them. Asteroid Coaster is a fine example of this, as are Sweet Mountain and Planet Wisp. Chocies made by the player determine where they go- you can take higher paths and shortcuts or you can limit yourself to running down the same pathway. Sure, the portions don’t have as much “field” as say, Super Mario Galaxy, but they have their fair share of alternate routes. However, I will agree with you that sections where you gain the ability to do one thing such as quickstep or drift are a step back from Unleashed, which featured large pathways that allowed drift and quickstep to accessible at any point. Still, there are areas where the drift exclusivity works extremely well, like a portion of Sweet Mountain that literally could not be done without drift, or the Planet Wisp drift segment. But for the most part, I’d like these parts to be more integrated into core gameplay.

    Still, Sonic Colors is a great game. My complaints are not glaring flaws but minor details that, if improved upon, could make the game even greater. As for a complete package though, it’s pretty damn good.

  68. unleashed set my expectations very high, that could be one reason i dont like colors as much, but yes, its the exploration of it all. But if i am only a little bit through the game, and tropical resort is super easy, and starlight plays itself. its still a beautiful looking game, and i must say asteroid coaster and aquatic park are much better! but that is only 2 of 5 levels. listen, i am just critiquing this game for what i see and play. I will still love it, but i just love unleashed more.

  69. @ thewaffleFactory
    I kinda feel what you’re saying. Yesterday I beat Sonic Colors in 6 hours flat [not counting the red rings, I plan on going back] while with sonic unleashed it took me a good 2-3 days on the 360 version and 2 days on the wii [not counting the sun and moon medals] I noticed something when I replayed all of them, it seems that sonic unleashed had a fine balance of speed and creativity when it came to the levels, while with sonic colors they focus to much on the creativity. I mean at one point, the was a challenge with places like Asteroid Coaster and Aquarium Park which was oddly quite the problem when it came to moving underwater for me xD But when you begin on places like Starlight Carnival and Tropical Resort, you can’t help but be dazzled by what they’ve done with these places. I mean, I looked at the earth while grinding and drooled over how amazing it was. With sonic unleashed, when you went to places like Adabat and Holoska, when it came to a challenge, you got it along with some beautiful scenery and creativity. The games both did great music wise but that vs difficulty, sonic unleashed kinda beats it. [minus the werehog…for some fans = = I’m okay with it.] There is one more thing, while focusing on art, the one thing I also noticed was that they didn’t throw in a new final form for sonic. Normally when you get these new powers, you’re expecting something new to be unlocked, with that final battle, as soon as they shouted ultimate color, you would expect eggman to show more of a challenge triggering a major change with [as I said in my post above] some sort of super rainbow rave sonic taking control of all the wisp. All in all, the game lacks difficulty, even with the red rings. It was made beautifully and I can guarantee I’ll be playing it again tomorrow. I just wish there was a higher level of difficulty, but as they said, this game was made more towards the younger audience which can explain its dazzling colors. Who knows, 2011 is around the corner and we just might get something for us hardcore fans x:
    Also > > SEGA stop hating on the moon ; o; gosh…

  70. Still lol’ing at people complaining about difficulty. Have you guys seriously forgetten how goddamn easy this series has ALWAYS been? You guys must suck phenomenally hard at Adventure and Unleashed if you’re really gonna try and tell me those games are substantially more difficult.

  71. I preordered the game for the “fleece cap,” and I’ll be returning it tomorrow in exchange for something else. That’s what you get for making this Wii-exclusive, SEGA. :p

    “Look, we all like different stuff. It can’t be one way all the time. Seriously, aren’t we sort’ve being spoiled brats? Are we not grateful to be rid of the Sonic Labyrinth and Sonic 2006 gameplays?”

    The hypocracy level of this statement is over 9000 (first and last time I’m using that meme). You laugh at the fans for comparing Sonic Unleashed and Sonic Colors, pitting them against each other, and then you go ahead and throw in your own brand of comparisons. You essentially just said “Sonic Labyrinth and Sonic 2006 vs. every other Sonic game.” There’s nothing wrong with that. If you think that those games were really awful and the rest of the series is solid, feel free to tell us. But if you’re gonna pass judgment on any Sonic game, you’re just being a hypocrite when you roll your eyes as others do the same.

    One thing that gets me about this too is that Sonic Unleashed and Sonic Colors are essentially identical as far as mechanics go, with Colors offering some additional gimmicks. Comparisons of the two are natural, and a great way to clue outsiders in on what to expect. On the other hand, the two games you threw in, Sonic Labyrinth and Sonic 2006, are so alienated from Colors that their presence in your post is essentially proven to be purely on your taste, rather than any real relevance. Comparing Labyrinth to Colors is like comparing Call of Duty to Ratchet & Clank.

    The Sonic 2006 thing caught my attention in particular, and I’d like to defend it. The game was underdeveloped, and rightfully demonized, but I still enjoy it more than Sonic Unleashed. This is because the game mechanics are based off of a much better game, Sonic Adventure. Sonic 2006 is sort of a poor man’s Sonic Adventure, and Sonic Unleashed is something quite different, and vastly inferior.

    I have not played Colors, and sadly, I probably never will unless it makes it to the 360 (fingers crossed), but while I’m very interested in the game, I’d be much happier if the Sonic Adventure-Sonic 2006 mechanics were announced in the next Sonic game. Sure, it’s not as fast, but platforming was A LOT better on the DC than in Unleashed, and I’d wager, in Colors. Hell, despite being broken, platforming was better in Sonic 2006 than in Unleashed.

    So no, I’m not “grateful to be rid of… Sonic 2006 gameplay.” And while I’m not a huge fan of the game, I enjoyed Sonic Labyrinth better than Sonic Unleashed, and wouldn’t be unhappy to hear of an upcoming sequel (when hell freezes over). I’d be much more grateful if we were rid of Sonic Advance, Sonic Advance 2, Sonic Rush and Sonic 4 ‘gameplay’ (basically, anything Dimps touches excluding Sonic Pocket Adventure) FOR GOOD (when hell freezes over…).

  72. @Lunar_Sonic96 and everyone!

    I agree except for the last level statement. I must say, i too was expecting a crazy super form, but sonic stayed son, and another thing, eggman was the final boss! THIS WAS SO AWESOME! FINALLY! eggman is the final boss again! and sonic doesnt always have to go super to kick evil butt! This is why i liked sonic CD a lot, no chaos emeralds or super form for a change. That was great input for colors, splendid!

    BUT!!! there is one thing that i too have noticed about what i LOVE about sonic games, is the rewards. In every sonic game that is great, i think of it this way, Challenge first, then reward! Lets say you go through a hard platforming section, and once you get through it, BAM! Super speed is your reward! but be careful, a new challenge comes soon after! its what makes it the pperfect balance that doesnt get to boring. Colors splits these sections up, like very act 6 seems like just platforming, and every act 1 seems like just speed, there is no balance, just pattern. If there was more balance, i know for a fact i would love it more. Yeah the werehog switched it up in unleashed that way, but those where a completely new control scheme and new physics. And hey, i still love colors, but it had a very odd pace to the same character. Its not like switching to knuckles werehog or tails or eggman robo, its all just sonic, the controls dont change, but the levels do drastically.

  73. Honestly… I don’t like the Unleashed/Colors type of gameplay. It’s too restricting. Sonic Team needs to make a good full-3D platformer. Sonic CAN work well in a purely 3D environment. It’s the oldschool idiots that seem to think otherwise in their nostalgia-gasms.

    In fact, the only way I see the 2D/3D thing working well with Sonic Team is if each act is ENTIRELY one format or the other. No mixing, but if they must… do it only once in any zone. Anyone here agree?

  74. I understand people saying their own opinions and the fact that not EVERYONE will like this game… But why does it always seem like people treat Sonic games like politics? What, is someone going to start talking about John McCain and Obama next? People are complaining about the gameplay, story, looks, the jokes, etc… What do you want SEGA to do, gosh darn it!! The jokes of the game cannot please you all of the time!! If most people had control over the cutscenes, I’m sure all we would see is senseless blood and cussing. You, Milo, you say you don’t like the Unleashed style of gameplay… Well, that’s okay, but that’s YOU, some people love it… Like myself. People, NO GAME IS PERFECT! Heck, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time freakin dominates the game world, but even THAT has flaws! SEGA will never… EVER please all of you guys! I always feel like the one to least complain. Heck, I don’t complain at all. To me, Colors is awesome and I’m now addicted to it, which isn’t good because being addicted to anything is somewhat of a problem. Everyone… Can we just STOP with the complaining now? What’s that? No, you say? Oh, okay then.

  75. Asking people to not complain about a game is going against everything that this fandom is about. We all just love complaining too damn much. Even if Sonic Colors was amazing and flawless, people would say “I hate the Unleashed style so I can’t like this!” etc. A fact of life, unfortunately.

  76. Tips on S-Rank – Exploit the wisp power as much as possible, gather as many rings as you can and don’t get hit 😛 The time bonus isn’t all that big of a deal this time around.

    SPIKE! *Whirllll*

  77. @Radioactive Pup Darn, you’re right. I never thought about that, but you do speak truth, dude. Isn’t it annoying, though? Well, most of the time, I believe.

    @Jix Hedgehog Thanx for the tips, buddy! Getting S-Ranks is hard as crap! Lol ^.^

  78. @Lieutenant Goomba

    Okay, so by “debating” Sonic Unleashed vs Sonic Colours… what do any of you people hope to accomplish? To convert them? I mean seriously, if someone has an opinion and you disagree with it there’s nothing you can really say about it unless you’re just giving your own opinion or trying to prove someone else’s opinion wrong. Since this is a “debate”, It’s obviously not us JUST giving our opinions. XD

    I’m just saying, can’t a guy like both games? C:

    All I need is a simple “Yes” and my mission will be accomplished! XD

  79. hmmm sonic unleashed vs sonic colors lets see haha…

    Sonic unleashed had the werehog
    sonic unleashed had chip
    sonic unleashed had jason griffith

    Yeah, i like colors better

    But to be fair
    Sonic unleashed had awesome music (so does colors)
    Sonic unleashed had better graphics (i played on 360 so this is understandable)
    Sonic unleashed introduced the day stages, which i like and had adventure feilds.

  80. @ thewaffleFactory
    D; But still, you saw what they did with Excalibur, DarkSpine, hell even super sonic from sonic unleashed opening was pretty awesome. I guess after the last two games a great HD transformations, I was expecting something great with this. Am I really asking for to much when it comes to this whole transformation deal ;o; I don’t wanna count as one of the fans that complains to much D;
    I also get what your saying about the levels, it feels like once you get to the 3rd planet and beyond, you get an easier grasp of the levels and rush right through them, that goes to say without collecting the red rings, which weren’t all to hard to find when you’re with a friend xD Alone its kinda like finding 100 feathers in OVER 9000 needles o-e ouch…

  81. @Radioactive Puppy & @Bazooka-Ed

    In case you two didn’t notice my earlier posts, I actually really like Sonic Colors a lot. I’m just pointing out which aspects make it fall behind for gamers that enjoy true 3D exploration. I think of the game as more a piece of fine art… It’s amazingly beautiful, but the interactivity is near nothing in these segments. I’m sure nobody would legitimately say otherwise when it simply isn’t there. I don’t know what’s so great about playing a 3D PLATFORMER on rails all the time. Sure, speed is FINE in those segments. But completely restricting the player to these unbelievably shallow areas where there was OBVIOUS room for added gameplay is beyond me.

    The 2D segments were pretty much perfect besides the annoying camera distance and lack of a spindash… speaking of which, I still find it silly and very unfortunate that a first-person camera wasn’t added to the game in any way.

    As far as story is concerned… I loved the lighthearted jokes, I actually laughed and felt like I was watching an episode from a cartoon. It just felt a little empty in the end though. Nothing unusual about the story, fairly predictable. It reminded me of Avatar -beautiful yet cliché. I wish they’d have somehow left the Tropical Resort in operation. It was the coolest place to be ______ ever! Which was a bit of a downer. Hah.

  82. The game itself was by far incredible, but it ended far too quickly.
    To be honest, I was looking foward to fighting the brain-washed Tails, too bad I wasn’t able too 🙁

  83. @C.J

    It’s not just the gameplay that won’t please everyone. The entirety of the Sonic franchise has one little thing that doesn’t please them. The things I find it annoying are playing ONLY Sonic ( I like him but I also like variety, y’know so I won’t get BORED), not being able to use any solid combat moves that can keep the speed going so it doesn’t make the critics more b**chy than they already are (the homing attack is a LITTLE played out), or the fact that his anime was too childish and cheap. I appreciate the Sonic series but Sega shouldn’t try to please the Unpleasables (the guys who want 2d, sprites, and no more friends). I think the direction they were trying to go with the original 3D trilogy (SA, SA2, Heroes) was pretty awesome, I heard that Heroes was the one that made you Brits(hope that’s not offensive) fall in love with the series, but Unleashed completely changed the series. There WILL be an increase in Unpleasables as well as a honking addition to the fanbase. Sega should focus more on pure epicness (following the Rules of Cool, check out TVTropes) and fun in order to draw in the Japanese crowd and keep the series on a steady pace to keep the fans it has. Sonic 4Ever!

  84. @C.j
    umm mario galaxy 2 had the same formula as 1 and was better than it. same with other game sequels. also if you want a game where you play as different characters and go travel to other areas there’s Adventure. that’s why people want adventure 3. colors if going in the right direction for the mixing speed with platforming. they just need to tweak it a bit more.

  85. @C.J I am well aware that everyone is entitled to their own opinion of the series. It’s just that the majority of fans will find even the most trivial things to whine about, like voice acting, which is a prime example. Like how is it a very significant factor to the games? It doesn’t directly affect gameplay so why do some fantards go off on a tangeant about it?
    Colours has been a substantial improvement in the Sonic series which has been recognised by anyone who has played it mostly. It has the right elements a 3D Sonic game needs and I feel sorry for you if you don’t like it.

  86. @BlueChaos

    The reason “fantards” like me, rant about voice acting is because its a huge part of what defines the character, and you have to listen to it throughout the whole game.
    I grew up with Sonic, hes my childhood hero
    If the voice feels off, then so does the character.
    So obviously its gonna throw off the feel of the game for me if sonic sounds like an idiot…
    it makes me feel like…Whats the point?
    Why would i want to play as a character i dislike?

  87. i am loving th challenge mod, challenge mode is what made heroes and shadow so much fun for me, and this challenge mode is sweet. I would like to say some things now that i have played through it all. Strlight carnival indeed plays itself for quite a while, but it is one of the longest levels in the game, and i enjoyed the level much more than i expected. I also am loving sonic’s funny inputs, but it seems like the story is a lack of focus. What i dont care for is the boss robots, not to creative. One thing is for sure, you should all buy this, some for sonic, but mostly for eggman. Never have i loved eggman more then in this game, i cant count how many times he has been stroking his mustache and saying the most halarious things as you walk around the park. Eggman really shines in this game.

    I love the gameplay, but it doesnt blow me away. what does blow me away is the level art, i notice something different every time! The lighting is done to perfection, even under water. The amount of depth and distance gives the wii a run for its money. I suggest your wii component cables just to get a nice chomp of those clear textures, planet wisps tree life looks fantastic for being such low prim. As funny as it is to say, this is just a stepping stone for sega to whip out what is really in store for next year, at least that is my guess. unleashed and colors, then what? will the hedgehog engine return to HD once more to blow our minds?! i am pumped, love the challenge mode if the game! love eggman! some gimmicks, but worth the buy overall. I still cant say it beats unleashed for me though, with no roaming or rotating camera abilities, it kinda locks you into a secret rings view, but nevertheless, go for it!

  88. @Milo

    It has the POTENTIAL to work in pure 3D, but Sega has yet to prove THEY can accomplish that WELL without showcasing a shitload of glitches, load times, camera issues, weak level designs, or bugs. Then again, the Adventure games didn’t offer you much more in terms of exploration (the vast majority of the levels were confined to narrow tracks as well), so maybe you’re talking about a hypothetical “true 3D” game that has yet to be made.

    There is a bit of restrictiveness to the gameplay when utilizing this new hybrid style, but at the expense of certain elements of exploration we gain tighter controls, better camera work, and an overall more polished and solid experience than we have ever been given before. Not to mention – the 2D segments in Colors have given me a great DEAL more area to explore than I’ve seen in any previous (post-Genesis) Sonic game.

  89. This fanbase could use a little thankfulness for getting a polished game that shows that SEGA learned from their mistakes and care about the input of their fans…

  90. Most people on here love Sonic Colors. Thank goodness it’s only a FEW people who are dissapointed rather than at least half of us.

  91. @C.J
    You need to understand that it obviously is important, thats why whenever anyone makes a post on here about voice actors theres always like a billion responses.

    Also, you cant just mute the voice acting…i dont know what game you have been playing.
    If you mean the tv, then thats ridiculous, i find gameplay far less fun without sound fx and music i shouldnt have to mute my tv.

    I do switch to japanese when i can but a great majority of the games i didnt like the voice acting in didnt even have that option.

    Also, to me… Ryan sounded great in Sonic Adventure.

    I care more about gameplay in games than anything else obviously, but there are many elements that some people consider small that can make or break a game for some people.
    Script writing and character acting is essential to draw a player in and care about the character they are playing as.

  92. Knuckles is officially excluded from major Sonic games now, ever since Sonic Team and Fans realized how little they cared for him, he really just kinda went away like a good friend who you just see a lot less of and forgot about, while at the same time not at all caring too much.

  93. @ C.J

    I’m not saying that people hate Knuckles, in fact i really like him, its just the way that a long period of time works on our feelings for others. For example, if you’ve ever changed schools or jobs, at first all you can think about is how much your going to miss your old friends, but when you do move, you eventually become involved in the new community and kinda lose track of your old pals. It’s a little sad to be honest. 🙁

  94. @ Miles Per-hour
    I think you’re on to something. Back in the Gamecube days we saw alot of Knuckles but now on the wii, you rarely see him unless hes unlockable. He doesn’t play much of a role in the storys anymore, minus Gawain from SBK who was that “gayest” of all the knights of the round…kekeke. ANYWAY seriously ; o; I that bum finally taking his job seriously which is why he isn’t around or has he not become that big of a factor :l I would have loved to see him at least somewhere near Adabat since it seemed to fit the emerald shrine’s theme.

  95. SEGA/Sonic Team has proven to the Sonic community that they can develop truly high-quality content that’s fun to play and original. Although, I’m hoping the next major Sonic game is developed over the course of about 2 years. As SEGA could use the extra time to perfect what was nearly perfect in Colors.

    Hacking/Softmodding Sonic Colors:
    -A project proposal for the Sonic modbase

    The reason I say it’s “begging to be hacked” and edited is because of it’s most annoying -minor- flaws. Sonic Colours restricts players far too much in the 3D segments where there was CONSIDERABLE room for further exploration. Also, Sonics character model is TOO FAR away from the main character, to the point you can barely see him at all. Not to mention the lack of a FIRST-PERSON camera (3D) and bosses that required a ridiculously LOW amount of hits to defeat (2 hits).

    “Big Boy” and it’s Wisp Planet cousin should at least have the classic 8-hit to win scheme in place.

    I’d like to personally begin correcting the issues SEGA failed to fix with help from code wizards/programmers and those experienced with the editing of Wii game software. Particularly those familiar with the exploitation of Super Smash Bros. Brawl (softmods like Brawl Minus and Brawl Plus) are of interest to me. If it can be done there, it can be done anywhere. I need support here.

    Other potential improvements I could see being added to the game is the addition of a secondary/optional player in the main game. Potentially by using the Tails model already present and simply applying to him Sonic’s move-set. (It’d be an interesting customization) Gameplay would be similar to that of Sonic 3 in that Tails could freely enter and leave the viewpoint without affecting the first players gameplay. Also, when in “standby” mode the camera should ZOOM IN on Sonic as he falls asleep. Hmm… maybe generally enhancing the difficulty for more advanced players by some means. i.e faster enemies/spikes MORE spikes, DELETING INVISIBLE WALLS near pitfalls, lessening AUTOMATION, etc.

  96. @ Lunar_Sonic96

    Another reason that Knuckles died out could be because of fans’ complaints about too many characters in the franchise, or the fact that Knuckles is just too violent for the new, playfully upbeat games. I just miss the Easter Egg Hunt-like levels that Knuckles would play with the missing Master Emerald Shards. I bet that the main reason he isn’t around anymore is because of those dreadlocks of his, I mean since when do echidnas have dreads anyway, ITS JUST NOT RIGHT MAN

  97. @Miles Per-hour
    “I mean since when do echidnas have dreads anyway, ITS JUST NOT RIGHT MAN”

    Just what id expect with someone with the username “miles per-hour”
    I see what your doing here…
    your obviously the real Tails and your trying to be sure knuckles is never in another game…

    Well since when do foxes have two tails

  98. @ TheDanimator

    How could you have seen through my disguise!! And by the way, I only have ONE tail, the other ones not a tail

  99. @ Miles Per-hour
    Meh….about knuckles having dreads =o= His while Identity needs to be straightened out. I mean look at this and understand:
    Its was nice to see him in Sonic Colors tho…along with Blaze and Silver, which some fans had they’re DER WHY IS BLAZE AND SILVER TOGETHER, 06, RUSH, SONIC RIVALS. DAMMIT….I would enjoy kicking a table just to get like a book, that can set these idiots not only right, straight about all those events as well as the rush series…

  100. @Lunar_Sonic96

    You know, the whole thing with Blaze and Silver living in separate dimensions or in the future is restraining them from being in many of the games, and whenever they appear as cameos or playable characters, the writers come up with lame reasons why their in those games. For example, in Sonic Colo(u)rs DS, Blaze said that the Sol Emeralds were glowing and she knew something was up, what on earth is that! Where was she when the Death Egg first appeared in Sonic 2, or when Perfect Chaos destroyed Station Square, or when Black Doom summoned the Black Aliens. And Silver technically shouldn’t even be acquainted with any of the characters besides Blaze, because in Sonic ’06 everything turned out like it did before Silver even went back in time in the first place.

    What SEGA should do is just leave Blaze and Silver in with Sonic’s world, that way they can have actual reasons for their place in the games, instead just showing up cause they “had a hunch” so to speak.

  101. @ Miles Per-hour
    First off……LOL @ where was Blaze. She seriously needs to learn how to control the sol emeralds in general =w= Learn some new moves like…DER Sol Control…..>o> Sorry….couldn’t resist. But since she is mostly likely the only one who can use them [dear god, we better not EVER see a super Marine…> > I wouldn’t mind a Burning Sonic…] she should at least have some control over them kinda like how sonic has control over the chaos emeralds. As for Silver…….he said the future is clearly okay, so stay there = n= Hes not all to bright…

    Meh, I wouldn’t want them in Sonic’s world. Its giving fans more couple ideas, and I think we have enough of that. Also, the whole concept of, another universe gives more ideas for future games, such as what I hope the return of the wisp and they’re worlds, as well as they’re whole universe which could be built upon such a lava planets and the original wisp world. Also with Silver’s deal, they could actually make a game, where Sonic travels with Silver to yet again save it. You never know, you might see some shocking things in the future….please no sonamy children…oh GOD. > >

    In there end…Silver and Blaze…they whole ordeal…lets just how we say…leave it in the past XD

  102. @ Lunar_Sonic96

    I agree, and by the way, what does Sol even mean, because the Chaos Emeralds are obviously named for their chaotic power, but what’s Sol mean besides the sun in Spanish???

  103. @ Miles Per-hour
    I guess Sol means like a ‘burning passion’. A flaming spirit to so simply. The Chaos emeralds are named for they’re chaotic power true, so the sol emeralds might be named for they’re flaming power. Maybe they ‘re strong enough to unleash powerful fire storms…or some crap xD Maybe in the future, Blaze might get her own game explaining them, or there might even better, lets take another trip to blaze world in a future game, and find some more ruins that explains sonics link in the fate of saving her world…if thats true >o> We might be seeing Silver….oh god =w= ANYWAY, the Sol Emeralds themselves are wrapped in much mystery as the Seven World Rings >-> I’m still hoping to see a story book version of Robin Hood o; OH YES. > > So many grind areas….BACK TO THE POINT. Mystery and all that hub, there’s still ideas in the future to reveal some of these things, as well as > > Dare I say HD transformations DROOL > > I can totally imagine a light sky blue kind version of Darkspine >o> Better not be call LightSpine….I can also see Burning Sonic with the Sol Emeralds, Lord, King, or Master Sonic with the master emerald, and hell, if the wisp return, Lunar Sonic xD Oh the ideas of using so many items to activate certain transformations fills my head with creativity =w= >w>

  104. @ Lunar_Sonic96

    But remember Lunar Sonic, (feels good to type that name in, maybe there IS HOPE) the Sol emeralds don’t have the power of flames, Blaze does, the Sol emeralds just transform her into Burning Blaze, and nothing more. The chaos emeralds can stop time, warp the users great distances, make the user more powerful in general, and transform water-like beings into furious town-destroying prophecies. Plus the chaos emeralds have a Master Emerald, and even that has a great guardian to protect them all, Knuckles. The Sol emeralds are like knockoff brand chaos emeralds that you find in a store at a lower price.

  105. @ Miles Per-Hour
    Hm…..well when you make it sound like that, maybe the Sol Emerald do need they’re own story and unique abilities x: Maybe just maybe we may be seeing more of them….why do I say that, because if Blaze is in Sonic’s dimension its for two reasons….
    1: To stalk sonic
    2: Because the Sol Emeralds got stuck by lighting, and are blinking uncontrollably so there must be a problem in sonics world….

  106. @ Miles Per-hour
    I mean after what happened in sonic rush and everything, she kinda has a reason -cough- She also like the only legit couple I can see with sonic >w> Dear god, I hope this doesnt attack a bomb of NO SONAMY FER EVER NO SONADOW……= =….

  107. Meh….tell that to the fans > >
    Until we get a 100% confirmation > > Which is never gonna happen…well there was that date that sonic and amy had in SBK >O > And they’re fans jizzed themselves with glee…
    Maybe its best just to leave everyone guessing and wondering x;

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