Sonic Colours: DS Trailer & Cheap UK Deals

Sonic Colours: DS Trailer & Cheap UK Deals


We’ve seen quite a few trailers for the Wii version of Sonic Colours, but what about the DS version? Well, SEGA put out a trailer yesterday to give us a good look at the portable version of the game in action, featuring gameplay from a variety of stages. Wisps powers are shown in force too, including the DS exclusive Burst and Void Wisps, who also get their own gorgeous CG footage at the end of the trailer.

Source: Sonic City Blognik

Sonic Colours will be launching in the UK on Friday, so you may be wondering where the cheapest place to grab the game from is. On both Wii & DS, appear to be the cheapest at £24.85 for Wii and £19.85 for DS, with free delivery available on each.

You can view a list of cheap deals for both platforms below. Prices are correct at the time of this article’s publication.
£26.99 at
£27.50 at
£28.99 at
£28.99 at
£29.54 at

£20.99 at
£22.99 at
£22.99 at
£22.99 at
£22.99 at
£22.99 at
£23.70 at

If you find any cheap prices/deals we’ve missed, please share them in the comments.

Will you be picking up Sonic Colours?


  1. @Rawrdom:
    Argos’ website appears to have run out of the figures, as they haven’t been listing it on either version for a few days now. I’ve heard their catalogue says the figure will be available with the game in-store at launch, too.

  2. Wow, and here’s me with a £24.99 standard copy being delivered late by! Oh well, mustn’t grumble, still getting the game eventually!

  3. @Jakeiiii:
    Argos is the ONLY place doing the figure bonus in the UK.

    I’ve been having a few days break away from the site, so I could spend some time with family and my wife. Believe it or not, no-one gets paid for working on this site and we all have lives outside of it. Nuckles87 and T-Bird have still been updating, so we’ve not been doing bad at all.

  4. I want this for my Xbox360, but what should I get a Wii and Colors (I’m in love by colors), or the Kinect (in love too ) and Free Riders??
    My Xbox360 is a Pro, I must get somekind of component to link it with the Kinect, I don’t know what it is or the price… please help me what should I do bros????

    SEEEGGGAAA is great 😀 lol

  5. COME ONNN HURRY UP FRIDAY D: XD I Can’t wait hopefully the day stages will be as awesome as THE UNLEASHED ONES…MAYBE NOT AS FAST PACED BUT OKAY

    CAN’T WAIT BRING ON FRIDAY 😀 (I might skip the scenes though if the comedy is cheesy or….we will see)

  6. I gona get Sonic colours Special Edition on wii!!
    Here in Sweden and we get it on Friday to! 😀

  7. @ToastyYoshi:
    I know the game has been released early by some retailers, but that somewhat still counts as a leak legally and we respect SEGA. We’ll be posting about all of the new stuff from tomorrow when the game will see its first official release in Australia.

  8. Im getting it today, suck on that england and america. AUSTRALIA! the place to be for today

    by the time you see this I will have already got it for you see IT THURSDAY HERE

  9. Well, im getting it on friday, i can’t wait till its out, im getting it at something like 10am. but i know over the weekend ill be collecting those red coins to ge… *Won’t say, because ill be spoiling”

  10. I’m getting both versions on Thursday!! Thank God for ‘GAME’ pre-orders! I’ll also be doing a playthrough (w/Commentary) on YouTube if anyone is interested (or I presume the majority of you guys are doing a playthrough as well?) =)

  11. Oh lawdy. its been done, the games been recorded up on a certain site. i spoiled the ending for myself. highly disappointed at the final boss, no where near as good as the previous ones.

  12. You guys in the UK are lucky, I can imagine it will cost around €40 to 45 over here..
    Still, I can hopefully find a good deal if I look around.

  13. The game itself is awesome! The cutscenes, the dialogue, the voices and voice acting, the story, the level design, the music and the extras! The game as epic as almighty. The only thing about it is it’s disappointing final boss. There’s one awesome thing about it, but the thing it’s lacking makes the awesome thing a little less awesome. XP But it’s still a good boss just not worthy of your expectations. lol And there’s an awesome extra to the game! ;D lol

    Overall, even with the mildly cool final boss, the game entirely is still the most epic Sonic game in recent days! ^__^ I’d personally give it a 9.5/10, ALMOST a 10/10. XD It’s good in so many ways, better in others and has extra awesomeness to boot. Just a little bit more and it could’ve been perfect all around . ^.^

    The boss is a little disappointing to most, but to some it’s relieving as an improvement. (And to a few, it’ll be awesome mererly because the rest of the game is and they don’t want to hear any complaints over anything in Sonic Colors. XD)

  14. @FoxBoy Well I know i have seen a picture of the 2nd to last boss fight, unless it is the last boss fight, but i didnt want to know just yet. But i can agree with you there on a small note, this game is sweet, but the bosses seem kind of lifeless. Unleashed had some cool characteristic robots and monsters, as well as other sonic games with cool eggman robots. But these bosses seem a bit recycled, just random robots painted like the level design and does different attacks.

    But let me say thats nothing to the game overall. My tempting eyes peeked over at some spoilers, but only a min. in i could watch! I would just like to say that as kidish as this game is it still has some cool dark climactic feelings to it that most of my favorite sonic games have. You’ll feel sorry for the wisps when you see a particular “harvest” cutscene, not a word more!

  15. @thewaffleFactory

    Yeah. There’s only like 3 bosses. There’s one per act I think, but a lot of them are the same boss merely themed for the level you fight them in and they’re pretty simple and veeery short. Their attacks are almost identical.

    Actually it’s not all that kiddish. Sonic Unleashed was more kiddy than Colors. It just seems like Colors is more kiddy cuz it’s about colors and not darkness. XD That’s not kiddish. That’s creativity. lol The game is a LOT less hollow than Unleashed which has a story that only really takes place at the beginning and ending of the game. =P

    But yeah, I will note that the bosses were my only real complaint, particularly the final boss (Because it’s the final freakin boss), but even then I’m not complaining. They’re not bad, just not as good as expected is all. There’s something else in the game that ALMOST makes up for it though. In fact, it will give some fans nerdgasms just to find out about it on it’s own. But I assume it’s one of those things you want to be suprised about among other things in the game so that’s all I’ll say. =)

  16. Do any of you guys here the Billy Hatcher title theme in this music somewhere cause i definitely hear it in the trumpets section, somebody tell me if I’m wrong.

  17. Here is the full cast well almost…..

    For Colors wii and DS characters

    Roger Craig Smith – Sonic the Hedgehog
    Kate Higgins – Miles “Tails” Prower
    Mike Pollock – Dr. Eggman
    Kirk Thornton – Orbot, Shadow the Hedgehog (DS version only)
    Wally Wingert – Cubot
    Travis Willingham – Knuckles the Echidna(DS version only)
    Laura Bailey – Blaze the Cat (DS version only)
    Cindy Robinson -Amy Rose (DS version only)
    Quinton Flynn – Silver the Hedgehog (DS version only)
    Michelle Ruff – Cream the Rabbit (DS version only)
    Kyle Hebert – Big the Cat (DS version only)
    Troy Baker – Espio the Chameleon (DS version only)
    Colleen O’Shaughnessey – Charmy Bee (DS version only)
    Keith Silverstein – Vector the Crocodile (DS version only)
    Karen Strassman – Rouge the Bat (DS version only)
    David Keeter – E-123 Omega (DS version only)

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