1. That Commercial is awesome! Made me laugh more than once.


    His book says “Cracked” as the Title then down below it says something too small to read and then it says “Dr. Eggman”. The picture on the book is an egg.

  2. I just saw this commercial on Adult Swim while watching family guy. At first I thought it was just a retarded Sonic Diner commercial, then it started to play the theme and I went “oh shit”. However, in my commercial it was talking about the pre-order bonus and there was no “Sonic reading a bookhog”.

  3. I was watching wrestling last night for the first time in forever and this commercial was during every commercial break, in addition to the Sonic Free Riders commercial.

    It was two things that haven’t been any good in years coming together for one night only.

  4. I was wondering when this was gonna be put up! I remembered seeing this for the first time during RAW two weeks ago & being quite surprised the next day when I couldn’t find it on YouTube!

  5. That’s pretty cute. Makes me wish they aired Sonic game commercials here. I have yet to see any. xD
    And lol, I want that book.

  6. Saw this last night while my dad was watching wrestling. It reminds me of all the times I got the clock on Brawl. I don’t think the narrator sounded very exciting though…

  7. “There’s fast.” That ain’t fast for the bullet. lol Sonic was quicker. Lol no wonder why they had “And there’s sonic fast.” “The YOU KNOW WHAT.” O_o THERE’S A EGGMAN VIDEO GAME?!?! AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!
    lol Just Kiding.

  8. im hoping it will sell well enough to get onto xbox and playstation, its driving me mad knowing i cant play it! Im trying to get loads of people together so sega can see how many people really want it on the HD consoles, plus a little joke/dare in there too, if you want colours for HD consoles can you please join and hopefully we can get enough people to show sega that its a good move lol:

  9. I was lucky enough to get Sonic Colors at midnight last night. XD Pretty much the earlierst to buy the games except those who downloaded it through hacking and those who received it early (in the U.S. I mean XD). The store was only open at midnight because of an event they were having for Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood’s midnight release and since I got that game I was allowed to just get Sonic Colors on the spot. C:

    Now I see this commercial and I’m like “awwwwessooome” cuz it’s funny. XD

  10. That was absolutely hilarious. Makes a change from the boring ads we have here in the UK. Come to think of it, I haven’t even seen a Sonic Colours advert over here. Why can’t we have this advert as well?

  11. oh lol
    I want to read that book. It’s gotta be funny.

    This commercial is pretty good, enough for a small laugh. 🙂

  12. …This is awesome.

    It’s so cheesy it’s awesome.

    It reminds me of something Sega would put out in the nineties, and is just as cheesily awesome.

  13. @Kaoz

    I think they can say “bullet” but didn’t want to say the phrase “faster than a speeding bullet”
    Since that’s a superman phrase. Maybe the phrase is copyrighted or something.

  14. Faster than what? Tell me, announcer, tell me!

    But seriously, this is a very clever commercial. I hope I get to actually see it on TV.

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