Sonic 4 #1 Game on PSN & WiiWare, Fails to Chart on AppStore

Sonic 4 #1 Game on PSN & WiiWare, Fails to Chart on AppStore

The sales are in for Sonic 4’s first month on the market, and they are mixed, though largely positive.

Sonic 4 has become a top seller on two services so far: PSN and WiiWare. According to SEGAbits, Sonic 4 was able to beat every other game available on the service during the month, including Sonic Adventure, which took the fourth spot itself. Check out SEGAbits for the full list. On WiiWare, Sonic 4 has become the most popular game on the service. The store has a function that allows you to sort WiiWare games by their sales. The game has been at the top of this list since it came out.

Meanwhile, Sonic 4 has failed to even break the top ten in the Apple’s App Store, for either iPhone or iPad. In fact, Sonic 2 was actually able to crack the top ten twice during the first two weeks of the month, though it’s much cheaper price point may have had something to do with that. To see the sales charts for yourself, check out FingerGaming.

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  1. well honestly the iphone ver. was the only ver. with un-updated physics on it.

    And on a quick Colors note, already bad reviews are popping and pooping up out of nowhere fast!

    Its just becoming painfully obvious that all these reviews state the exact same things with just different opinions. A review is only as good as your trust for the experts opinion. On both games sonic colors and sonic 4 its either hit or miss. All I want to say is, make your own opinion guys, don’t just bicker at others opinions and convert them to your side, or just listen to what others say. I enjoy werehogs and the world spits in my face, big whoop. Sonic 4 is my favorite game on the iphone personally, I see the dilemma a bit, but Its my favorite platformer on iphone, at least under that category.

    I would think they wouldnt even let price be a part of how fun the game is, sonic 2 is great and all, but i think the iphone ver. of 4 is just perfect for the iphone. Anywho, colors is my dream come true sequel to Unleashed, cant wait for those 2 weeks!

  2. @thewafflefactory

    I can’t wait tooo 😀 3 days leffft FRIDAY 12TH GONNA BE SOOOO AWESOME 🙂

    Still haven’t played Sonic 4 yet is it what we imaganed it to be?

  3. @Truesonic

    As I said, everyone thinks very differently, in my opinion i wasnt blown away by sonic 4 like i was with unleashed. I mean, for a game you pay that much for that is part of the main series it felt recycled to me. Like they just spruced up some old ideas. This is why i love the 3d sonic games more, there is a lot more variety and depth involved. I have loved every 3d sonic game. In an odd way, i think i could say i liked sonic 2006 more then sonic 4. Go ahead and gasp, but personally i just liked 2006’s levels a lot, and its replay value a lot. Sonic 4 is fun, awesome, fast, intense, challenging, but i just feel like i didnt get my money’s worth. I like sonic because he tries something a bit nre in every game, making ever game feel fresh, but this seems like a fan game to me. If you are hardcore 2d fan, go for it by all means, it is my fav. iphone game, but in personal comparisons, i fail to observe the creativity of it all.

    I doubt ill buy episode 2, at least not at its first price. I look forward to a hero who has not been truly alive since 2003, Rayman! christmas is my happy day!

  4. Honestly, I didn’t really enjoy the iPhone version. Sure, it’s great for on-the-go and to impress your friends, but I much much prefer my PS3 version myself.

  5. @thewafflefactory

    No, i am not currently at any sort of waffle factory.

    That colors review was interesting, but i think these people are being too harsh…
    The game looks great, and im sure will play at least close to as good as the day stages.

    Wow, the lines are cheezy, but im stoked that they are giving Sonic an attitude again.

  6. Thought the iPhone version would do ok considering all those people purchasing it for bragging purposes before the console versions were released..
    But I suppose more apps are released on a weekly basis compared to console games.

  7. Wow, its been a month already? lol Its neat that its still a very good seller despite its “Rehash” issues by the majority of critics. I still play it almost everyday.

    I hope we get some news on Episode 2 soon.

  8. Well I kinda saw this coming due to the fact that everyone doesnt have an iphone or ipad to begin with, especially since so many other smart phones are better and I doubt people will get an iphone just to play sonic 4 on it, now if sega had put it on the driod then we’d be talking

  9. @thewaffleFactory

    GameTrailers did a review of the early build of Sonic Colors (check over at tssz) therefore their score isn’t valid.

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