New Sonic Free Riders Screenshots

New Sonic Free Riders Screenshots

SEGA Europe has released 11 more screenshots of Sonic Free Riders for Xbox 360 Kinect this morning, showing more of the game before it hits store shelves Thursday in the U.S. and 6 days later on the 10th in Europe. The screenshots are focused on the 2 player races and co-op Tag Modes and also give us more glimpses of the Frozen Forest, Metropolis Speedway, Magma Rift and Forgotten Tomb tracks, which were named among others in the Achievements list revealed yesterday.

Check out the rest of the screenshots below and share your thoughts in the comments.

Thanks to ArtFenix at the SSMB for the heads up!


  1. On the Billboard in from of Tails, the blue figure looks more like Mecha Sonic from S3&k than Metal Sonic.

  2. Why do Sonic and Tails get the vaguely romantic-looking jumping screenshot?

    Couldn’t they jump with Jet and Wave instead?

  3. great… if they can put any player touching hands, there ganna start the sonamy, shadamy, silvamy,knouge, shadouge, ect. shit -__-

  4. Sonadow?

    FFFF I forgot! I need a 360 now.

    But really I think the only things they’ve started there are JetXWave, and SonicXTails in the cute little-kid-standing-on-your-feet-and-clasping-your-hands-to-dance-together way.

  5. @umiyuri Yes please 😛

    Sega are obviously unaware of the scale of character shipping throughout the fandom XD

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