Listen to Sample of Crush 40’s Cover of Free @

Listen to Sample of Crush 40’s Cover of Free @

Ok, ok, bad puns aside – if you want to hear a small clip of Crush 40‘s version of “Free”, the title track to Sonic Free Riders, pop over and see our friends at and have a little goosey. Its very good.

Follow the link to have a listen!

The track will be available on the Sonic Free Riders Album, “Break Free”, due for release on the 8th of December 2010, for the handsome sum of ¥1800.

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  1. That gave me goosebumps. :0 They really should release this on iTunes or Amazon MP3. I don’t want to buy the whole album.

  2. It sounded very very similar, but better, obviously. I don’t see why they let anyone but Crush40 do the theme songs; their covers are always superior, and much less pansy-ass.

  3. Of course I will have to listen to the full version first.

    The same reason their version of Un-gravitify wasn’t used in Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity (besides the reason it sucks), it’s not their song. They’re just remixing it into their style.

  4. @JakeMii
    Because Cashell’s take was better. It had a futuristic feeling to it that matched Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity’s setting. Crush 40’s version just didn’t feel right. It felt like something was missing.

  5. Sorry, but I like the original better. :\
    I like Crush 40 but not every song they remake is superior. Like ‘Seven Rings in Hand’ for example. I think that their version actually sounds worse then the original but I think their take on ‘All Hail Shadow’ is much better then the original. But not every song they sing is awesome, sorry.

  6. OK, the original Free was awesome, this is awesome x9000!!!!!!!!!

    Any music Jun Senoue gets his hands on, it automatically becomes a Sonic masterpiece!

  7. It sounds too angry to be honest, I much prefer the other version. Sorry fellow fans, I just happen to find Crush 40’s versions of original songs often worse than the originals, such as All Hail Shadow, or Seven Rings in Hand.

    I am a little curious why they haven’t done Endless Possibilities yet. If I’m wrong, please correct me with a link to the song. I would be happy to listen to it.

  8. The verse sounded perfect, but Johnny’s voice isn’t made to go high pitch like in the chorus.

  9. I agree with Miles Per-hour. It sounds so angry and almost metal, which I find dreadful. I prefer the original, as it sounded much more… well, Sonic-ish.

  10. Wow… this might be the first time Crush 40 didn’t make me think anything other than “meh”. XD

    It’s, for the most part, the same as the original. The only difference is the voice is slightly different and, unexpectedly, his foice shakes during the chorus. o.o Maybe he had a soar throat that day. ^^;

  11. I haven’t liked a single Crush 40 cover song more than the original it was based on, and in many cases I like them substantially less. Crush’s vocals sound so very… forced on their cover tracks, and their increasingly generic sound tends to water down the feeling and flow that made many of those tracks so good in the first place.

    They need to stick to writing their own music, and preferably keep their hands out of Sonic themes in general. They worked so much better when they writing generic racing music instead of trying to encapsulate a Sonic the Hedgehog game into an image theme (not that I don’t love some of the Sonic Adventure tracks, it’s more that I haven’t loved anything SINCE)

  12. Ugh, I can’t stand this band -at all-. I actually think the original is better, though that isn’t saying very much. Why do we need these vocal tracks in the first place =/

  13. I…..

    prefer the original :l
    I’m sorry… I mean it sounds ok
    but the style that Crush 40 has kinda ruins the song itself…

    also for some reason parts of the song is either shaky or it stops when he sings.
    I feel more frustrated with this song and angry… and the guitar in the background is too much….

    sorry but another song by Crush 40 is ruined in my opinion.

    They need to go back to creating their own songs or whatever instead of remixing already awesome music.

  14. Miles-Per-Hour: Jun and Johnny were asked about covering Endless Possibility at Summer of Sonic ’10 and they said “there was no possibility of doing Endless Possibility”.

    Also just so you know – Jun will be selling copies of the album so as soon as we know when and how much we’ll let you guys know!

  15. To all haters: This version IS the original. Initially, Jun and Johnny wrote their version of the song, and then Richard made his arrangement with Chris’ vocals.

  16. @Kvitron
    Really? If it was then why wasn’t it used in the game? Usually remixes of main themes in Sonic games are released on an album separate from the game. So as far as I’m concerned this is just a remix of the original song.

  17. @Kviton: I don’t think anybody hates it because it isn’t the original, we hate it because we don’t think it sounds as good. Your point is irrelevant.

  18. @ Miles Per-hour
    >o> Endless Possibilities is one of those songs in the sonic theme song history that shouldn’t be remixed….it’s epic alone, and shouldn’t be messed with ;w ;

  19. I think their take is always too aggressive..I’m glad it’s a remix cos’ it does’nt suit the game

    But I like aggressive XP

  20. @ChaoticFox
    Hey did you like Endless possibilities at all? i thought that was a rare time sega got a awesome sonic theme after adventure 2. Not that Heroes theme was bad but just forgettable. but what’s so bad about sonic themes?

  21. @Sonicdude

    I don’t dislike the image themes at all. I’ve loved pretty much all of them (especially the cheesy ones that everyone else hates). I just haven’t been particularly fond of most of Crush 40’s takes on them.

    I’m not saying Sonic games shouldn’t have themes, I’m saying maybe Crush 40 would be better suited to writing music that ISN’T Sonic-related.

  22. @ Burning_Blaze
    Ive seen Shadowlink4321 remix. I love all his music, but I ment like an official remix in the games or on a CD. Youtube…meh, everything is remixed there.

  23. @ ChaoticFox

    Actrally, Crush 40 already did songs not related to Sonic. For example, “Revvin’ up”, “Fire Woman” and “Is It You”

  24. 1) The bad pun picture is kinda wierd…& funny! I had to say that! XD

    2) WHY are you guys BASHING Crush 40’s cover songs?! 🙁 Johnny & jun worked VERY HARD to make those covers! They are doing everything they can to make their biggest fans (Like ME) happy, & YOU GUYS ARE DISSING THEIR COVERS?! HOW COULD YOU, If you were a TRUE Crush 40 fan, you would LOVE ALL OF THEIR SONGS, instead of BASHING all of them! 🙁

  25. Hmm, I’ve heard Crush 40’s music and to be honest I only like some of their non-Sonic music. But not a lot. I like their Sonic music better. If I hadn’t listened to their other music I wouldn’t be missing much.

    I don’t hate their covers. Though they probably do their own original music better (like Open Your Heart and Live And Learn). Some of the other songs like “Sonic Heroes” and “I Am… All Of Me” are cool but kinda lack compared to the previous 2. I like their version of All Hail Shadow (more upbeat) and Un-Gravitify except Un-Gravitify sounded almost exactly the same making it pointless. And some of their covers are okay just not as good or not different enough. “Free” for example. It sounds just like the original except, and as much as I hate to say it, his voice sounds like it’s cracking or shaking during the chorus which makes it sound like the Tokyo Game Show guy singing to me.

    I’m not bashing it. I’m not hating on it. I’m just saying if I like it, dislike it, kinda like it, or don’t like it that much. I have that freedom. Why do people get upset just cuz someone doesn’t like the same things as them? XD I like Crush 40, just not this cover, particualrly BECAUSE I like Crush 40. I think they can do better.

  26. @Traci

    There’s no such thing a s a “TRUE fan”. Also, it’s not an insult to say someone isn’t a true fan. If they feel that not all the songs live up to their expectations of course they’re not gonna love all the songs presented to them. And if they don’t love all the songs they can’t be that big of a fan. It’s not about being a “TRUE fan” by having to like everything about it. You need a reason to like it and if someone genuinely does then they are labelled a big fan. (I mean, if someone didn’t like something why would they WANT to be a fan of it? XD)

  27. @Jakeiiii and Hyper Sonic

    No, I HAVE heard their other music and it’s so much BETTER that I think they ought to stick to it, rather than degrading themselves with Sonic themes that aren’t so well-suited to their style.

  28. This is why I love Crush 40: they can take a completely terrible song like Free and makeit awesome. Now all we need is a good version of Reach for the Stars.

  29. Eh, it’s okay I guess. It sounds almost the same in this preview, but I’ll have to wait and listen then.

    It would be interesting to me if they did a Reach for the stars cover though…

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