Iizuka: We ‘Updated’ the Physics for Sonic 4

Iizuka: We ‘Updated’ the Physics for Sonic 4

Sonic Team bossman Takashi Iizuka is a lovable chap in person, but gosh does he say the darndest things. He’s like an adorable grandpa that sometimes spouts politically incorrect slurs that would only be acceptable in the 1970s.

Recently, he demonstrated this again in an interview with Nintendo Power, where he was asked to elaborate on the rather wonky physics of Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1. Take it away, Papa Iizuka:

NP: We enjoyed [Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1], but the physics felt a bit off compared to the Genesis games. Is that something you’ll look to tweak in future episodes?

TI: In this title, we have not done a straight port of the gameplay [from the Genesis games], but rather updated it with actions which could not be done in the previous titles, like ceiling-running. These changes probably made for a different feel to the longtime Sonic fans. We’re happy for feedback like this, and we’ll make sure we can improve the quality even further in upcoming titles.

Make of that what you will – all I’ll say is “Keep on shinin’, Iizuka. Keep on shinin’.”

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  1. “Ceiling-running?” If running upside down on a ceiling in the Genesis games wasn’t considered ceiling-running, then what is? I’d take a game without it if it felt half as good as the old games.

  2. Dear Takashi Iizuka:
    We’ve already known that you are a dipshit. Ceiling running was in Sonic 3 & K, last I checked. Let’s see… Death Egg, Angel Island, Mushroom hill, Flying Battery… I’m certain there’s more. Stupid is not the new smart, Iizuka.

  3. After re-reading the text, I can tell Dreadknux isn’t happy about this either XD.

    For my next two comments, I’m just going to copy and paste what I posted on TSSZ.

  4. After reading the text, I can tell Dreadknux isn’t happy about this either XD.

    For my next two comments, I’m just going to copy ‘n paste what I posted from TSSZ.

  5. It’s funny how they “updated” it with stuff like “ceiling running” when Sonic can’t even run on the ceiling with those physics unless he steps on one of the tens of thousands of speed boosters everywhere, along with the fact that the player would have to constantly hold forward OTHERWISE HE WOULD STOP LIKE A FUCKING DIME NO MATTER HOW FAST HE IS!!!

    Christ, where the fuck is Yuji Naka to bitchslap some sense in this shithead!?

    (Edit-Sorry for the double post of my first comment)

  6. Now that I’m looking at this a second time, Iizuka is basically saying “Hey, these physics aren’t bad! They ARE the Genesis physics, just UPDATED!! They feel different, SO GET USED TO THEM!!!!! Hurr hurr hurr”

    Jesus, the entire team has absolutely no idea what the fuck they are doing!!! But instead of looking into feedback and playing the actual classic titles or at least TRY to make future episodes better, they pass it on to Dimps and creates “Sonic Rush w/o boost button”. And this guy actually has the nerve to tell us “They’re different. Deal with it.”

    You know what: I wouldn’t be surprised if they kept rehashing zones and enemies from classic titles. The whole “Ep 1 for nostalgia” crap could be a lie as well. They’ll probably repeat the excuse for ep2 and 3 and so on.

    If anyone at SEGA is reading this, just cancel the whole Sonic 4 project. Don’t waste your time humiliating yourself even further. Just keep making games like Colors. Otherwise, don’t shit all over the classic titles by making this “sequel” that “fans have waited 16 years for” Aka Easy Profit Boomer #3 Or better yet, hire the developers of Sonic Fan Remix to do your job for you. Hell, you already invite plane trips and throw parties for people that bash your games. It shouldn’t be too difficult to give jobs for two people that can beat BOTH the Sonic Team and Dimps development teams. Am I right!? AM I MOTHERFUCKING RIGHT!!!!????

  7. I guess the people who commented here missed the “We’ll make sure we can improve the quality even further in upcoming titles.” bit.

    I think he deserves another chance.

  8. Physics don’t matter to me and I find it sad that most of the people here care about them more than anything else -_-‘

  9. Ahh of course, because you can’t ceiling run in old Sonic games. Can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve run halfway up a loop-de-loop and got a ‘Game Over’ screen.

  10. Okay, so the physics were a little off. Okay, a lot off. Look, if games like Shadow the Hedgehog and Sonic Next-Gen were some sort of drug to SEGA, they’re probably just still feeling a little of the after-effects. Unleashed was 50/50, 4 was 75/25, and Colors was, say 95/5. It won’t be long until SEGA gets that 100/0 again. Give ’em a few years.

  11. I’m gonna side with TheHumbleFellow, here. Honestly, while the physics change may be somewhat jarring, I’m more concerned at what they’re going to do for ideas for level design and replayability. I’d be a bit more worried if Ep 2 is just going to be more homage inspired levels with few, while genuinely interesting, twists in certain levels like the torch in Lost Labyrinth and the Road of Cards in Casino Street.

    I would like to see more original levels with genuinely original quirks in gameplay (idea for Sega free of charge; if we see, say, a snow level, have Sonic turn into a snowball when spindashing down a hill and have it grow bigger and move him faster to knock out enemies, I’m (hopefully) certain we haven’t seen that yet in a Sonic game, and it’ll be everyone’s favourite level because it’ll be a bit closer to the physics to the originals, so you might be able to kill two birds with one snowball (maybe even bring back the elemental shields for good measure, while we’re at it).

    I’m more concerned with “will they try something new without it feeling like a rehash?” kind of questions than “oh, why am I standing on a wall even if I could just as easily get OFF the effin’ wall and finish the damn level like a normal person?” questions.

    I question the ceiling running comment, tho.

  12. I like the physics, I understand where all of you are coming from but to be honest it makes moving around a lot easier, the only thing I hate is the slowness of the Spin-Dash, but the ability to stop moving in the air can prove to be quite useful in many of the shortcuts in Casino Street Zone. I know that they don’t make any sense, but it still seems like a lot of fun to me.

  13. Eh… I don’t see a problem uith physics. They were broken in Unleashed too (in Adabat). But. I shouldn’t talk, ‘ cause i like walking on walls and ceilings. 😀

  14. Somewhere, Yuji Naka is laughing his ass off…

    You know, the only level in the game where the physics really bugged me was Casino Street. Pinball levels don’t work without pinball physics!

    Can’t completely hate Iizuka, though…he is taking the series in a good direction if Colors is any indication.

  15. Everyone has their own opinions.

    I personally liked what they did on Sonic 4 and I hope they still consider doing it.


  16. @ Burning_Blaze

    You should be at least a little bit concerned about physics in a game because it effects how objects and characters interact with the environment and vice-versa. It basically dictates how a game feels.

  17. @Burning_Blaze

    How on earth could anyone have this logic? Physics are as important to a game as water is to us. EVERY platformer has physics. It’s something that can make or break a game. If a game has great level design, but its characters feel like crap to play, what good is it? Physics and level design happen to go hand-in-hand as well. Sonic’s Genesis games were built with the ‘pinball’ physics in mind, and the marriage of those physics and level designs are what made the games so excellent. Sonic 4’s level design seems largely influenced by those old games, and I’d bet the classic physics would feel great at work in Splash Hill or Lost Labyrinth.

    Even if the level design in Sonic 4 wasn’t apparently geared toward the old style of Sonic physics, the physics of Sonic 4 are just terrible. Stiff, awkward movement and a strange tendency for Sonic to standing on walls, and even on ceilings make for a distinctly underdeveloped feel. This, despite an additional 5 months or so of development time. I’d hate to imagine what the game was at the time of its originally planned release date…

  18. If he meant they updated the Rush physics, then I could understand that. Either way I have no idea what he is talking about with the ceiling running thing. :X

  19. @Brianzilla2004
    Well even so I still don’t care that much to the point I hate the game. I handled Sonic perfectly fine regardless.

  20. Or maybe I should say the physics didn’t bother me as much as they do other people. I do care I’m just not that easy to get upset over them :/

  21. Huh.. I thought SEGA released a patch or something.
    Yeah, Sonic can run up a wall in Sonic 4 where as previous games, he’d only go so far before running out of steam and falling backwards

  22. I find it stupid people are legit bitching about Sonic 4 :/ It was fine. The only problem was the stopping in air if you didn’t hold forward. But I have a solution for you guys….KEEP HOLDING FORWARD 😉

    Oh and there are a lot of errors in original physics for Sonic. :/ If you want to live in the “glory days” and think those games are so amazing, go play them and let the people who enjoy what they have now play it.

    And yes, I’ve played Sonic since he began, and I’ve only seen progress :/

  23. “We’re happy for feedback like this, and we’ll make sure we can improve the quality even further in upcoming titles.”

    So why are people flipping out? Sure, the physics need some work. But that’s why it’s an episodic game! They can take fan complaints and fix stuff for episode 2!

  24. @C.Olimar, the problem is it doesn’t sound like they see any problem with the physics, and BECAUSE it’s episodic, they’d probably like to keep the gameplay the same throughout all of the episodes.

    I mean, if they sell a “complete” version of the game with all the “episodes” bundled (which is a no-brainer, especially if the storyline continues through each game), how awkward would it be if every episode featured different physics? You can’t just put new physics in the old episodes because it might break certain levels.

    $20 says there are next to no improvements to gameplay/physics in future episodes.

  25. this is the guy behind sonic 4? From what I head the Sega of America Team wanna do something about it but with this ass on the front line they cant do anything. goddamn that is one ugly ass dude. He needs to be ashamed of himself for sounded like a re-re. Where the F’ is YU2 at? FYI Kiwi the Lime is awesome. ^________^ YU2 strikes back.

  26. You know what game had bad physics?Oblivion,I liked oblivion,but really…you so much as knock into an object,it goes flying…now that’s messed up.

  27. @Mit

    Hmm, if you can update your whole console with one game or download, I’m sure Sonic 4’s future episodes, being downloadable, can updte the previous Sonic 4 episodes already downloaded, particualrly if releasing them all together as one full game in the end.

    I don’t see how it’d break the levels if all it’s doing is changing the codes that determine how Sonic himself is controlled. However he’s controlled he should still be able to go through the levels. It’s not like the Homing Attack needed any work.

    I also don’t see how it’d break the levels if there could just as easily be data in the new file to replace the level data of the old file making it compatible.

    And we can’t be sure they’re gonna release it all at once like that. I mean, technically Sonic & Knuckles is like “Sonic 3: Episode 2” and they’re connectable, so I’d be willing to bet they assume people would buy all the episodes and attach them on their own. For all we know, each episode downloaded probably does automatically add to the previous downloaded file (if you have it) also possibly being able to replace outdated physics data. =P

    I’m not saying it will, it won’t, I’m saying ya never know. It’s called “possibilities”. 😀 lol

  28. There it is, folks. Time to grow up and either get used to the different physics or go play something else.

  29. @Mit

    Actually If Sega does make all the Episodes lock-on compatible or a completed disk version and If Sega does bring back the old Genesis physics in the later Episodes. The classic physics can indeed be ported into Episode 1 and automatically altering the level design and coding for the newer physics. The best of example of this is Sonic 3 & Knuckles. You see if you attach Sonic 3 with Knuckles. The Sonic and Knuckles data is used as the bases and adds Sonic 3’s coding into the game to create Sonic 3 & Knuckles. But Sonic and Knuckles coding also altered some things in Sonic 3 level design and other things as well such as item and object placements, altering of music, the omiting of Sonic 3’s Final boss, and overall difficulty. So with that in mind, Sonic 4: Episode 2 & 3 could indeed influence Episode 1. If Sega recreates the classic physics. It could indeed be ported into Episode 1 but some of the level designs has to be altered to make Episode 1 more adaptable to the classic physics, and thats easy to pull off nowadays. If Sega could do it in 1994 with Sonic 3 & Knuckles, Then I don’t see why not in Sonic 4.

  30. @Jared

    Of course everyone is entitled to their own pinion…SEGA still needed to work on things you either love it, like it, don’t like it or hate it :|…I didn’t hate Sonic 4 it just wasn’t exciting much and it was quite short :\ hopefully episode 2 can improve on that…..Overall it was an okay game for me

    I’d give it roughly a 6/10 Not bad I guess

  31. I personally think that the problem with Sonic 4 is not that it hits the odd physics glitch every now and again, rather that if felt like it was trying to clone and copy the ideas behind the original titles, and dress them up in slightly less familiar clothing; the result was a sloppy, buggy, badly designed and generally poor mess of a game that felt more like a half-baked sequel to the god-awful Bubsy the Bobcat or Socket than it did a continuation of the greatness of the classics.

    To be brutally honest, I personally believe that physics are amongst the last things that Sonic Team need to be worrying about; until they fix the level design, pacing, homing attack, collision detection and boss mechanics, the game will remain to be the thoroughly unenjoyable trash-heap that it was released as, no matter what they do to the physics.

  32. Honestly, the physics didn’t bother me too much, the game played more like the game gear Sonic’s though (which I enjoyed as much as the genesis games(Well, Sonic 1, 2, Chaos and Triple Trouble at least)).

    So, it looks like we are sticking with these physics from now on, or unless someone nukes the normal into Japan again.

    Either one would be fine.

  33. @Sam

    Horrible choice of words there, or perhaps you’re just some sort of game bigot. Telling people to “grow up” is, of course, implying that they are somehow out of line. The problem with that statement in this context is that it is, frankly, stupid. After all, it’s entirely based on opinion, and it’s clear that Sonic’s Genesis physics are still very positively received by both fans and critics (Game Informer went out of their way to point out that the ‘classic gameplay’ felt a bit off in Sonic 4). Even if it weren’t a popular opinion, by saying “grow up,” you’re essentially telling the receiving party that they are wrong, which is quite impossible in a purely subjective instance.

    So, perhaps a reversal is in order. Sam, why don’t you grow up? Not everybody is going to agree with you. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Perhaps you don’t care about having proper physics in Sonic, but A LOT of people do. In fact, the audience that Sonic 4 was geared toward likely consists of a majority of fans who value the classic physics deeply. Being one of those people, I think it’s only fair that I mention that I gave the game a shot. Even when I saw the finalized physics, I was very excited about the game. It was only when I started playing it that its flaws became so apparent.

    As for that last chunk of your statement, I for one AM playing other things now. Despite being a hardcore, lifelong Sonic fan, Sonic Team has lost me. I still check in to read up on the news here, and I pay attention to upcoming releases, but the broken physics and bad ideas that most Sonic games of the recent past consist of have alienated me more and more over the years. I still play the classic Sonic games, from the Genesis to the Dreamcast, but I haven’t touched Sonic and the Black Knight or Sonic Colors DS/Wii, and I have no plans to. If they’re anything like Sonic and the Secret Rings or Sonic Rush/Sonic Unleashed, they’d be more painful than fun anyway.

  34. Physics are definitely a big deal: does that mean that you personally have to have good physics in a game to enjoy it? I dunno, that’s up to you. I mean, I understand the feelings many lovers of sonic 4 are having: there’s a new sonic game, you like/love it, and there are tons of others out there who don’t–but you like it, and you want it to get a good rep. Plus, what others are “complaining” about probably isn’t even a big deal to you. I feel the same way when others give good sonic games I really like (or hope to like ie colors) a low score, like 4.5/10 (again, ie colors).

    But would amazing/proper physics RUIN sonic 4? No. So it would only be an improvement–It’s not like everyone’s asking to play as only Big, or something (no offense, Big). Once that’s established, you begin to understand its really more about whether or not you want a better sonic game: some don’t because they’re fully happy with what they have, and others don’t because they’re not happy. You can’t break it down into whether or not the physics are bad, because they ARE. You don’t have to be a physics major to see it (which I am). The difference is that some just aren’t bothered by them, or don’t see the issue–though that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

    And if you say: “It’s not that I don’t want a better sonic game–” then why not ask for a better sonic game? Asking for a better episode 2 doesn’t mean you have to stop liking episode I, that now you have to say it sucks. You can like plenty of things and still acknowledge their faults–humans are quirky like that, because we have personalities–somethings we like no matter what the quality. Sonic wouldn’t be leaving forever, just coming back with a better game, and maybe that means a 15/10 according to how you see episode I. I would love to play a 15/10 sonic game, or a 20/10, rather than a 7/10. Is 7 bad? No, but that shouldn’t mean you need be against those who want a 10.

    So I understand how those who really legitimately enjoy Ep. I feel, but I also say those who “hate” it do so not because they don’t want to enjoy it: I wanted the best for Sonic 4, just as everyone else. I don’t really enjoy it, so I want a sonic game I can. The difference between me and you is that you got your wish–I’m still waiting. If you take this outlook (that you can like and still ask for something better), then you can stand with those who hate it, while simultaneously standing aside and liking/loving it. I believe that would send a much clearer message to Sega and Takashi I-have-a-bad-perception-of-classic-sonic-Izuka. Cuz right now, all they see are those who have major qualms, those in the middle, and those who have no issue and want nothing done. It’ll be easier for Sega to shake off their misconceptions if they see everyone pining for a better game–otherwise they’ll just whip out the ol’ ‘we can’t please everyone, but we have pleased many, so nyah’ rather than ‘we’ve pleased many, but even they are asking for a better game’. See the difference?

    Besides, who argues like this over the classics? Nobody. Who argues like this over Sonic 4? Everybody. Who plays the classics and sonic 4? Everyone, from both sides (respectively). That alone should tell you that something somewhere can be improved, and obviously physics isn’t the only issue, but it sure is important. I mean, just imagine the relative quietness compared to now were the physics proper. Pretty hard, I know.

    So, there’s my 68 cents.

  35. Can I stop you guys to remind you that Sonic 4 was a good, well-received game?

    I don’t know if this post will get deleted for mentioning it, but it seems that the new Sonic Cycle happens AFTER the game is released. People begin to anticipate it when the first stream of great reviews come in, love it when they first play it through, then slowly but surely as the more negative opinions come out from the press and the fanbase, they pick it apart and suddenly everyone forgets that the Sonic games are really improving. Can we not just be happy that we’re once again playing good, maybe even great, if not amazing, Sonic games again? This is a positive time for the series. Stop making it a negative one.

    I want to read interviews with Takashi where the interviewer says “Hey, the Casino Street Zone was great fun to play!”, and he replies “Oh yeah, we nailed that one, didn’t we?” And everyone hi-fives. Because the team deserve more credit than the press, and the fanbase give them.

  36. @Brainzilla2004

    Sonic Colors….you’re missing out on the best 3D Sonic, sense SA1 and SA2. But, guess that’s your opinion, so yeah.

  37. @Espy

    Sonic 4 received pretty average scores overall. Here’s some Metacritic data:

    PlayStation 3: 74 Metascore, 6.1 User Score
    Wii: 78 Metascore, 6.0 User Score
    Xbox 360: 72 Metascore, 5.5 User Score

    Scores in the 70’s aren’t bad, but while the handful of “professional” critics seemed to like the game fairly well (or have mixed feelings), the users gave it a pretty flat score overall. Aside from Sonic the Hedgehog Genesis, I don’t know of any other Sonic game that actually has a lower User Score than Metascore. And this is across all consoles, too.

    This is all fairly irrelevant ultimately because, clearly, a lot of fans don’t agree with you’re statement that “Sonic 4 is a good… game.” As I just showed you, it wasn’t particularly “well-received” either. Some liked it, some didn’t. Not a big deal game, like it should’ve been.


    If the game gets a 360 port, I’ll check it out. I’m not gonna bother getting my hands on another Wii for it though.

    Also, it’s actually Brianzilla. Common mistake. I guess I come off as some sort of narcissist on an ego trip, but I’m not about to label myself as the ‘Godzilla’ of brains. :p

  38. @Epsy

    Dude you got it wrong…

    Firstly there was no such thing as the “Sonic cycle” and there never was real :/

    ANd secondly everyone is entitled to their own opinion…

    I thought sonic 4 was okay but not good it lacked a few things , wasn’t perfect in my opinion….hopefully Episode 2 will be better

  39. @Brianzilla2004
    Wait so i’m not assuming and i would like you to make it a bit clearer but if Sonic team made a new sonic game that used the sonic unleashed speed gimmick but added a tun of platforming in both 2d and 3d sections and made it so you couldn’t boost every second AND(huf, huff!) made the story bearable and actually funny and put a lot of extras in the game for replay value you wouldn’t buy it cause it plays like unleashed?(Phew i finished!!) Also do you have friends that own a wii and have the game, if so you should give it a try.

  40. @sonicdudefan1996

    Sounds like a pretty sweet game concept to me. I’d definitely wanna give it a try.

    I do have a friend with a Wii, but I don’t see him enough… and he doesn’t have the game.

  41. *opens his mouth to say something, raising finger for emphasis.” uhhhp… daa.. *lowers finger* can you repeat that? I couldn’t hear you over the sound of my brain screaming something about Mushroom Hill Zone…

  42. @Brianzilla2004
    thanks actually i’ve worked like 2 years on a game concept that i want to send to sega. actually i could give you a little piece of what i’ve worked on. i don’t want to spoil it all but heres some. anyone can reply to the idea if you want.
    Bonus features: the game will have a secret boss mode after you complete the game where you can fight bosses like Silver the hedgehog,sonic the werehog,Chaos final hazard and even knuckles, tails and genesis sonic. along with this mode there is 2d mode where you can play full stages from the story mode in 2d and collect chaos emeralds and go super in 2d. Chao gardens return and you can visit other players gardens or chao race via live or psn or wi-fi. for dlc i have map packs that you can get for free that include stages like Tropical resort,metal city ocean palace and space colony art.(these are just a few.) you can even customize chao gardens to look like for example planet wisp. special stages return and are accessible after you S-rank all 3 acts of a zone. The special stages are very difficult to complete. Ranking is determined by how far you get in the stage and how long it took you. of course that means in order to S rank you must complete the stage. by completing the stage you earn a super emerald. The super emeralds are not for sonic to use but are for Knuckles and tails giving them their super forms. Please note that this is all ideal and are bonuses to the story(except for special stages.)
    Okay so what do you think? this isn’t even the story mode but you’ll have to wait if sega accepts the idea. i’ll be sending it in a few days.

  43. Oh also if you get all 7 of the super emerald lets just say something epic happens during the last boss and cut-scenes.

  44. Yeah, you could run on the ceiling in the old games… and Nintendo Power Mag was not complimenting Sonic 4’s programming! you’re wrong, Iizuka-San!

  45. just off the top off my head, angel island, spring yard and death egg (s&k) certainly included wall running.

  46. Maybe I can understand the Physics being wonky to make way for things done in Sonic 4 that you couldn’t do in the original titles, but using the example of Ceiling Running isn’t a very good example at all. In all 3 of sonics original genesis title, you could already run on the ceiling if you maintained your speed. Sonic’s feet essentially stuck to any long, straight, uninterrupted surface he was running on. You could have a figure 8 shape with sonic running on the outside and as long as he wasn’t running so fast that the momentum shoved him off during the turns, he would stick to it.

    Now if he meant that they changed it so sonic would stick to the surfaces of that figure 8 no matter how fast he was running, maybe I can understand. But really, to cut out 80% of the momentum based just so sonic’s feet are stickier makes no sense to me. If that’s what he’s implying anyway.

  47. It irks me how a couple of computer programmers can create a Sonic game (Sonic Fan Remix to be exact) with much better visuals and can even get the physics correct (correct as in the physics from the classic Sonic titles), but a whole company of programmers and developers can only make a game with less stunning visuals and can’t even get the physics right (so they have to make excuses for the cause, one of which is “Ceiling Running”).

    What was I missing here? A couple of computer programmers can beat an entire company at their own game?! It makes you think twice about how much credibility SEGA has at this point.

  48. Dear Iizuka/Dimps:

    Kindly ungimp the spin dash for the sequel plz.

    Also make all the episodes link into one game plz.

    Otherwise, I liked Sonic 4 Ep. 1. Keep ’em coming!

  49. So let me get this straight.

    They could and DID get the physics right, but DELIBERATELY changed them so that they were bad.

    This gives them even less credibility that just a mistake, @mysteryracer. It shows them making the wrong choice and being FULLY AWARE OF IT.

  50. Come on, people, will all of you just STFU?

    Sure they changed the physics. But they didn’t ruin them. It’s not like Sonic only moves at 10 miles an hour and loses all sense of momentum when he jumps. (I’m looking in YOUR direction, Sonic 06!)

    Or would you rather have Sega do EXACTLY THE SAME THING for EVERY SINGLE GAME? If that happened, the series would go nowhere. The games would just get boring, and Sonic would have died out years ago.

    Can’t all of you be happy with what we have? A fun and enjoyable experience?

    Oh wait, that’s right. YOU’RE NEVER HAPPY! You have to go around poking your noses in every little nook and cranny poking around for things to complain about!

    Sometimes I wonder if this is actually a Sonic fansite at all with all these complaints. “I’m a Sonic fan, but I hate everything about him!”

  51. @ TheHumbleFellow
    Dude calm down. look we know this isn’t a horrible game like 06. but the fact that sega KNEW they could have done better with the physics and make them feel like the genesis games kind of pisses us off. also sega said before sonic 4’s release that the game would BE the sonic game we wanted. physics and all, and they freaking lied to us! so i think we have a right to criticize the game if we want. we also don’t want sonic to be the same game over and over, we just want his formula’s to be good. so far they’ve been going in the wrong direction(until colors).also didn’t us “Ungrateful fans” like sonic and sega all stars and Sonic colors.

  52. Also i think your mistaking us with sonic FANBOYS. their the ones who nitpick at everything from sonic’s eye’s to his voice. we look for the fun in the game. it’s just sega puts gimmicks in that take that fun away.(Werehog,sword,hover board,etc.) in sonic 4 episode 1’s case it’s the fact we thought the game would be like it’s predecessors so we played it and since it played completely different it took some enjoyment out of the game as a whole.

  53. sonicdudefan1996: Duly noted.

    I just wish the fanbase as a whole would look at things with a more positive attitude. I’m sick of all the negative bashing the series gets.

  54. @Umiyuri

    Really? I heard they just decided to use the Sonic Rush engine.

    I really hope they are fully aware of this, because if they screw up Sonic 4: Episode 2, I won’t hate Sonic, but I will be VERY disappointed. I was more forgiving to this episode, but Episode 2 is supposed to have Metal Sonic in it, which we haven’t seen in a main Sonic game forever. I really hope that SEGA will change the soundtrack to be similar to the Japanese Sonic CD soundtrack, but will make this an original game with original levels, without having to directly copy designs from previous Sonic games.

  55. I liked the Splash Hill Zone, and then the game just went downhill from there.. I hated Sonic 4. It was passable at best… The physics sucked, Sonic’s Animation sucked, and getting those dam emeralds just became a chore. I’ve been enjoying Sonic Colours much more…

  56. I think the best thing to do here is to simply assemble a video compilation of all the times in the first few titles Sonic could run on the ceiling, combined with other physics tricks that don’t exist in S4, and then send that into Sega and Iizuka. No comments needed after that. Just a reminder that we know he’s full of it.

  57. @sonicdudefan1996

    U hardly consider people who care about Sonics voice to be “fan boys”
    in the negative since.

    I grew up with Sonic and part of what i love about him is his personality, if the voice feels off, it changes the character.
    Some people are just more sensitive to this than others, especially people who want to be a professional voice actor.

    Now if someone says the gameplay is bad because of the voice that is different.
    For example, i love the Sonic stages in unleashed, but hes voiced by griffith and i dislike griffiths voice for sonic.
    So i switch to japanese.

    Griffiths voice doesnt make it unplayable but it certainly irritates me when i hear it, and i simply dont wish to hear things that irritate me while im trying to have a fun experience.
    Its just personal preference.
    But i can assure you that i want the best for Sonic and im a loyal fan.
    Does this make me a fanboy?
    I dont know, what exactly is the definition of this stupid term anyways?

    Sorry, yeah about the physics…
    The main thing they need to improve in my opinion is how fast sonic accelerates.
    Also, Sonic shouldn’t walk for so long before gaining speed. Its annoying and makes no sense.

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