Rumor: German GamePro Gives Sonic Colors an 87%?

Rumor: German GamePro Gives Sonic Colors an 87%?

What’s this? Another high score for Sonic Colors? Seems that way. According to Sonic Stadium’s Dusk the Horror Keeper, the German version of GamePro has given Sonic Colors an 87%.

You can expect this news post to be updated with any new review scores that trickle in over the next few days, to prevent additional reviews from clogging up TSS’s news feed. You can also expect that wonderful image above, created by NeoGAF’s Technomancer, to accompany any more review news. Provided the scores continue to warrant it, anyway.

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  1. Great news. If that rumor about an HD Colors being planned if the Wii version sells well enough are true, I’d say that the Sonic brand, along with these excellent scores will make this game a real good seller. I’d better plan on saving up a little money for Colors in case it does wind up on the 360.

  2. This is just what happens to STH4:EP1 , first great reveiws all around gaming websites then second reviews slamming Sonic in the face until everyone gave it a mere medicore score , now i’m not saying it will happen to sonic colors too ! but it COULD HAPPEN, don’t forget Sonic Unleashed although the daytime levels did actully got a better reviews than the night time levels . i liked Sonic Unleashed cause it’s a great game & i like the fact that SEGA is using the daytime gameplay style & improved it in colors, but i feel that there will be some bad reviews about some of the wisps that are gonna break the game for some reason especially the green wisp because obviusly it’s gonna slow down the gameplay .

    i don’t know about you guys , but i REALLY hope the game gonna stay up then 80% & i hope it will break the D**N Sonic Cycle .

  3. I’ve been having a really crappy morning….and that picture was enough to make me grin like an idiot and laugh. Thanks guys. xD
    I’m really happy this game is getting such good reviews! Sonic and SEGA need it after all these years of being put down by reviewers and their own fans. D:

  4. Thanks Sega
    All good time start with sonic 4 episode 1.Now, sonic colors appears to be a great improvement of sonic unleashed and much more creative.
    And sonic 4 episode 2 I wait improvement of sonic 4 episode 1

    Welcome Back sega =)

    Here we have excellent sonic games that are not seen since the dreamcast for me.

  5. @ ALSAGR
    Hopefully it’s not the case with Sonic Colors. You’ve never know what kinda score those reviewers will give it when they actually review the final product. You could be right but we’ll see.

  6. well obviously the reviewers have already tested the game, other wise, why give it such high praise? they’ve had more bad then good over the past 5 years. its bout time they came out of the dark ages since 2005.

  7. I have a small quistion but its really important to me!
    Who is excatly created the damn Sonic Cycle? Dont say “Sonic Fans!”I want the name of the person!
    And what? another good review? This is surprising to me! Thank you SEGA & Sonic Team!

  8. To tell you the truth Sonic 4 is in a 75% range on Metacritic and about a 71% on GameRankings…which doesn’t necessarily mean the game is bad…but that there’s room for improvement. And IMO if you’re ever planning on making a sequel to something you have to show some type of restraint.

  9. Nice image. I thought that the German GamePro gave Wii 92% and DS 90%… or maybe that was another German magazine (How many German gaming magazines can there be?).

  10. Smashing through a wall head-first like that can’t be healthy.
    But yes, I fully expect this trend to continue!

  11. @Meh Yeah sure, just like they did with ONM and all the other individuals who have had a shot at the game -_-;

    I can finally say up yours to the Sonic Cycle and it has never felt so good! I hope it will never return.

  12. Is it the days got slowed down a little bit or just me feeling like that ??

    Doesn’t matter i’m just going to play Sonic Unleashed on my PS3 until somthing new come up 😀

    Windmill Isle act 2 … NOW LOADING …. Sonic: HERE WE …. GO!!! <<< finished the level in 1:58:91 😀

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