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It turns out that the rumour we reported that about Gamepro German division reviewing Sonic Colours (Wii version) in the latest issue of their magazine is true and they have indeed scored the game an 87%. The publication has now released their video review of the game, which features plenty of new gameplay footage of the various stages and even some cutscenes clips with English and Japanese voice acting. If you’re trying to avoid all story spoilers, then we advise against watching the video. The written review has not yet been published on their website.

Thanks to Slashhedgehog at the SSMB for the heads up!


  1. So… Was it a good review or a bad review?

    All I could make out was “sjsahyhesjdojssthumsdjosjofhosnfsisohdnoisouhd” with Sonic Colours somewhere in between.

  2. I didn’t hear any German voice acting… I did hear some Japanese toward the end, though.

    I’d be very surprised if Sega spent out the money to rerecord all the lines in any languages other than Japanese and English. It’d be cool, but probably not so smart business-wise.

  3. @Buntar0:
    Oh, that’s his Japanese voice actor? I had assumed it was a German actor, since this is a German review XD

    @Thomas Daly:
    They’re early cutscenes, like the one SEGA gave us, Retro and Wrecks, so nothing very spoilerific. I’ve put the warning there in case, anyone is trying to avoid cutscenes completely.

  4. I probably shouldn’t be surprised, but they still kept Eggman’s theme from ’06 and Unleashed here. Badass.

  5. @Shadzter

    Yes, that was Japanese and sounded like his standard voice actor. It’s really hard to understand with the reviewer talking that loud though. Around the same time index she basicallys says: “no German dub… really good English voice acting… you can even switch to Japanese voices”.

  6. Like most other games in the series, the game comes with English and Japanese dubs, and various subtitles depending on your region (for example, the European version would have subs for German, French, etc.)

    Sonic’s Japanese VA is the same as it’s been since Sonic Adventure, Junichi Kanemaru.

    As for spoilers, most of the cutscenes appear to be from the beginning of the game, so if you’re already aware of the game’s official Story blurb, it won’t totally be ruined. You do have to try and listen through the German reviewer to catch some of the VAs, such as Cubot’s cowboy accent.

  7. @Lunar_Sonic96 they look very similar
    i am loving the music shame it is german Shadzter could you release some gameplay of starlight carnival and aquarium zone please 🙂

  8. @sonicmovedj:
    Dreadknux has all of our videos from the last preview build SEGA sent to him to play, but he can’t release any footage of those later stages until SEGA allow him and the press to show them or after the game is released.

  9. Sonic sounds cool.

    Cubot sounds stupid. (perfect ;D)

    Orbot definately has an actual voice now and not just the generic one from Unleashed.

    Tails sounds cool.

    Eggman sounds meh… but it’s still Mike Pollock so duh. It’s still pretty okay though. =P

    They still have Eggman’s 06 theme but considering the graphics models and such, I assume like how the Adventure series stuck a brand on the franchise, so will this. XD

    That one level at 0:57 sure is looking creative. Especially around 1:06. o.O lol

  10. That was nice and a joy to the eyes. I once said that each act of every zone will have a different remix of the 1st act, I hope i’m not wrong with this one because thats what i hear in the review. Well done Sega

  11. The sound track is gonna rock hard and as for Roger sounds better in free riders but still dosent top Jason

  12. Well I don’t know much German, but I could tell at the end they compared it to Super Mario Galaxy and said it’s the best Sonic game in a while. I could probably pick out more of it if I watched it a few more times.

    Ha, “kleine, bunte Aliens.” Aww…

  13. At the end it sounds like she said, “Sonic Colors is the best Sonic game on the Wii and the best Wii title after Super Mario Galaxy 2.” Run it back from 3:28.

  14. The thing is Roger is great with grunts and little lines which sound similar to Jason

    like “HAH” huh”

    BUT HES TERRIBLE IN THE CUTSCENES but we will se how it goes



  15. Listen up everyone BAD NEWS……OR IS IT GOOD?? I DUNNO Kirk Thornton is the official voice Of Shadow The hedgehog

    and Travis Willingham is now the voice of Knuckles The Echidna :O

  16. Here is the New cast so far….

    Roger Craig Smith – Sonic the Hedgehog
    Kate Higgins – Miles “Tails” Prower/Wave the Swallow
    Travis Willingham – Knuckles the Echidna
    Wendee Lee – Amy Rose
    Carrie Savage – Cream the Rabbit
    Unkown – Vector the Crocodile
    Kirk Thorton – Shadow the Hedgehog
    Unkown- Rouge the Bat
    Mike Pollock – Doctor Eggman

    Unkown for Jet , Blaze,Storm and Silver… ill find out on the 10th

  17. She basically doesn’t say much more than we all already know. The way it plays, what the story is like, how the wisps work, etc.
    Additionally, she also mentions that Wii + Nunchuk, Wiimote and Classic Controller are all supported. Japanese VAs will also be in the game.

    Otherwise, she praises the level design, the graphics and the fine little details here and there that make the game outstanding.

    That’s pretty much all. :3

  18. So… the unknown music from the IGN purple multiplayer levels was Aquarium (or is it Aquatic? I guess I’ll have to wait to find out.) Park’s music? Then what is the light blue levels’ music?

  19. Orbot and cubot seem so Scratch and Grounder. Which is probably a good thing. The aosth DVDs are doing so well, kids will be familiar with the silly badnik duo formula.

  20. @MetaRyan:
    Yeah, I kinda’ figured that from the start. I saw a clip of the multiplayer stage select, and it corresponded, so yeah.

    Also, what clips have you seen of that light blue level? I’ve seen a very short, maybe 10-second one, but half of it was the Wisp power going off. It sounded so cool, I wish I could listen to more of it….

  21. Now…if only I could understand what they were saying X) That one level made out of candy and sweets,cannot wait to play that one. I’d say the aquarium level,but those have usually been infamous for being a bit on the tough side,but it still looks pretty 🙂

  22. @MattZ19: No voice actor is the ‘true’ Sonic cause Sonic never stick to one voice actor for that long. You might have a favorite but I wouldn’t claim them to be the true Sonic cause every Sonic actor has their pros and cons about them.

  23. Sorry 😀 couldn’t stop myself , i’ve tried not to watch it but i’ve watched the whole damn thing 🙂 .

    The whole video was a big spoiler to me 😀

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