Friday/Saturday Toys R’ Us Sonic Colors DS/Sonic Toys Sale

Friday/Saturday Toys R’ Us Sonic Colors DS/Sonic Toys Sale

Sorry for the messy header. Kinda hard to put that all in.

While on my break at work, I headed next door to Toys R’ Us to look around. Found out there is a two day sale going on. Including some Sonic stuff.

First off is a $15 gift card when purchasing Sonic Colors DS.

Second is 25% off all Sonic merchandise in the store. (Not including games and DVDs.) For those interested, this also applies to Mario and Pokemon merchandise. This includes Sonic toys, walkie talkies, MP3 Players, Digital Cameras and Earbuds.

Sale is U.S. Only and is only good through Saturday so hurry!

Sale Ad can be found here.

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  1. Last 3 times I’ve been to TRU they’ve had some kind of special with the Sonic merch, buy 1 get ½ off .. guess that’s the same thing 😛
    Maybe it’s time to pick up the MetalEgg pack seeing as how I have no luck in finding them separately

  2. Ah man- I better shimmy over Saturday then.

    Has anyone had any luck looking for Big the Cat? They say he’s out, but I’ve yet to find him in any of the ToysR’Us stores where Iive. (And there’s like…3 in driving distance.)

  3. I was planning on hitting best buy tomorrow…but screw that!Toys r’ us,here I come! If there out…I”ll run on over to best buy.Pun intended?Maybe… I really have to watch my money sadly,I’ll just buy one of those cute little 3.5” figures with it and call it a day,cause I’ll only be left with 30 or so of my 75 bucks left,yeah I probably am forgetting to add tax and all of that crud.

    @Torin I’m having trouble finding a silver one myself,He’s pretty new so it might take a while for some toys r’ us’s to stock up on them. If toy’s r us fails there’s always amazon,although you don’t get that awesome discount that comes with it.

  4. Oh yeah, there’s plenty of Bigs at my local store, they even had 3 Super Packs.
    Silver is probably the hardest 3 inch figure to find (depending if solo Metal Sonic is available in stores.. in which case would be the hardest)
    From my experiences TRU traveling it goes Silver, Tails, Shadow, Amy, Knuckles, Sonic, Sonic Black Knight, Werehog

  5. @ amiterisu

    Actually I’ve seen all the characters including Silver out except for Tails and Big- Tails they advertise on their website and say it’s in stores, but I’ve never found it yet. Hopefully I’ll strike lucky!

  6. In Canada it has been two weeks since our Toy R Us and the Sonic and Mario merchandise are still 25 % off so just thought to let you all know

  7. Went to Toys R Us today and snagged myself a replacement Super Poser Sonic and the Vector and Espio two pack, very pleased! $28 is still not cheap, but it’s not bad for three nice figures.

  8. Bought myself a super hedgehog pack,and a silver plush today along with sonic colors,sadly…the $15 dollar gift card giveaway ended at 1p.m? I got there at 3 and missed it D:If only the mp3 player was that cheap.The discount basically removed some sales tax I think. I ended up spending about 50 bucks today,left with 25 bucks,went almost as planned…

    @Torin I didn’t find much along the lines of the 3.5” figures myself when I went,I guess it’s because I got there so late.

  9. My local store has the new plushies and transparent purple Espio along with 6 (count ’em 6) Silver 3 inch figures.
    I was a little too tempted.. so I got out before I spent anything (pics in market place forums)

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