First Recordings of the New Voice Cast In Sonic Free Riders

First Recordings of the New Voice Cast In Sonic Free Riders


Thanks to a team effort from SSMB members Fantasy the Almiqui and XD375, we have some voice clips of the new voice cast in Sonic Free Riders. Fantasy the Almiquie bought a copy of the game this morning and has already beat the Heroes story and got hear a lot of the cast, but unfortunately hasn’t seen the game’s credits appear yet, so we can get the names of the cast. In order, the clips released are Amy, Sonic, Cream, Vector, Omochao, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Rouge, Omochao, Rouge, Omochao. We have another set of clips from the intro movie below too:


Finally, we’ve got a clip of the Babylon Rogues voices:

If you have a copy of the game and can give us the names of the voice actors, please share the list in the comments.

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  1. That is the BEST improvement in Rouge’s voice I’ve heard in a loong while.

    Even the usually annoying characters (Amy and Cream) don’t sound quite as annoying. Knuckles sounds pretty much the same though – I’m loving this new voice cast.

    Shadow sounds younger though…

  2. I think the Shadow fangirls aare going to be VERY happy with Shadow’s new voice!

    Overall, I like them. They all sound good to me. Especially Rouge. It’s a massive improvement.

  3. Wow, now this is interesting! Too many new voices to try and cope with at one time!
    Amy sounded fine, as did Sonic despite being a little closer to his old self than how he sounded in Colours. Tails seems to be sounding great these days, could’ve imagine him any better. Cream’s good, but why does Vector sound like he’s choking on marbles?
    Knuckles is dead-on, they seem to have either stuck with Dan Green or pushed for a guy that sounded just like him. Still got that over-excited, aggressive edge.
    Shadow I think is the biggest change, since suddenly he started sounding like Igor! That might need the biggest adapting to, such a radical departure from both his previous voices. Rouge sounds great and Omochao is… Omochao.

    All-in-all, might take a little time to adapt but I approve non-the-less.

  4. Sweet, glad we could help! =)

    Sorry for the crappy audio everyone, had to record it with my iPhone. XD

  5. Did they keep Dan Green for Knuckles? He sounds better — somewhat oddly, he seems closer to his Adventure voice. I miss Drier’s deep tones from Adventure 2, but whatever πŸ™‚

  6. I need more Examples to make a real impression, but man I approve of Shadow’s new voice.
    Oh and Tails and Sonic still sound awesome, even though Roger is higher-pitched there.

  7. Best
    Sonic Voice Cast

    Great work! Sonic sounds more like Sonic (Is RCS still doing the voice on this one? It’s so different.) Amy sounds good. Vector is a slight improvement. Cream sounds adorable instead of that ear-bleeding pitch. Rouge sounds “Sexy and smooth”. Shadow….Umm Yea. Okay one bad voice. Sounds like Peter Weller’s Igor. Knuckles I think is the same. I like Jet’s new voice. Reminds me of Mortimer mouse or some weasley cartoon bad guy. Wave sounds sassy and just right. Storm sounds very dumb, but I guess he’s supposed to.

    All in all Sega did a very commendable job on voice casting! Bravo.

  8. omg, jet’s voice cracked me up! xP
    i like this new cast. but is dan green really still voicing knuckles? 😑

  9. Amazing, simply amazing! The only gripe I have with the new voice cast is Jet’s voice. Call me crazy, but I think I prefer Griffith’s take on him over his new voice actor. Shadow’s new voice is also kinda iffy to me, but I like it.

  10. Just gave ’em another listen.

    I don’t think that’s Dan Green, but even so, he has the same problem. His voice is way too high for Knuckles.

    Vector sounds… Wierd. Much better than his Shadow voice, but still…

    I can safely say that Jet no longer sounds like a parrot. He now sounds like a Weasel, although The new guy has a kNack for getting the character down.

    Everyone else sounds perfect. =) Amy especially. She sounds natural! =D

  11. Sonic sounds a lot better here than he did in the Colours scene…

    They all sound fantastic except Cream, Vector and Shadow. Cream still sounds high, Vector’s voice sounds the same as the “find the computer room!” voice (it should be deep, not high-pitched!) and Shadow sounds… weird. He’s dragging his words out in a bizarre, unnatural way.

  12. The new voices sound great.

    But, I do find it weird that Sonic sounds more like the Alton Towers Sonic than the more natural Colors Sonic. Ah, well, not a big deal since we’re getting more of Colors Sonic. That voice is awesome.

    Knuckles is Dan Green Knux done right. Shadow and Rouge sound epic. Cream sounds improved. Wave and Vector sound fine. I don’t know what to think about Jet or Amy though.

  13. F*%* you SEGA WTF did you do to Shadow? and Rouge? I get sonic and the others but they do NOT sound normal I DEMAND THE OTHER VOICE ACTORS

  14. @Shadzter

    From what I can hear I think Amy only speaks the first line in the first video, and the other three times are actually Omochao. They are incredibly similar though.

    Anyway, Sonic is awesome, Tails is awesome, Knuckles is either still Dan “Awesome” Green or an awesome impersonator, Shadow sounds… younger, to say the least, Rouge sounds less “stripper” and more “Cat-Woman”, which is good in my book, Amy sounds girlier, which I feel will probably get more annoying the more I hear of it, Cream has a slightly more realistic, yet still dainty voice, Vector sounds, as Cold Dog put it, “like he’s choking on marbles”, but that is only one line of dialog, so he could sound better later, Omochao sounds like a synthesized Amy, Jet sounds kinda whiny, Wave sounds pretty cool and Storm sounds just as oafish as he used to.

    Overall, I like the changes, it’ll just take some getting used to (as most large, long-term changes like this do).

  15. Wow, I am absolutly astonished by how much better they all sound. There brilliantly dead on and they all sound so natural it’s creepy. Sonic, Tails, Rouge, and Cream are probbably the best improvements overall… I don’t think we could take much more of creams original voice… uggghh.

    BTW, is it me, or does Jet sound like the ring leader of the Vol Brothers from Phantasy Star Universe?

  16. I loved all of them sans Jet, Shadow and Knuckles.
    Knuckles doesn’t sound grumpy and badass like he used to,
    Shadow sounds… lazy?
    Jet sounds like someone kicked him in the nuts sending his vocal range up a few octaves.

    Rouge and Vector <3

  17. Rouge’s voice is a HUGE improvement. Amy’s voice is really good, too. You know what, I pretty much like ALL the new characters!

    Shadow’s voice still sounds kinda like an uninterested emo kid, but I guess it IS a little better. (Still thought David Humphrey was the best Shadow…)

    And this Sonic sounds a little younger. I like it better.

  18. Fantasy the Almiqui has corrected me on who’s voicing who in the first set of recordings, so I’ve fixed it up now. Sorry about the mistake.

  19. To be honest, the only ones who don’t sound right to me are Jet and Vector. Shadow’s okay, I still think Griffith’s a bit better, but I don’t have too much a problem with it.

    Everyone else sounds fine, especially Wave and Rouge. Tails does sound a bit better here than in Colours, the fact that the boy voice Kate Higgins is doing sounds more natural. Sonic, cool as before. Amy, okay, too high pitched for my taste and not as cute as Lisa Ortiz’s Amy, but okay. Cream, actually kinda cute. Omochao, decent. Storm, normal for a guy like him. Knux, darn close to Dan Green’s Knux, good or a bad thing depending on how you look at it (good for me).

  20. Knuckles = great! Quite similar to the previous voice he had actually, so there wasn’t much of an adjustment there.

    Also Rouge is great!

    The only one I don’t particularly like is Shadow, but then I never liked Shadow’s voice… This one sounds more like the original voice he had in SA2, if I had to pick a style of voice for him I’d go for Jason Griffith’s deeper one rather than the strange poncey anime villain sound he had originally and does again now, but what the hey I’m sure lots of people are happy to have original Shadow back, and I don’t think he’s set to appear in any more ‘main’ Sonic games.

    Cool to hear that Roger Smith can also do the overly enthusiastic cheesy Sonic thing too when he has to – I like this, this is sure to please both the Drummond and the Griffith fans but also he can be more ‘casual’ and cool sounding like in the Colours cut scene we saw.

  21. Actually, I got listening to to other Shadow voice clip in SmashingExpress’s channel, and I swear that’s David Humphrey.

  22. Sonic=Great

    Tails=Awesome, he finally sounds like a boy!!!

    Knuckles=Great……but it just sounds like Dan Green.

    Amy=Kinda Good, at least she isn’t as whiny as Lisa Ortiz. NO MORE VOICE CRACKS!!!!

    Cream=Still annoying, but at least her pitch is lowered to a point where I can actually understand her.

    Vector=He still sounds weird. Dissapointment.

    Shadow=…..Nice….please speak up more.

    Rouge=FINALLY, SHE ACTUALLY SOUNDS LIKE A WOMAN, and not a 50-year-old, chain-smoking hooker. I kinda dislike how she still sounds like she’s flirting all the time, but at least she doesn’t sound like a guy.

    Omochao=Fuck you.

    Jet=Dear God, he still sounds freaking annoying. Not Jason Griffith version annoying, but still ear-grinding

    Wave=Really, really, really good.

    Storm=Sounds stupid, but since he is stupid, I guess he’s supposed to sound like that.

    Eggman=Haven’t heard, but it’s freaking Mike Pollock. That’s already a win.

    Overall=Awesome change. I’m so happy *cries*

  23. I really think that they should have kept Griffith for Shadow, but all the others sound great and omochao isn’t as annoying anymore!

    Is it just me, or does Rouge sound like Jesse from Team Rocket?

  24. Amy reminds me of Mini mouse which will take time to get used to… but everyone else sounds cool, I am actually really liking Roger as Sonic. Sounds more Adult

  25. In case people want to know some of the cast. Here it is.

    Knuckles-Travis Willingham πŸ™‚ (BETTER THAN DAN IMO) πŸ˜›

    Shadow-Kirk Thornton (Love or hate is coming to Don Patch) :O

    Omochao-Laura Bailey (Hopefully she makes Omochao likeable and plays another person) πŸ™‚

    Other than those people you know Sonic,Tails and Eggman. I don’t know the rest yet. πŸ™

  26. Boy Fantasy the Almiquie must be really tired!! XD

    Well, Sonic sounds as I expected and awesome! Tails sounds as expected an awesome. They’re basically Griffith and Palant’s voices only improved with more natural acting.

    Knuckles sounds like Kyle Hebert (Voice of Kiba in Naruto and Aizen in Bleach)

    Amy sounds like Wendy Lee (or Christina Vee.. they sound so much alike) But… if it IS one of those 2, I think most of us preditect that much.

    Vector sounds like his Sonic Heroes voice so it’s hard to make out who’s playing him.

    Boy, Rouge sounds like a mix of her original voice and newer personality. It’s really good.

    I was hoping Shadow would be Johnny Yong Bosch since he sounds a lot like David Humphrey as Sasori in Naruto, but that doesn’t sound like him. At the same time, they did make Shadow sound more like his Humphrey styled voice. It’s pretty cool. =D

    Jet sounds so familiar and I can’t think of who. Storm sounds familiar too.

    For the most part, all the characters sound ALMOST the same but SLIGHTLY different in a good way. =)

    If only there were REAL cutscenes. My goodness! >.>

    Omochao, Cream and Amy sound too much alike though. lol

  27. Though I like the Knuckles voice which I assume is Kyle Hebert, I don’t like it for Knuckles. It’s an improvement from Dan Green at least.

    Not that I didn’t like Dan Green’s or this voice, just I don’t like it on Knuckles. “Sort’ve like how I like Tails’ new voice but I wouldn’t like it on Knuckles either XD) They just don’t fit Knuckles.

    I was hoping for Troy Baker who sounds like a mix between Scott Drier and Dan Green but oh well. It’ll all work out as long as they don’t make Kncukles have a temper and act stupid. I hate how they degrage the once-awesome character. XD But hey, maybe Knuckles, Shadow and Rouge will redeem themselves. =) Voice and personality.

  28. ladies and Gentelman after recieving some comformation emails this is the New cast so far

    Knuckles- Travis Willingham

    Cream- Carrie Savage

    Shadow- Kirk Thornton

    Omochao- Laura Bailey

    Vector and the announcer- Keith Silverstien

    Nice Job on casting wand way to sound pretty good Roger but I still like the 4kids cast more (accept for Ruge and Vectors old voices big Improvemnt there)

  29. I believe I can name most of them just by listening:

    Sonic – Roger Craig Smith
    Tails – Kate Higgins
    Knuckles – Kyle Hebert

    Shadow Kirk Thornton (I’m CERTAIN about this one. I’ve wanted Kirk for Shadow for a LONG time)
    Rouge – Megan Hollingshead (should’ve been her from the beginning since she WAS a 4kids VA…)

    Amy – Wendee Lee
    Cream – Sounds familiar but can’t make it out…
    Vector – Generic croc voice just like last time…

    Jet – POSSIBLY Derek Stephen Prince. I can’t tell… either way it’s 100x better…
    Wave – Kate Higgins again.
    Storm – Can’t really tell… sounds like a Funimation Voice Actor (Recoome from DBZ…) But I’m pretty sure it’s not…

  30. Wait.. Travis Willingham?? Wow! Boy he must’ve hightened his voice quite a bit. That guy’s voice is DEEP!

    Oddly, he also voices Jugo in Naruto and while looking at a walkthrough of Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 recently to see if it was worth buying XD;… I remember coming across Jugo and joking to my friend that what if his voice was the new Knuckles voice. (We were joking cuz it was so deep and rough and was like an even worse exaggeration of what they made Dan Green go for. XD)

    Shadow is Kirk Thornton? I guess I can hear that. Still think Johnny boy would’ve been the superior Shadow voice. >=P lol

  31. @shadzter I can reconize Them mostly but I made a mistake on Cream Possibly Im stil working on this but the rest I named off are true

  32. Hmm, wait, Travis Willingham as Knuckles? Dude, his voice is DEEP. He must’ve highten the pitch up a LOT! (Oddly, while watching a walkthrough of Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 to see if it was worth buying XD;… I came across a character named Jugo. I joked with my friend what if he was the new voice of Knuckles cuz it was so deep and rough it was an even WORSE exaggeration of what they made Dan Green go for. If Travis Willingham IS the voice of Knuckles then it looks like I was accidentally right, cuz he also voiced Jugo. x__X)

    I still would’ve preferred Troy Baker as Knuckles since he sounds like a mix between Scott Drier and Dan Green. But I guess Knuckles’ voice is a SLIGHT improvement at least.

    Shadow by Kirk Thornton? I guess I can hear that. Still think Johnny Yong Bosch would’ve been the superior Shadow voice! =(
    The voice of Hinata in Naruto also sounds like Cream. But this Cream doesn’t sound like Hinata and if it’s Carrie Savage instead of Stephanie Sheh oh well. =P lol

  33. Wouldn’t all these listing of voice actors be considered rumors until we can provid public proof since not everyone can see the official confirmation? o.O

  34. Wouldn’t these voice actor listings be considered rumors for now since not everyone can see the official confirmation of the cast to tell if it’s true or not? =P (Not that I’m saying it isn’t true.)

  35. forgive my bad grammor (I was an averge C student in that field) Rouge’s new Voice is Karen Strassman sory for the typo’s

  36. forgive my bad grammor (I was an averge C student in that field) Rouge’s new Voice is Karen Strassman sorry for the typo’s

  37. Man, I love the new voices! I like Cream’s, Knuckles’, Jet’s and some others voice.

    I do think the voice of Jet fits so well, for it fits his character. His new voice makes him sound like he has an ego and is arrogant, which he is. He also sounds like he has a touch of Sonic’s voice in his, and by Sonic’s voice, I mean the voice of Sonic from the old cartoons by Jaleel White. I like Jet’s voice overall.

    Also, I do like Shadow’s voice. Still, his voice makes me think that he sounds like someone from another country, mainly because his voice kinda reminds me of the Spy character from Team Fortress 2.

    I also love the dialog, and how the characters interact with each other.

  38. @FoxBoy: Hell if it’s anyone I can picture Johnny Yong Bosch playing, it’s Silver (think Koizumi from Haruhi Suzumiya, yes the ESP thing is why!)

  39. My opinion.

    Sonic: Honesty, I like Roger’s voice work in Colors more then his work in this game. The reason is because he sounds more like he’s trying to impersonate Jason but in Colors he sounds more natural. That’s why I like his work in Colors cause he’s not impersonating any of the previous Sonic voice actors.

    Tails: Sounds good

    Amy: She sounds like Minnie Mouse to me at first. I need to hear more of her.

    Shadow: Awesome, he sounds dark and sinister.

    Knuckles: He sounds the same as his 4Kids voice. I dunno if Sega decided to keep Dan Green or they hired that sounds just like him.

    Rouge: Wow! HUGE IMPROVEMENT! She sounds so much better now! She sounds like a young woman rather then a 40 year old smoker

    Omochao: He still sounds pretty annoying but the voice isn’t bad

  40. Sonic – Roger Craig Smith

    Tails – Kate Higgins

    Knuckles – Travis Willingham

    Shadow – Kirk Thornton

    Cream – Michelle Ruff

    Omochao – Laura Bailey

    Amy – Possibly Wendee Lee, not sure.

    Rouge – Either Karen Strassman or Megan Hollingshead

    Jet – ?

    Wave – Kate Higgins (Possibly)

    Storm – ?

    Vector – ?

    Eggman – Mike Pollock

  41. Well…Let’s see. Knuckles stays the same (Sorta slightly different but, same), Rouge sounds like she should be. Shadow sounds better then the quite try by Griffith, and I thought the only way to make Jets character is if you make a parrot talk nearby, while hearing that the accent on him actually fits him well! The rest seem okay :\

  42. Wow! They all sound perfect! I didn’t mind the old cast, but I’ve gotta say these actors are much better sounding. Cream is no longer annoying either! Shadow sounds like Humphrey slightly and Rouge sounds sexier.

  43. look at this it is new gameplay and cutscenes of sonic colors (in german) but still cool the video hasn’t proseesed yet so i’ll give it five mins or so πŸ™‚

  44. Shadow’s voice is going to bug the hell out of me. To me at least it sounds like he’s doing a vampire impression with that slurring.

    The rest sound pretty good though. Still trying to get used to Sonic’s voice drop…and is it just me or does Amy sound higher than Cream?

  45. Cream is Carrie Savage? Sound’s awfully like Michelle Ruff (Tsukasa Hiiragi, Yoko, Elie) to me.

  46. Cool news! Can anyone show me a pic of the credits so I can have 100% proof of these castings? I’m an admin at the website “Behind the Voice Actors”, and I’m in charge of most of the Sonic stuff. I’ll be able to add all of this as soon as I can.

  47. Well, let’s see what we have here…

    Sonic: Roger sounds too much like Jason here. I liked his work in Colors better. Still pretty good though.

    Tails: It might just be me, but there seems to be something different about him here. He doesn’t sound quite like he did in Colors. He’s still awesome though.

    Amy: I’ll say this; that voice is perfect for Minnie Mouse. It fits the character so well. But does it fit Amy? Nnnnnoooot quite. So Amy’s decent. I think if whoever was voicing her was to lower her voice a little, it would probably be a lot better.

  48. So does Metal Sonic have his same generic noises? or does he have new noises or (I highly doubt) a voice, same with Silver and Blaze I want to hear them to XD
    not a fan of Shadow, and Jet sounds like a stereotypical nerd, I CAN UNDERSTAND CREAM! Sonic sounds way to similar to Knuckles, they should tone down Knuckles a bit so he can sound deeper.
    And Lastly who was the robot Rouge was refering to? E-10000G?

  49. Annnnnd I did not mean to hit the submit button before I finished talking about my opinions on the voice actors.

    Anyway, Amy’s decent. The voice doesn’t make me cringe like Lisa’s rendition, but Jennifer was still the best Amy.

    Cream? Now THIS is how she should sound. And how should she sound? She should sound cute and NOT ear-splittingly annoying like her last voice actor made her out to sound.

    Travis Willingham, if that is who is voicing Knuckles, sounds a lot like Dan Green. Which is kind of a shame, considering I wasn’t too fond of his rendition of the character. (Guy’s a good voice actor overall though)

    Okay, whoever is voicing Rouge is doing a very good job. That is all.

    Vector sounds alright. An improvement over how he used to sound at least.

    Omochao isn’t too bad either.

  50. Yeah, Roger sounds a bit deeper here than in colors, but it still eliminates Jasons up and down tone problem so its better than Jason haha.

    I like Jets voice better than Jason, it almost sounds like it would fit sonic if you took out the scratchiness.

    I dont mind amys voice
    Vectors is a bit too goofy

    Knuckles sounds good, i wouldnt of minded if they kept dan green though

  51. Shadow’s voices sounds almost like David Humphrey to me… I like it πŸ™‚
    Don’t bash me, I just woke up DX

    Rouge sounds ok.

    Vector’s sounds….bad.

    Amy……..sounds like….. Betty Boop? Or Maybe that goes to Cream.

  52. @The_Soul_Gauge

    Listen to his voice as Sasori on Naruto. It actually sounds like Shadow. Koizumi’s only relation to Silver you gave is psychokinesis which has nothing to do with voice. (HOWEVER, Koizumi’s Japanese voice is the person who does Silver’s Japanese voice. =P)


    I hope you mean simply because it SOUNDS like he’s impersonating Jason and not because you think he actually IS impersonating Jason? Because he sounds like that anyways whether he’s impersonating Jason or not. I’ve heard him do it in other games. (Even if he was impersonating, that’s not really such a bad thing. .-. Just cuz someone else has the voice already doesn’t mean ya weren’t able to do the voice yourself XD)

  53. @toddywoddy
    Seriously? So that means Gohan is now the voice of Knuckles? Sweetness ;D
    I do miss Dan Green though. He was fantastic. But still, Kyle Hebert sounds great!
    So here’s what I think:
    Sonic – Prefer him in Colours personally, though he seems like a nice mix of Jason’s cockiness and Jaleel’s coolness here.
    Tails – Sounds 1000x better. Actually sounds like a boy now. I like him here just as much as I do in Colours.
    Knuckles – Like I said, sounds great ^^
    Amy – Sounds a lot like Minnie Mouse now o.O That’s not necessarily a bad thing though. I kinda like it to be honest
    Cream – She sounds like she’s trying too hard to sound cute. She does at least sound like a little kid now (as she should!)
    Vector – Sounds a tad weird o.O Where’s my “FIND THE COMPUTER ROOM?!?!”
    Shadow – Total badass now! He sounds more villainous, but chilled now.
    Rouge – FINALLY she doesn’t sound like a total slut! Like Shadow, I think she sounds a bit more villainous and it works!
    Omochao – Even freakin Omochao sounds better! Personally, I think she makes a good commentator.
    Jet – No longer sounds like a chicken at least, but still I found him a tad annoying
    Wave – Much better. She sounds cool and smooth and doesn’t sound squwarky.
    Storm – Basically the same imo. Didn’t care much for him in the first place anyway

  54. These voices are just wretched. Especially considering that I’ve always been fond of Shadow and now it sounds as if he wants to lure me into his house with candy and have his way with me. I dislike every selection except Knuckles. Amy’s team and the Babylon Rogues don’t bug me simply because I don’t care.

  55. Ugh. after hearing Sonic in Colors it’s disappointing that Roger is trying to imitate Jason in this game. I thought sega wanted Sonic to sound older.

  56. Most of these voices sound perfect and fit the character well. Shadow sounds a bit more evil now which can be either a good or bad thing depending how you look at it.

    Amy’s voice on the other hand doesn’t sound right to me. Special Operative Blaire is right, it does sound like Minnie’s voice. This could just be me being used to Lisa’s voice as amy, but I do hope that…
    A. I get used to this voice as the new amy
    B. The lines we have now were some of the worst delivered by this voice actor

  57. These are all much better thanks!! I’m especially pleased with the way Knuckles and Shadow sound. Amy sounds really annoying now, but… she’s meant to be annoying, so that’s fine!

    Once again… ahem… PORT TO WII. OR PS3, OR BOTH. =)) thank you.

  58. Hmm… Well, having not really been a fan of neither voice cast in the series (both had good and bad parts, IMO), I think everyone is actually sounding pretty good!

    There are a few voices that I have some issues with, though, and I’ll elaborate here:

    First, Vector sounds a bit goofy, like TheDanimator has mentioned. It might be just in this particular sound clip, so I won’t go any further… Other than this: he sounds kinda like Strong Bad. …Which I think is not that bad, actually.

    Shadow… Is kind of weird. It’s like he’s dragging his line so as to sound more creepy… And it kind of works. Except I don’t really think Shadow’s supposed to be creepy. …Anymore. Maybe it would’ve worked in some sections of Shadow the Hedgehog, but for Shadow as he is now, it just feels out of place.

    Jet sounds a LOT better now, thank goodness. I’d have nothing but praise for him, it works for the character, but there’s still one thing that bothers me. In the Japanese version, he sounds like a surfer dude with a bad ‘tude (lol, rhymes and everything), which, judging the circumstances, makes perfect sense. My question is: why couldn’t they go with something similar? Was “surfer dude Jet” that much of a stretch?

    And, lastly, I’m kind of disappointed in Knuckles. Don’t get me wrong, I kinda like his voice, it does work well, but it’s pretty much another version of Dan Green, and I was never a big fan of him as Knux. The thing is, my favorite voice for Knux is, an always will be Nobutoshi Canna, his current Japanese voice actor. He’s got somewhat of a soft, velvety quality to his voice that’s balanced out by a gruff, hard-as-nails side as well, which I think fits Knuckles like a glove. It might be just me, but I don’t see Knux as just the “tough guy” that the post-Adventure 2 games usually cast him as, and maybe that’s where I’m coming from. But still. I was actually kind of hoping he’d be voiced by Johnny Yong Bosch… Whom I bet some people would say sounds too young, or not gruff enough. Eh, I’m just saying.

    I’ll be waiting for some cutscenes now. Since I’m very likely never going to get a 360.

    PS: By the way, if it seems I’m one of those “JAPANESE IS DA VERY BEST WOOT” guys, well… Let me say this: Japanese Sonic character voice casting, more often than not, is great. The acting, on the other hand… Not so much.

  59. Hmm, some people seem to think Wendee Lee is voicing Amy. Wasn’t she the voice of Haruhi in ‘The Meloncholy of Haruhi Suzymia?’

    Yes, I know I spelled ‘Suzymia’ wrong. πŸ˜›

  60. Where the hell are they planning to use Big? This series makes very little sense anymore. I thought they were taking all the sub-par games off the market. Haha.

  61. My guess, it’s most likely for his inevitable appearance in the next Mario & Sonic title. Lord knows you don’t really need to have a standard concerning characters for that genre of games.

  62. Sonic is good
    Tails is good
    Knuckles sounds like Dan Green, but is not Dan Green.
    Shadow is Saix from Kingdom Hearts… AWESOME!!!!!!
    Rouge sounds not like a 3-pack a day smoker, so I like it.
    Amy is good.
    Cream is actually bearable to hear (THANK YOU!)
    Vector… well it’s Vector.
    The Rogues are okay, but does Jet sound like a nerd to you?

  63. @ SiLeNtDo0m
    I was wrong. He IS voicing a character, but its not Knuckles. But it still adds dbz spice anyway. I was wrong on that

    @ Shadzter

    Thanks for the confirmation. Oh and i’m the dude who added you to psn. todd18

  64. Sonic: Same old, same old
    Tails: A little bit of Tommy Pickles
    Knux: Non-Dan Green genki-ness
    Amy: Sounds like Jen
    Cream: More like Minnie
    Shadow: Kingdom Hearts anyone?

  65. Knuckles sounds like Kyle, Travis, or Patrick Seitz. If it’s not Kyle, I am certain it’s Patrick.

    Shadow is Liam O’Brien

  66. @Kit: Not only does Shadow sound NOTHING like Liam O’Brien (He’s one of my favorite voice actors), but he’s been confirmed as and sounds exactly like Kirk Thornton. Also, Knuckles is Travis Willingham.

  67. My opinions on the voice acting:
    Sonic’s voice actor sounds nice and I like it πŸ˜€
    Personally I don’t like Shadow’s voice….it kind of reminds me of a vampire (with no sparkles)
    My favorite has to be Knuckles’s voice sounds a whole lot better
    Thank you Sega! Tails does not sound like a girl anymore πŸ˜€
    Rouge sounds younger somehow

  68. @Shadzter
    Big is in it? I havn’t seen him yet, so….maaybe i’ll find him soon enough.

  69. THIS JUST IN. I just got a confirmation email from a va Cream is actually voiced by Michelle Ruff

  70. @thedanimator GOD WILL YOU SHUT UP DANIEL Jason was not up and down Ryan was and so is Roger Mr I know everything about voices.

  71. Sonic – Love it.

    Tails – Love it.

    Knuckles – Sounds a lot like Dan Green. Not a complaint.

    Amy – Okay, Cream, I could understand having that voice, but that’s WAY too squeaky for Amy. It’s not bad, but I’ll have to get used to it.

    Shadow – FUCKING. AWESOME.

    Rouge – Her best voice yet. Much more youthful than the last two.

    Cream – Actually sounds like a real child rather than a real child that just sucked a balloon full of helium.

    Vector – …pPPPPHHHAHAHAHAHAH. Oh god… I’m crying here… HAHAHAHA!! Seriously!?! Seriously!?!

    Omochao – Good as an announcer voice.

    Wave – Very solid. I like it.

    Storm – Not spectacular, but less goofy than his old voice.

    Jet – GRIFFITH!!! COME BACK!!!!

  72. @supersonic1995
    Glad to know there are still people with bad taste in the world. You LIKE the voice of a 50 year old smoking lady?

  73. Sonic- Win.
    Tails- Win.
    Knuckles- just like a lotta people are saying, he sounds like Dan Green. that’s not a bad thing IMO. i liked Dan Green. Him and Mike Pollock were the best of the 4kids people IMO.
    Jet- sounded kinda weird at first, but it’s pretty birdlike to me. i like it
    Wave- probably Kate Higgins again, but it’s a great voice!
    Storm- sounds pretty typical for him. pretty good.
    Amy- i’m either imagining things or i’m listening to a higher pitched version of Haruhi Suzumiya
    Cream- all i gotta say is…MICHELLE RUFF F***ING ROCKS!
    Vector- i lol’ed. he sounds funny XD
    Shadow- awe…some. Kirk Thornton kinda brings a David Humphrey vibe to his portrayal.
    Rouge- *sigh* finally Rouge has a good voice again

    Can’t wait to hear Silver and Blaze (or Metal if they give him a voice)

  74. @Lanmanna

    But its his opinion we are all different PLEASE ACCEPT THAT



    Tails- AN improvment at least


    Shadow- Meh…



    Cream- Well its more easier to udnerstand though prefer her with a squeeky voice which Rebbeca did


    Omochao- O.O FUCK YOU!

    Wave- meh prefer Bella Hudson but not bad

    Storm- Seriously? UGh

    Jet- OH DEAR……:/


    Huh…? The voice actor sounds just like Dan Green!

  76. Jet may not be great, but it beats Griffith acting as Usopp 2.0.

    Now tell me, has an official cast list been found, or is it still guesswork?

  77. Lets see…

    Sonic- NOOOO

    Tails- NOPE

    Knuckles- no way!









  78. Is it Opposite Day or something, because IGN gave an out of the ordinary Sonic game a good rating while EVERYONE ELSE is totally dogging it like a dead baby joke.

  79. Well, I don’t have sound…But if all of you are saying Shadow’s voice is a lot like David’s…I’m happy. I loved the sarcasm in that <3 Maybe tomorrow I'll hop on the Wii and see what I can hear.

    And a higher pitched Amy? DEAR GOD NO. She was annoying enough XD No wonder Sonic runs from her all the time, eh? Hopefully she isn't as annoying as her Japanese actor 0o' I'll check it out and see.

  80. I think they’ve done a brilliant job with the voices — though voices have never been all that important to me. The gameplay is carries much more weight. None the less, sweet voices! I hear many improvements.

  81. @Grassy: I’m not sure if you’re a Naruto fan, but I can help you out if you are. For Amy, think of Konohamaru’s friend Moegi (The little girl), and for Shadow think of Itachi’s partner Kisame (The shark guy)

  82. Aint any of you gonna miss Jason’s famous line for Jet? COME ON MAN!!! IT MADE ME LAUGH ALL THE TIME





    ETC ETC ETC “CRY” πŸ™

  83. I’ve never found any of Jet’s lines to be funny (I personally don’t care for him as a character anyway).

  84. I like them all honestly…except Jet…but jets voice is hard to portray so I’ll let that slide. Cream, Shadow and Rouge give more of that SA/SA2/heroes vibe again, which is cool because that really was their best voices. Sonic needs more nasal tone but I like the different portrayal Smith gave him. Tails is cool, Knuckles sounds like the incredible Dan Green still, and Amy…Eh..Eh. Vector sounds like a mix between his heroes voice and his 4kids voice, Omochao sounds like he did in the other riders games. The thing I like most about these voice actors is there ability to bring personality to their character (i.e. Amy ” You owe me!” and Sonic’s lines in colors). Cant wait to hear more but I really think this game should hit all consoles…I kinda want it now…

  85. MORE BREAKING NEWS kirk Thorton is also Orbot in Colors if you listen th]o the German review in the latest post you can hear him

  86. sounds like Sonic hs gotten older and Jet got younger. I like Rouge’s new voice and Knuckles sounds exactly the same as the last knuckles.

  87. I blame all of the tasteless viewers who nagged about how the 4kids voices sucked! I liked the last gen of voices the most. They were lousier when they were voice acting in Sonic X over the games like Shadow the Hedgehog through Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing. Thanks to all of the people complaining about the lousy performanced voice actors from the two Sonic Adventure games being better, we got even worse voice actors than before! I’m starting to lose my interest in Amy almost! I hated her because of her voice in the Adventure through Heroes series, untill Sonic X. Now she sounds just as annoying as Minnie Mouse!

  88. @Clint: Cry moar. Some of these new voices sounds so similar to their 4Kids voices that I almost can’t tell the difference in them. Storm sounds the same, Knuckles sounds the same, Tails sounds better, Rouge sounds MUCH better, Jet still sounds annoying but I can tolerate him now, Cream sounds like a little girl now, Sonic sounds like Jason but alittle deeper. The only character I agree with you is Amy cause she does sound like Minnie Mouse. I hope that actor of hers gets better.

  89. Amy rose = Minnie Mouse

    Oh well, all of them sound decent, I hope Shadow doesn’t have a accent though, cause it sure sounded like it. Knuckles and Rouge sound excellent.

  90. Okay, let’s see:

    Amy: Sounds like Minnie Mouse. Slightly more grating than before.

    Sonic: Like it.

    Cream: Sounds more natural than the previous Cream. Much more believable.

    Vector: Sounds like his Heroes outing, only slightly more retarded.

    Omochao: I miss the SA2 Omochao. πŸ™ Sounds like a girl now.

    Tails: Love it. Sounds a bit like Sakura (Given the voice actress, it’s a given), but it’s a definite improvement.

    Knuckles: Sounds slightly like Dan Green, but different enough to be acceptable. He’s definitely trying to sound like Dan Green.

    Shadow: HOLY SHIT IT’S SAITO FROM RUROUNI KENSHIN (Just kidding. Not a fan, though. He sounds too foreign to be Shadow. Still, he could become a good VA for Shadow if he worked on it.)

    Rouge: Much, much better. She doesn’t sound like a middle-aged woman anymore. But seriously, why the fuck do I hear Faye Valentine in her voice?

    Wave: Much more natural sounding. Like.

    Storm: Same as Wave.

    Jet: Ugh, no. Avian Bugs Bunny/Generic New York accent, do not want.

  91. Sonic: Awesome
    Tails: He sounds like a boy again.
    Knuckles: Sounds like Dan Green.
    Shadow: I like it.
    Rouge: It’s all right. She doesn’t sound as much of a whore now.
    Amy: Bleh.. Annoys the heck out of me, I hate Amy even more now.
    Cream: Its all right.
    Jet: Its good, sounds just like his personality.
    Wave: Good
    Storm: Sounds like the character.
    Vector: Sounds kind of the same as before.

  92. Sonic – Awesome
    Tails – Great
    Knuckles – Sweet XD
    Shadow – a little tiny tiny tiny weird, but err.. he sounds a little spanish-y XD
    Rouge – It’s alright XD
    Amy – She’s the new Minne Mouse now :S
    Cream – Easy to understand :3
    Jet – I like it..? uhh.. Neutral? XD
    Storm – Sounds like him himself
    Vector – Sounds same XD except I don’t remember the last time him saying “Dang It” sounds a little weirdie XD but hey that’s my opinion.
    Wave – A match :3

  93. I love how some of the actors are from some of my favourite anime (Lucky Star, Dragonball). It makes me feel like it’s one big party of my favourite voice actors coming together in one game. Overall, I’m happy with all the characters apart from Amy. I’m so happy the tone deaf Jason is out of my ears forever.

    Sonic – Amazing.

    Tails – thank God it’s a girl who actually tries to sound like a boy!

    Amy – Dear God, if it is Wendee Lee as people keep saying, what the hell was she thinking? Her Haruhi voice would have been perfect!

    Knuckles – sounds the same as Dan Green.

    Cream – Aw, she actually sounds cute and understandable.

    Jet – Sounds like Meowth, complete with the accent. I don’t mind it.

    Wave – She sounds alot cockier, which is a good thing because she is a cocky whore.

    Shadow – Sounds like he wants to sleep with me.

    Vector – mix of Heroes and 4Kids voice.

    Storm – who cares?

    Omochao – officially a girl.

    Last but not least, my favourite character in the history of fiction. ROUGE THE BAT IS A WOMAN AGAIN!


  94. Geeez I should’ve just wasted my money to get the blasted game myself! I’m not finding ANY full clear vids with all the cutscenes and their voices. -_-*

    To be honest, as much as I expected Wendee Lee to be Amy cuz she kinda fit Amy, she doesn’t sound much like Amy here.

    Cream’s voice SUCKS. It’s not as bad as her voice towards the end of Sonic X which was so squeaky it hurt… but it should at least still sound like freakin CREAM. I mean, I don’t hate it.. XD It’s just not Cream. o0 To me, her Heroes voice was better than her 4kids voice but when her 4kids voice first started (first ep of Sonic X) it was better than all the rest. High pitch but not annoying.

    Jet sounds like a nerd. It’s okay and better than Griffith’s Riders 1 Jet voice but it’s not better than Griffith’s Riders 2 Jet voice. In Zero Gravity, Jet sounded coolest. Aggressively competitive.

    Knuckles I’m disappointed with because Knuckles should have a smoother and calmer voice. They’ve been slowly turning him into an idiot muscle man with a temper and he’s not cool anymore. That voice actor is best left to characters he actually matches like Storm, Mephiles and freakin awesome godly Yami! lol

    Sonic’s is okay, Tails is pretty good and Rouge is AWESOM. Shadow’s is an improvement and I hope he has an English accent again like in SA2! It gives him this “cool” and “sly” tone to him. XD

    Vector’s okay as long as his speech pattern is fixed. x_x

    Omochao.. no. I never thought I’d say this but… he doesn’t even sound like a boy anymore. XD Maybe I gotta hear him more. He sure has more personality and he actually interacts with the characters now! Good for Omochao. =)

    Wave is cool and Storm sounds pretty much the same. I like Storm’s voice because he’s supposed to sound like that. =P

    And to be quite honest, I like Mike Pollock, but it’s not as good as Deem Bristow. Mike Pollock did better in Sonic 06 and when he first did Eggman’s voice in the beginning eps of Sonic X. Sounded more like Bristow at the time. =P

    Despite some of these voice not being all that good, they’re not terrible and I have no reason to hate them, I just don’t like them quite as much. XD For the most part, I love the new cast and it’s definately NOT WORTH A VOICE WAR! XP

    But gosh darnit where are the freakin cutscenes!? >8U lol

  95. Sonic sounds a lot better in these clips I must say.
    Tails is great.
    Best Knuckles voice in my opinion.
    Amy I could get used to and Cream sounds ok.
    Vector…err no, it sounds like something i’ve heard before but can’t think of it…
    Shadow sounds far too generic and emotionless, Grittith Is far superior as is his Jet voice.
    Storm…I preferred his last voice as well as Waves.
    Rouge is an improvement on the awful voice from recent games…I prefer her Heroes voice to be honest.
    An Omochao sounds like a girl…where’s that robotic-ness gone?

  96. Huhu…. I think most of the new voices are pretty solid.

    Right now the only ones I feel iffy about are Shadow, Jet, and maybe Vector.

  97. Uh…does anyone else think Vector sounds like someone’s Louie Armstrong impression? I guess it’s really to early to judge them since they(especially Sonic) will take some getting used to. Sofar though, I really don’t like Shadow’s and Amy’s. However, I think the Babylon Rogue voices suite them really well, though that may be because I wasn’t too attached to the old ones.

    Whether they’re good and bad, i give Sega respect for changing them solely because everyone was angry about the 4kids people.

  98. Here’s what I think.

    Omochao: >.< Hmm… Not horrible… 4/10
    Sonic: If I didn't know the voice actors changed, I wouldn't know that was Sonic. I give it a 6/10
    Tails: Great! 9/10
    Knux: Less deep Dan Green. Not bad. 7/10
    Amy: WHAT THE CRAP?!?! Bring back Lisa! If they want Amy to sound like a 10-year-old, it fits. But if Sonic's aging, I think Amy should be at LEAST 14 by now! Besides, why in the H3!! would a 10-year-old girl be dating a 15-year-old hedgehog, anyway?!?! 2/10, Dumb@$$es at SEGA.
    (I'm saying the lady currently voicing Amy was clearly miscast, not has bad talent)
    Wave: Can't tell the difference. It even sounds a little better. 8/10
    Cream: Sounds like an Anime girl from somewhere… At least it's not ear-bleeding high-pitched. 7/10
    Vector: Again, I quote… WHAT THE CRAP?!?! At least it sound remotely similar to the Vector from Heroes. 5/10
    Shadow: He sounds like a mexican. An emo mexican. Liked Jason's better. 6/10
    Rouge(I think, not sure): Same as wave, similar to previous voice. 8/10
    Jet: Sounds like a gangsta that got hit in the balls HARD. Do not want. DO NOT WANT. 4/10
    Storm: Mmm.. So-so. 6/10

  99. @Eric:

    It’s clearly not that, otherwise they would have changed them a loooooong time ago. It’s probably Jason’s choosing to leave that triggered them to overhaul the -entire- cast again.

  100. I dont know if anyone else realizes this but Jet’s voice sounds like Chester from the Farily Odd Parents

  101. Sonic the Hedgehog: Roger’s still shinin’. 10/10
    Miles “Tails” Prower: Kate’s not bad at all. 7.5/10
    Knuckles the Echidna: About the same. 7/10
    Amy Rose: She sounds even more childish, and I didn’t think that was possible. *sigh* At least she’s in character. 6/10
    Cream the Rabbit: BIG improvement. Her new actress doesn’t sound like she’s trying too hard to sound six. 8/10
    Vector the Crocodile: Sadly, not much difference. It’s ok, I guess, but a New York accent would’ve helped. 6.3/10
    Shadow the Hedgehog: Too deep and too dark, even for the Black Blur. It’s not terrible, but there’s room for improvement. 6.9/10
    Rouge the Bat: FINALLY, she sounds her own age!! 10/10
    (Side Note: Why they didn’t use Omega for this game is beyond me.)
    Jet the Hawk: It fits. The “Legendary Wind Master” is only 14, after all. 7.2/10
    Wave the Swallow: Suits her rather well. Bella Hudson’s portrayal sounded a bit too much like Blaze for my pallet, so this is an improvement. 8.6/10
    Storm the Albatross: Not much to say. Still a brute. 7.7/10
    Omochao: …It’s Omochao. 8/10

  102. Sonic – win
    tails – win
    knux – EPIC WIN
    jet – EPIC FAIL
    wave – win
    storm – win
    amy – fail
    vector – lolz
    cream – win
    shadow – no… just no
    rouuge – win
    omochao – fail

  103. and here we go everyone hates the new voice actors.I think the new voices are good.why cant people be happy for what they have?

  104. Here is the vid of the credits, specifically the voice credits (at 10:50):

    And here’s the official cast list for the game (with their roles as far as I can tell so far):

    Roger Craig Smith (Sonic)
    Kate Higgins (Tails/Wave)
    Mike Pollock (Eggman)
    Kirk Thornton (Shadow)
    Wally Wingert (???)
    Cindy Robinson (Amy?)
    Karen Strassman (Rouge)
    Michelle Ruff (Cream)
    Mike Mycheck (???)
    Kent Hampton (???)

    Strangely enough, no Laura Bailey, Travis Willingham or Kyle Hebert listed. The former two could have been misheard as Omochao and Knuckles, but Kyle himself said he’s in the game as Big. There’s also no info on the last two names in the list, so they could be pseudonyms for whatever reason…

    Also interesting to note, Suzanne Goldish is still involved as a recording engineer and dialogue editor. Good to know if Chris ever makes a comeback. ;P

    Here’s the Japanese cast list for comparison:

    Junichi Kanemaru (Sonic)
    Ryo Hirohashi (Tails)
    Nobutoshi Canna (Knuckles)
    Daisuke Kishio (Jet)
    Chie Nakamura (Wave)
    Kenji Nomura (Storm)
    Taeko Kawata (Amy)
    Daisuke Ono (Silver)
    Nao Takamori (Blaze)
    Sayaka Aoki (Cream)
    Kouji Yusa (Shadow)
    Rumi Ochiai (Rouge)
    Kenta Miyake (Vector)
    Etsuko Kozakura (Omochao)

    Chikao Ohtsuka (Eggman)

  105. @ OmegaRS – AGH I can’t remember the episodes of Naruto XD Kirk did do Shikaku though, and I remember that voice.

    Ha ha, seems everyone else agrees with me that a younger sounding Amy is…No XD

    I just noticed Omochao was back. And I’m scared. He annoyed me so much in SA2, I was glad when they replaced him with the little rainbow help marks in Shadow’s game (which was kinda odd…They didn’t really fit in with all the doom). Still, it was nice. Now I get to hear him bleeting in my ear again 0o’

    I still need to listen to the clips. ARGH. I hate my laptop! *Smacks and is electrocuted* Grrr.

  106. @Inferno the Fox





  107. If the characters will never age, and Omega was built after the other E-Series robots like Gamma, then he’s technically 0 years old, and will remain so FOREVER. Food for thought, eh?

  108. Idk what every one sounds like but id absolutly love it if shadow had an english or mexican accent… DONT JUDGE MEH!!!!!! any ways, i looked up some of what i could find, and this is what i think-

    shadow- YAY! accents back! : ]

    Sonic- eh… needs more… Griffith…

    Amy- o.0…. i dont think so….

    Vecter- HA! family guy….


    Omochao- who cares?(same goes for Wave, Jet, and storm… i dont care about them…) Whos with me? and for any one who cares, e-mail me @ … Later! -HEATHER THE HEDGEFOX… SQUIRL…. THING……

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