Cash Cash To Perform Live At SEGA’s New York Sonic Colours Event

Cash Cash band pic

SEGA has announced that Sonic fans attending their Sonic Colours event in New York will be getting treated to more than free ice-skating (first 300 people) and a free play on Sonic Colours before release, with news that the band Cash Cash will be performing Reach for the Stars (the theme of Sonic Colours) live for all attendees. The free goodies don’t end there, as fans will also be able to grab a free Sonic hat while stocks last. The event is being held at The Pond in Bryant Park tomorrow from 6 PM EST.

The full press release is below:

SAN FRANCISCO –(Business Wire)–
SEGA® of America, Inc. today announced that on Thursday, November 4th they will be inviting Sonic the Hedgehog fans to a Sonic Colors™ ice skating party at Citi Pondsm at Bryant Park in New York City (42nd Street & 6th Avenue) from 6pm ET – 10pm ET. Fans will have the exclusive opportunity to play the game two weeks before launch and to enjoy a live performance of the Sonic Colors theme song “Reach for the Stars” by the band Cash Cash. In addition, the first 300 fans to arrive will be able to ice skate for free and receive one of the highly coveted Sonic the Hedgehog hats** that are currently being offered as a pre-order incentive U.S, GameStop locations or at
“We are extremely excited to allow fans to play Sonic Colors two weeks before launch,” said Judy Gilbertson, Senior Brand Manager of Sonic Colors. “We’re delighted with the quality of Sonic Colors and the passion that both fans and press are showing for the game. This party is our way of thanking everyone for supporting us as we prepare for the releae of the most exciting Sonic game in recent memory.”

In Sonic Colors, Sonic the Hedgehog races through incredible theme park inspired worlds to rescue a colorful alien race from the clutches of Dr. Eggman. An extraordinary amusement park has been seen orbiting around the home planet of Sonic the Hedgehog, and rumors are spreading that an alien race of Wisps, who have a unique colorful energy, are being held captive there by the evil Dr. Eggman. Soon after arriving at the amusement park, Sonic discovers he is able to use these mysterious alien forces to help the Wisps escape! These new “Color Powers” offer players the ability to perform new moves and access hidden areas within the game. Sonic Colors for the Wii™ seamlessly combines both 3D and classic 2D game play perspectives, while the Nintendo DS™ version takes full advantage of the console’s dual screen; each platform includes exclusive “Color Powers”. Sonic Colors will be available on the Wii system and the Nintendo DS system and is rated E for Everyone. Nintendo Power recently awarded Sonic Colors on Wii with a 9/10 rating, calling the game “an unequivocal success.”
Sonic Colors is set to release on November 16, 2010. For more information please visit For press assets, please visit

**While supplies last.

About SEGA® of America, Inc.:
SEGA® of America, Inc. is the American arm of Tokyo, Japan-based SEGA® Corporation, a worldwide leader in interactive entertainment both inside and outside the home. The company develops, publishes and distributes interactive entertainment software products for a variety of hardware platforms including PC, wireless devices, and those manufactured by Nintendo, Microsoft (News – Alert) and Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. SEGA of America’s Web site is located at

Source: 4GWE


  1. omg this has made my day i am not going but i hope someone gets a good recording this time and the auduence stut up when the music is playing so i can watch it on youtube And (first comment 🙂




  3. Is it me, or are the themes for Sonic games getting less and less badass, and more and more corny? I miss lyrics like “Black shadows on the wall”….instead we get “The colours feel so right”.

    Seriously, the my-little-pony-esque theme songs are giving me a toothache.

  4. @Stan if you honestly thought the “black shadows on the wall” phase was a good one for Sonic… you have a very warped perception.

    We got Knight of the Wind, right? Or how about the epic, orchestral version of Endless Possibilities? I’m sure they’ll do that same with Reach for the Stars…

  5. it’s such a shame I can’t go to this. It’d be a dream come true. And yeah, somenody record this amazing event.

  6. I don’t care for Cash Cash. at all. But this song is addictive. And I can agree with Stan in that the songs have become more corny since SA1 & SA2 but Sonic Colors isn’t really a “badass” game so it doesn’t make much sense to have some “Live & Learn” style theme to it. Same goes for Secret Rings. The Black Knight music was appropriate. I thought ’06 was pretty good and Unleashed wasn’t so bad. It could just be that SEGA really is trying to appeal to a “younger audience” which could explain the shift from Open to Your Heart to Endless Possibilities.

  7. I agree too. I mean, Reach For the Stars got a little more catchy AFTER hearing more added to it to make the chorus sound meaningful and not like just random crap mixed together, buuut the main theme is also supposed to be the final boss theme. Can’t this be Sonic’s in-game theme only or something? Whatever happened to giving characters their individual themes? ;D

    It’s not that it’s not Rock, it’s just not “cool” like Sonic. =P I think the example “black shadows on the wall” was just to contrast with “the colors feel so right”. Actually, a lot of people liked the theme of Shadow the Hedgehog. It was just dark for the game. But even I admit the song felt a bit half-assed compared to Open Your Heart and Live and Learn. The music is still good, but not the same quality. =P Sonic almost always has good music though. XD


    That’s not what they meant by “younger audience” remember? =P

    I do want to see vids of the event because I can’t go and I’d like to hear the whole song, so someone who records it make sure it’s also clear too. ;D

  8. man, my mom says i cant go because she doesnt want to take me cuz its a two-hour drive and doesnt want to be with crowded people after she gets back from work cuz she wants to relax. and my dad comes home AT 6:00 AND just comes home from the city. I WANNA GOOOOO!!!

  9. I find this quote particularly interesting. ^_^

    “…This party is our way of thanking everyone for supporting us as we prepare for the releae of the most exciting Sonic game in recent memory.”

  10. When I first heard “Reach for the Stars”, I didn’t like how the vocals were autotuned. However, I simply typed in “Cash Cash” in YouTube, watched a single music video, and slowly/painfully realized that “Reach for the Stars” was their BEST work……I’m dead serious…


    “I am all of me” is one of the worst vocal tracks in any Sonic game ever. It’s just senseless hard rock with wierd lyrics that is only fitting for the hype-infested trailer of Shadow the Hedgehog.

  11. You must’ve liked the music in Sonic Chronicles and Sonic Labyrinth better….
    You must’ve liked Almost Dead better. o.0;;; lol

  12. I know this isn’t relevant but where is the “Search” bar?

    P.S. I don’t really listen to “Reach for the stars” since I discovered “Jet Set Radio”s music 🙂

  13. Cash Cash? *shrugs*

    Looks like a group put together for Nickelodeon or something.

    *sigh* enjoy the event to those lucky enough to go

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