Archie Sonic #219 to Feature Sonic Colours Adaptation

Archie Sonic #219 to Feature Sonic Colours Adaptation

Had your fill of Sonic Colours yet? No? Good, because Archie is planning to bring you another helping with the upcoming Sonic #219, which features a comic book adaptation of the intergalactic adventure.

The Sonic Colours adaptation will serve as a five-page back-up story introducing the premise of the game and teasing some elements of the game’s plot. Archie fan favourites Ian Flynn and Tracy Yardley will be writing and penciling the strip respectively. For Flynn, it will be his seventh Sonic video game adaptation.

“It’s true to the source,” Flynn said. “We were provided with some awesome early concept art and rough cuts of some of the gameplay, which offered us the ability to make the transition between comic book and video game much smoother – I think the fans are really gonna dig this one!” Yardley added by speaking of his joy in covering stories from the SEGA games. “The game looks incredible and I’m pleased with how our adaptation turned out.”

Obviously the Sonic Colours strip won’t be the only thing to keep you hooked on issue #219, otherwise it’d be a very thin book – the released cover, above, teases the lead story titled “In Service to the King,” which marks the build-up to Archie’s 20th Anniversary celebration for Sonic.

Sonic #219 will hit stores on the week of the 6th December – all signs are pointing to the Wednesday (8th).

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  1. I guess this is ok.

    I wasn’t a fan of the Black Knight adaption since it’s exactly the same as the game… something I already seen from the video game itself but hey, it’s nice to see Lancelot and the co. be in comic book form.
    Makes me wonder how the Colors Adaption would turn out….like Black Knight? Or some little add-ons here and there.

  2. what is so special about this adaption compared to the old ones because so many people are talking about it and it’s just a comic adaption lol its not even canon to the comic and it only explains the introduction to the game

  3. I’m geeking out over the cover. 😀
    It just looks so darn good. The cover from the issue 218 was great too. I hope they keep making these.

    I love the lights and shadows in Sonic, his pose, the thunder behind him (and how it looks), the castle, the camera angle and the colors in general.

  4. I never get excited for the adaptions. They generally are just there for the sake of having them. But its better than having an adaption appear as part of the main story especially when a landmark issue is on the way. That happened with the SA2 adaption which while decent broke up the flow of tension they were working on. If I remember back then they wanted to wait and do the adaption justice after the milestone arc at the time. Ultimately this lead to the retcon session in Sonic Universe #2 that explains how the comics events differed from the events in the game. I prefer the new way of handling the adaptions as alternate universe stories as opposed to trying to have the continuity make sudden changes in direction to pave the way for the next adaption.

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