Sonic Free Riders Rocky Ridge Gameplay, Interview

Sonic Free Riders Rocky Ridge Gameplay, Interview


DualShockers has posted up a video interview with SEGA’s Dan Gallardo where they discuss the publishers first Xbox 360 Kinect title Sonic Free Riders. Nothing is revealed that we didn’t already know, but we do get some assurance that SEGA has treated this game as a full Xbox 360 title and not a quickly put together mini game title. Gallard explains, “It will be online, you’ll get the unlockables, you’ll get the characters, you’ll get the variety of environments, you’ll get everything you expect with a 360 title, all in one.” With all of the game modes, tracks, characters and features shown in the final build of the game on Gamespot’s On The Spot show, it’s no surprise that some hard work has been put into this title.

Apart from the interview, you get to see plenty of new gameplay footage of the Western themed Rocky Ridge track from the Tokyo Game Show demo of the game, complete with huge jumps and minecart steering action.

Source: DualShockers

Thanks to Woun at the SSMB for the YouTube conversion!


  1. Hmm, I’ll just get Sonic Free Riders now and save up bit by bits of money to get Kinect later when the price drops and more good games come out. If I get a Kinect, I want more than Free Riders. 😀

    Many, Free Riders could be the best Riders. o.o lol

    Anyone got any news on the Oct 22nd game announcement we were supposed to get? o_O

  2. There’s no announcement today. It’s all a huge misunderstanding. The guy was talking about a SEGA sequel he was stoked for not a new Sonic title.

  3. TSS should post an new article that there’s no Sonic announcement today cause apparently there’s still people who thinks SEGA is going to announce something

  4. okay i’m just saying this but i’m getting a little pissed about everyone saying sonic 4 sucks compared to the fan remix. Okay i can understand Episode 1 not being up to par with the remix but the whole of sonic 4 is not even released yet! we don’t even know if the full game will be different. for all we know episode 2 and 3 could destroy the fan remix if sonic team listens to the fans. if 2/3 of the game is good then most people will change there mind about sonic 4 not being as good. yes i like the remix but the fans need to learn all of 4 isn’t released. sega just needs to patch up episode 1 and release a Good episode 2 and 3 with tails and knuckles. then sega will have the fans trust again.

  5. @sonicdudefan1996: You’re posting your on the wrong article. Go to the Sonic fan remix article.

  6. that’s why i said ‘I’m just saying” i was just really mad and wanted to just get it out fast. besides your talking about the rumored oct. 22nd sonic game thing. i’m not trying to start a fight though man.

  7. @sonicdudefan1996: “besides your talking about the rumored oct. 22nd sonic game thing. i’m not trying to start a fight though man.”

    I’m only answering FoxBoy question about the rumored game since he asked about it. You’re ranting on about something completely different and you should know that little rant of yours is going to start an debate/argument if a Sonic 4 hater reads that

  8. Okay sorry i guess i wasn’t thinking through i didn’t mean to upset anyone. soooo…. anyway back on topic sonicfan1984 what are your thoughts on free riders so far?

  9. The game looks cool. I’ve own the first two Riders game and I would like to get this game, too. I wish the game isn’t only for Kinects, though.

  10. @sonfan1984

    So my friend was right. He said that the way the guy wrote it meant it could be a Sonic title or just any SEGA title. Daaaaaaaw I wanted some news. T^T

    But I got this! Man. I want to get this game. XD

  11. I would like to play this…so much, alas I can’t afford kinect. ah well, i look forward to someone posting the story online =(

    It does look like a rather impressive game though, I enjoyed Riders, not so much Zero Gravity.

  12. I never thought I’d see the day when people didn’t hate on a Riders games. o.o And not a single person has said “Why is Sonic on a hoverboard?” so this is going well. =D lol

    I guess I’m not quite as upset about the fact I’d have to get a Kinect to play this game.. mostly because I don’t have a Wii and I’d have to get a Wii to play Sonic Colors. >__> lol

    Will I spend the money this time and just save up a bunch later? O-O I mean, I don’t exactly have as much money as some but plus the money for Sonic 4 which I guess isn’t a lot considering it’s only like twice the price of meals at fast-food resturaunts these days XD… I guess I could do it this once. 83

  13. What part of FREE don’t you people understand? This game is *.:FREE:.* when you get the Kinect.

  14. @FoxBoy

    I don’t think it was the fact that Sonic was riding on a hoverboard that pissed fanboys off, but the fact that it had a story mode, in which Sonic riding a hoverboard was set in continuity. I noticed this when I heard that people hated the Sonic Riders game because “SAWNIK IZ ON A BORD!!!111”, but no one even mentioned that Sonic rode a car in Sonic Drift, another racing game. Then, when SASASR was in development, people were bitching about Sonic riding in a car, but when the game was released (with no story mode), people never mentioned it again. “Wtf” was my reaction.

    In other news, TSS has changed their website. Why is Tails’ eyes too far apart? Perhaps we will never know…..

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