Sonic Free Riders’ Game Modes Detailed

Sonic Free Riders’ Game Modes Detailed

Co-Optimus’ Tally “xelissa” Callahan has posted up details of Sonic Free Riders‘ various game modes she played at SEGA’s recent New York press event. The game will include 5 modes to play, including:
– World Grand Prix (single-player story mode)
– Time Attack (with online leaderboards)
– Free Race (competitive mode which contains Normal Race, Ring Collection, and Damage Survival sub-modes)
– Tag Race (a co-op specific mode)

Players start in splitscreen, but can join hands to fuse boards and power up which increases their speed. The challenge arises in learning how to turn and jump together. Sometimes you are necessarily required to fuse together, other times you must initialize it yourselves.

– Relay Race which can be played in 2-4 player co-op or 2 vs 2 competitive.

It’s a tag-team mechanic, so player 1 does one lap, then jumps out at the end and player 2 jumps in.

Callahan says co-op modes are all local play only and online multiplayer is limited to one player per console at a time.

Source: Co-Optimus

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  1. @TheHumbleFellow

    I can just see SonicXShadow fans trying to fool the other fans who don’t know much about Free Riders by showing them screenshots of Sonic and Shadow holding hands. .____.

  2. @SonikkuHedgehog

    No we haven’t. He brought it up, I was agreeing. I had an extra sentence saying “On the up side, there’s online competition!” but I removed it.

    However, your negative and over the top reaction kinda ruins it. Even that doesn’t ruin it. Anyone of ya can just make a completely unrelated comment. Chill out man and just live life!! I SAID LIVE LIFE!! >:U lol

  3. yea it wasn’t that serious lol nothing was ruined

    Looks interesting. I’ll have to see some ratings before I get hyped

  4. This co-op thing is starting to look like a fun mode to play with a significant other in the buff. :p

  5. @ SonikkuHedgehog
    ._. furry BS…srsly >_> They were pointing out something, and you know your gonna see it when it comes to online play.
    Fan 1: Hey, I’ll play as sonic
    Fan 2: Ok, I’ll be Blaze
    Fan 1: Sonaze, yeah, lets show these noobs the power of a true sonic couple

    ….-facepalm- It’s happening, and oh boy its gonna be big o-e

    I think it was Crush 40 that said Live Life (>’,’)>

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