Sonic Free Riders Achievements List Revealed

Sonic Free Riders Achievements List Revealed

The Achievements list for Sonic Free Riders has now been revealed. The game contains 50 Achievements, with a total Gamerscore of 1,000G. There appears to be quite a variety of challenges to keep players busy, ranging from time attacking, using weapons so many times, collecting rings, unlocking things and more. The list also reveals some track names and some previously unknown modes in the game.

Check out the Achievements below:



  1. @ Burtzman: I’m glad to see Metal City back. I’m hope there will be more tracks than the ones in the Achievements. The previous two games had way more than that.
    EDIT: Then again, the Achievements list Expert versions, so maybe they’ll be alternate versions of the tracks like the second set of tracks in the previous two games were.

  2. Ah, achievements. The best way to spoil a game 😛

    Looks like Expert tracks are the Babylon’s version

  3. If Expert tracks are the Babylon’s….then what tracks with Team Rose and Team Dark play?

  4. i have to play this game. even though the only challenge is to obtain a kinect. im gonna do what i gotta do to get this game!

  5. I hope its good though. I don’t want to read a review playin’ it after ign and gamespot demoed it a hundred times.

  6. Not a bad list. Kinda surprised there’s no story-related Achievements, but those aren’t all that interesting to collect anyway. Can’t wait!

  7. Aw no Super Sonic? *shot*

    wait…I forgot how you can get Super Sonic in the past games.

    Besides that, getting X rank from the first Sonic Riders was easy. I wonder how different this will be….impossible? lulz

  8. Super Sonic was just an EX Gear for Sonic. Pick Sonic, then pick the Chaos Emerald, and Sonic transforms. Considering the staggering amount of Rings you need to buy everything in the first two games, Super Sonic’s Ring consumption made him one of the least appealing characters in the game… Even without using him much, I never did collect all of the EX Gear in either of the first two Riders games…

    I’m sure that Super Sonic will be unlocked in a similar fashion here. Even if the manual and Achievements only mention standard Gear, that doesn’t mean Super Sonic can’t be a secret.

    I’m glad that there’s apparently a Ring-centric game mode. Perhaps I’ll finally collect all of the EX Gears in a Sonic Riders game, for once.

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