Sonic Colours Soundtrack CD ‘Hybrid Colors’ Revealed

Sonic Colours Soundtrack CD ‘Hybrid Colors’ Revealed

According to a listing posted yesterday at VGMdb, upcoming Wii & DS game Sonic Colours will be getting an original soundtrack CD in Japan titled ‘Hybrid Colors’. The CD will be released December 22nd with a price tag of 4200 JPY and will be published by Wave Master, who has been publishing Sonic soundtrack CD’s for years now. No track listing is available at the moment, but it will no doubt contain the various music from the stages that we’ve heard so far, Cash Cash’s ‘Reach For The Stars’ track that was played in an earlier trailer and the ‘Speak With Your Heart’ track played at the Tokyo Game Show.

We’ll update you with the full track list when it’s made available.

Source: VGMdb

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  1. Awesome! I don’t really recognize most of the tunes very well but we’ll get to hear them soon enough! For some reason I get the feeling that the Sonic Colors music will be similar to most of the handheld games’ music with better quality! Party-like! XD

  2. As much as I hate to admit it, I love the “Reach for the Stars” with the lead singer from Cash Cash. It looks like it fits the game SO well. I’m excited for this though. I LOVED Sonic Unleashed’s soundtrack, and I enjoyed a few songs from The Black Knight game, so I’m sure this game will not disappoint either.

  3. December 22nd? Looks like I’ll be flowing with game rips for a while. It’ll be worth the wait though.

  4. “Hybrid Colors” was a good title: I was actually anticipating “Full Spectrum” (As in how the wispcolors represent the entire visible light spectrum… im a nerd i know X( )

  5. kalion:

    It’ll be a great christmas present though! :3

    Awesome, I wanna get the soundtrack too

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