Sonic Colours English Website Now Live

Sonic Colours English Website Now Live

UPDATE: The UK site is now live. Those having problems accessing the U.S. site should be able to access this one.
Thanks to gato at the SSMB for the heads up! /UPDATE END

SEGA has just unveiled their official English Sonic Colours website.¬† As you can see, it is based on the game’s World Map, much like the Sonic Unleashed website was. The website features character profiles, including Wisps and their powers, a stage section that contains music from each currently revealed stage and a game info section. Asteroid Coaster is currently locked out, as are stage videos and both the Purple and Indigo Wisps. As a bonus, you can obtain wallpapers by gathering Wisps around the website.

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  1. just finished getting the wallpapers and ive got to say they’re quite alright. Man I really wanna see what those other 2 purplish wisps are and their contribution to gameplay.

  2. @supersonic196

    He sounds just like Amy Palant in Unleashed. Hopefully, Kate won’t make Tails sound like a girl as often as Amy did.

  3. Finding all the whisps was quite enjoyable. I like the wallpaper,couldn’t find purple sadly :/. Still,the website is very nicely put together,and the music is great. This is shaping up to be a great game and website :).

  4. You can’t find the two purple wisps because Sega hasn’t announced them yet. I’m guessing they’re saving the best for last.

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