Sonic Colours DS Selling Out Already

Sonic Colours DS Selling Out Already

The game may not be out for another few weeks, but it appears that Sonic Colours is already performing very well in the sales department, because Toys R Us Canada’s website is now out of stock of the DS version of the game. We checked for the Wii edition, but their website isn’t listing it at the time of this article’s publication. The fact that the game is selling out is good news for SEGA’s sales, but for some fans it may mean having to get those pre-orders in and buy early if they’re looking to nab a copy before Christmas.

Will this sales performance continue with other retailers and other countries? We’ll keep an eye open and report back. Meanwhile, share your thoughts in the comments.

Source: Toys R Us Canada’s website


  1. Hope that’s not the case for the Gamestops, Best Buys and Targets and other places in my area. As much as I want this game to do well and have those awesome sales.. I want mine too, dang it!! XD

  2. Got my bro to pre-order the DS action figure set and going to pre-order the Wii version sometime this week.
    But yeah, Sonic games are looking pretty attractive for Xmas

  3. If Sonic Colors does well, think of the future game we’ll have! With characters like Tails, Knuckles and Amy! This is truly the beginning of a bright blue future! =D

  4. Thats made me feel better now! I dont have a Wii so I was getting it on DS but I always thought the Wii one was better and the DS one a ‘extra’. But now, I think they’re both equal! Thanks for that post! Its made me feel better!

  5. I’ll reserve my excitement when I see the pre-order sales of the Wii version, as that’s the one I’m concerned about in terms of sales.

  6. I think I’ll reserve my opinion until the review code comes out and I actually play the game; well games. Don’t let sales and pre-orders make you throw a pre-determined hissy fit on how awesome the game is.

  7. Yay, go Sonic! I’ve already have both of Wii and DS versions already preordered so I ‘m good.

  8. Depends how many copys they had in stock, for example when woolworths was around we only had 3 copys of sonic gems collection and 4 copys of sonic heroes, once they were brought we mark it as sold out. so just because its marked sold out doesnt mean its selling well, because they might have had just 1 ,2 or 5 copys since most stores get up to 5 or 10 copys for odd reasons.

    dont make the mistake i did on sonic heroes lol i saw it say sold out and was saying that its selling well meaning its a great game, turns out they only had 2 copys and thats why it was sold out boy i felt stupid lol.

    Plus toysrus normally have up to 5 copys only within the store until the next week they get another 5.

  9. I was thinking I could just stride into any store and pick this up on the first day, but I may go ahead and pre-order the Wii version just to be safe.

  10. …For the lolsrsbusiness crowd, this is a case of the site mis-labeling an item that hasn’t even been released yet as “sold out.” They didn’t actually sell anything and you should feel at least slightly stupid for taking this seriously.

  11. I know I pre-ordered the Wii version so that way I could get the hat (and the game, obviously!) If they don’t have any Sonic hats left in stock, heads will roll! lol

  12. @ Solaris Paradox:
    The site normally lists a pre-order option for games that aren’t out yet and since that option is not available, then they could very well have sold out of pre-orders. I was speaking to RMC at GoNintendo about it last night and he said he’s going to look into it, in case it is an error. I asked him to let me know of any findings.

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