Sonic Colours DS Demo Now On EU & AU Wii Nintendo Channel

Sonic Colours DS Demo Now On EU & AU Wii Nintendo Channel

If you live in Europe or Australia, you can now take Sonic Colours on Nintendo DS for a brief spin. A demo has been made available for download today via the Wii’s Nintendo Channel, allowing fans to have a playthrough of Tropical Resort Act 1. In this stage you can get to grips with the White Wisps that give you a speed boost in Sonic Rush fashion and the Red “Burst” Wisp that turns Sonic into a fire-ball and allows him to charge a Burst Jump that he can launch in any direction.

If you’ve given the demo a try, share your experience with it in the comments below.

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  1. – Music slows down while in water, cool!
    – Graphics are on par with Sonic Rush (screenshots made it look slightly worse, must have been due to compression)
    – It will take me some time to get used to NOT pushing B during jumps for tricks to refill the boost gauge.
    – The fire wisp theme sounded out of place.
    – It’s super obvious and it was said multiple times, but this is indeed Sonic Rush 3 (Blaze, where are you?)
    – I like the added stomp move already
    – Boosted into enemies due to Sonic Rush habits, didn’t use the homing attack too often

    Well, this confirms I will get both versions of Sonic Colours.

  2. ok so im back the demo was good its just another sonic rush but if felt different from sonic rush there was 2 whips in the game and in the demo i could only use the fire one with the fire one i could do explosions and run like super-sonic but on fire.

    then before the act was over i was on a handgilder that was really fun but this bit was really short they should make this longer.

    overall the demo was less than 3 minutes im get the wii and ds version

    i hope the ds version inist a short game

    overall it was really fast and fun and the homing attact is in the game

  3. – Presentation is good (cool stage intro with blue, white and silver), backgrounds should be darker, contrast could be a bit better
    – Music is great and slows down while in water, cool!
    – Graphics are on par with Sonic Rush (screenshots made it look slightly worse, must have been due to compression)
    – It will take me some time to get used to NOT pushing B during jumps for tricks to refill the boost gauge. Tricks are out, himing attacks are in
    – The fire wisp theme sounded out of place
    – It’s super obvious, but this is Sonic Rush 3
    – I like the stomp move already
    – Boosted into enemies due to Sonic Rush habits, didin’t use the homing attack too often
    – the designers added floating walls so that you can’t fly over too much of the stage using the wisp power

    Well, this confirms I will get both versions of Sonic Colours

  4. Tried the demo… yeah, pretty much Sonic Rush, minus the trick system, plus homing attack and colour power ups…Which is alright by me. :3

  5. @ Dakota Jones: Next update for the U.S. is on Monday, so hopefully it’ll be available then. I expect Europe gets it first, because the game is out here 4 days before the U.S.

  6. As far as the gameplay goes, it’s pretty much like Sonic Rush, with the removal of the trick system (which only served to make us hate Jason Griffith more) and the addition of Sonic Unleashed’s moveset. Some of it works pretty well (such as the noticeable difference between a air jump and a boost jump), though you will need some time to get accustomed to some of the new moves like the wall jump.
    The only thing I found a lil awkward was the placement of the Wisp Activation button (the X button) which made it tricky to activate quickly. The Wisp itself takes a little getting used to too and can be a bit tricky to control.

    Overall though, pretty good.

  7. Yo Shadz you better put the “First @ TSS” tag before anybody accuses you of stealing. You don’t want anyone to call you a “thug” now would you. XD

  8. not bad, will get time getting used to but it sounds pretty good, tails sounds a lot better also. about time lol

  9. Damn, I misread the title as “Sonic Colours demo now on EU Wii Nintendo channel”, so I attached my Wii to my TV, booted my Wii up, made it connect to my newest connection, and it’s suddenly the DS demo, and I’m not that interested in the DS one. The Wii demo better be out soon!

  10. Forgive my ignorance, but a DS demo on the Wii Shop Channel?

    Does this mean I will be playing the DS game on my Wii, or is there some sort of connectivity thing I don’t know about?

  11. @ChaoticFoc: You have to download it from the DS Demo section in the Wii’s Nintendo Channel, not the Shop Channel. Activate DS Download Play on your DS and then download from the Wii.

  12. Thanks Shadz. I don’t own a DS, so I’m not really well-informed on stuff like this. I thought it might be nice to try the DS version on my Wii, if that were possible.

    Alas, I shall just have to wait for the console version.

  13. AAUUGGHH!! I live in the US! Hopefully it’s because Europe gets it 4 days before the US, and the US demo will come on Tuesday.

  14. well, the physics are … more like the old games than Sonic 4 tbh..
    and, this isn’t sonic rush 3, its Sonic Colors.

    it doesn’t feel that similar, tricks are gone, there’s a homing attack. it’s more like Sonic 4+rush.

    but it was great

  15. Wow.
    This really impressed me.
    It plays exactly like rush except he retains all his moves from Sonic Unleashed and I’m presuming the console version of Colours.
    He has his lock on homing attack, that ground stomp, wall jump and not to mention the fun whisp =)

  16. Unfortunately, I dont have a Wii and cant get the demo but it certainly sounds brill! Im glad that theyve got the Unleashed move set to make it a bit more special but a little bit disappointed about the trick system going! Anyway, cant wait to get it for Christmas!
    P.S. Its a bit unfair that you need a WII to play the DS demo. But I suppose it all comes down to power which the Wii definately has more of!

  17. well yey byt my wii remotes are broke so i need to find batteries fast so i can play sonic colors 😀 also gettin the special edition (england gets it aswell) oh cant wait for tomorow lge10 playin games all day there also sonic games (if there)

  18. This is really fun! Though i really wanted to use the laser or drill wisp more than the burst Wisp.

    The music is really good quality. As well as Rogers voice being clear.

  19. @ CyberGW: You don’t need a Wii to play it in that sense. You need a Wii to obtain the demo and download it to your DS.

  20. I love the demo. I was going to only take the wii version. But now I’m wanting to get both. It’s a lot better than sonic rush! It’s just rush with a bit of sonic unleashed day stages mixed

    Music is great and even changing in the water!

  21. Felt way too much like Sonic Rush for me. Even the graphics are the same, it’s just not really different enough! I did like the Rush series, but I’d prefer something different.
    I’m definately getting the Wii Version, but from this looks like it’s a no no on the DS version.

    Although I liked the Fire powerup…

  22. Ah sweet! Should be able to download the demo as soon as my mum and dad finish using the tv. I already preordered the Wii version, so I’m getting my preorder hat alongside the Sonic and Wisps figures. But might try the DS Demo for the heck of it. =P

  23. For anyone and every one in America who was expecting it today: It’s not out yet, I just checked and it’s not there.

  24. @Monic

    The entire Nintendo Channel hasn’t updated yet. Until they do, we won’t see anything. Usually, there are up by now but sometimes they are like Sony in which they’ll update whenever they feel like it. Grrrr.

  25. Just got a time of 1’10″96 on the demo. The strategy’s already been said, but I’ll say it again, the trick is to use the aerial Sonic Boost to your advantage to skip unnecessary parts to take shortcuts – such as the very beginning of the stage, after the initial three Egg Pawns (and initial White Wisp canister thing). Once you jump on the spring (and btw try not to use Stomp to speed up downwards descent to it, you might just miss) you can skip the two Egg Pawns there by using Sonic Boost to instantly take you to the dash rings I think they’re called…
    When it comes to the Burst Jump ability from the Red Wisp, don’t forget, always use a full charge facing the direction you want to go, unless it is unnecessary (to either destroy terrain or enemies and canisters to refill power). Be careful if your power runs out after taking a ramp, because you’ll instantly start falling down, which can cost you some time having to take another route.
    And finally, if you’re forced to take the glider, try to collect all of the rings. If you do, then a free 1-up instead of a bomb balloon thing will be the last thing you see before heading to the goal. Handy if you messed up previous runs!

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