Sonic 4 World Map Discovered

Sonic 4 World Map Discovered

TSS forum member speedfreak has found a new video of Sonic 4 Splash Hill with the latest build on it. In it, we can briefly see the world map Aaron Webber has been eluding to. We also get a clear video of the latest build which is played with no homing attack made. (Not sure if it was intentional or the guy just really stunk at playing.)


Here is a snapshot of the world map. Just what is that shaded area to the right? The possible start of Episode 2? If so, then that could mean the episodes can be locked on to one game. That’s just speculation of course.

world map

Thanks to speedfreak for the youtube link and Core for the image.

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  1. wow sega really have done a good job with fixing the game. who cares if the uncurling is staying in the final build. this is shaping up to be an awesome game. who’s with me? =)

  2. I would love to see all episodes locked on to one large game. That may mean Tails and Knuckles will be playable in the first episode too.

  3. Oh wow that map is freaking gorgeous =D, I didn’t expect it to look that good to be honest they put a lot of effort in to that world map =). It’s much much better than the old select screen that was just plain boring =).

  4. … That’s it? A new background for the level select screen?

    THIS is what they’ve delayed the game for? -facepalm-

  5. Here’s my ideas for Episode 2 & 3 for Sonic 4.
    Episode 2:
    Zone 05: Icy Ruins Zone
    Zone 06: Dusty Hills Zone
    Zone 07: Sky Chase Zone
    Zone 08: Egg Fleet Zone
    Playable: Sonic, Tails, Knuckles
    Bosses: Eggman and Metal Sonic

    Episode 3:
    Zone 09: Angel Island Zone
    Zone 10: Emerald Beach Zone
    Zone 11: Egg Speedway Zone
    Zone 12: Metallix Base Zone
    Playable: Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy
    Bosses: Eggman and Metal Sonic

    Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Full Game
    Zone 01: Splash Hill Zone
    Zone 02: Lost Labyrinth Zone
    Zone 03: Casino Street Zone
    Zone 04: Mad Gear Zone
    Zone 05: Icy Ruins Zone
    Zone 06: Dusty Hills Zone
    Zone 07: Sky Chase Zone
    Zone 08: Egg Fleet Zone
    Zone 09: Angel Island Zone
    Zone 10: Emerald Beach Zone
    Zone 11: Egg Speedway Zone
    Zone 12: Metallix Base Zone
    Zone 13: The Doomsday Zone (Super Sonic with Final Boss)
    Playable: Sonic (Super Sonic), Tails, Knuckles and Amy
    Bosses: Eggman and Metal Sonic

  6. @ Kits’Okami
    This and the complete change of Lost Labyrinth act 2 and Casino Street act 2

  7. looks beautiful so far cant wait!!!!

    but is it just me or does the city with the lights look like the place where sonic a metals first showdown in CD

  8. *Player launches off a spring and slams into an airbourn enemy, taking damage*
    And that’s why the homing attack was included.

    On another note I thought the map select was going to be more like Sonic Advance 3’s version where you had to find the stage rings rather than go through a stage menu.

  9. I just realized something, the fixed the range in how far the rings spread out once you take damage.

  10. There was a map in the Saturn version of Sonic 3D, too. The official blog missed that one!

    That map would make a nice wallpaper.

  11. Kits’Okami
    I can’t tell if you’re obviously trolling or not… but either way, shut up.

  12. @Ryan
    i like the choice of levels i think that would work pretty well providing the sonic 4 story would need them to go through these stages, but then again sonic 1 and 2 didnt have any logical link between the stages (except end few zones of sonic 2) but i would like to play through them.

    I really hope this game will be able to link with the other episodes as one big game or im gonna be thoroughly let down, thats what will make this game truly epic if you ask me.

    Oh and the world map is awesome, i wasnt expecting anything like that, its brilliant, i love it and if the other games lock on and there is one big map it will be even better, little touches like that really make a difference i think!

  13. If this is the course Sonic would have to go through he would be done in a minute. Of couse its never that easy.

  14. USE THE HOMING ATTACK!!!!!!!!!!wow he sucks.Any way i didnt understand a thing he said i know it was more of a gameplay video but still

  15. He uses the homing attack at 1:19 to break the rock. And throughout the video he does it numerous times, just not on anything with a target so it merely thrusts himself forward. (not sure what that move is called or if it’s also the homing attack but it’s the same exact controls)

    He also doesn’t use the Spin Dash. Is he trying to pretend like it’s Sonic 1 or something then?

  16. @TheHumbleFellow

    “The guy playing the video is TERRIBLE!”

    Looks like it’s down to bad enemy placement if you ask me and it could still have some control issues that the old version had. Still we’ll know more when review code verdits are out.

    We should also note that not all gamers are Sonic veterans or people who play platform games.

  17. I think the shaded area off to the right is just the next zone. That would be AWESOME if it was episode 2. Then it would point to the huge possibility of this game being lock-on compatible.

  18. Game had no control issues, but in that area where he had trouble it looked he was trying to do the same thing I tried to do: get to a higher platform and that string of homing attack enemies.

  19. I don’t know if anyone know’s but *SPOILER ALERT DO NOT READ IF SPOILERS IS SOMETHING YOU DON’T LIKE. You have been warned*

    After the final boss in sonic 4 episode 1, theres a small little scene, where you see *Heres the huge spoiler* Metal sonic. maybe this could be a spoiler for episode 2?

  20. @Kits’Okami: lol, I could tell you haven’t been keeping up with the Sonic 4 news and updates.

  21. ITS SO PRETTY!!!! I love how casino street looks. Im assuming that is casino street in the topright there.

  22. @ TYoshi
    You know I hope they change the cliffhanger slightly with the delay and maybe hint for the return of Tails.
    Well 10 days left for me.

  23. … I just want to apologise for my last comment. I totally forgot about the two reworked levels.


  24. What a stunning map screen. It’s almost as of Sega is trying to slightly incorporate Colours into the game lol.

  25. @AX Go to YouTube and search “Sonic 4 Egg Station” it’s the first result and the video is like 11 minutes long. The cliffhanger for S4 is the last 25 seconds of the video.

  26. @ TYoshi
    ‘Maybe this could be a Spoiler’ >_> It is a definite spoiler. I mean I just saw the vid. [Big thanks BD3 ;D] Metal Sonic or what if just if hes getting an upgrade ._. NAH xD But yeah, I’m pretty sure that ending was ment to be a spoiler for episode two.

  27. Is Egg Station a full zone or just a Super Sonic level? Id look up the video but I dont want to spoil the levels for the game.

  28. @jackaroo: Just a zone really, sorta like Death Egg Zone and Doomsday Zone were. No Super Sonic battles included though so that’s why the final boss here will not be the REAL final boss.

    It’ll be like the end of Sonic 3 where you went “…..that’s it? Huh. “.

  29. @Haru: Ah right thanks. I keep forgetting this is part of a larger game lol. But that makes sense.

  30. @ Meta77: Yeah, he uses Homing Attack three times in total.

    Nice to see the leg spin animation back, although it looks kinda stretched. Might just be the camera angle. I dunno. It’s also nice to see someone who’s actually worse than me at Sonic games. I now feel slightly less ashamed at how many tries it took me to beat Marble Zone Act 3 XD

  31. I think the shaded areas to the right are simply other zones within episode 1, the shaded area at the back with the coloured searchlights will most likely be the casino zone, to the right it will probably be the mine zone.

  32. @TYoshi

    I know. I already saw. But thanks. =)
    Surpised to find out it’s a video I’ve seen a dozen times already. Guess I never noticed the ending. xD

    Who are you referring to? o0

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