Sonic 4 Speedrun, Out Now On XBLA & EU PSN

Sonic 4 Speedrun, Out Now On XBLA & EU PSN


GamesRadar’s Justin Towell, who gave Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 a 9/10 in his review has put out the world’s first speedrun of Splash Hill Zone Act 1 and it’s a very impressive run at 40.79 seconds. Towell currently holds the Guinness World Record for the Xbox Live Arcade version of Sonic the Hedgehog 2’s Emerald Hill Act 1.

Source: GamesRadar

UPDATE: The game is now available on the European PlayStation Store for £9.99/€12.99 and weighs in at 197MB. /UPDATE END

In other news, Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 has just been released on the Xbox Live Arcade for 1200 Microsoft Points and weighs in at 191MB. If you want to give the game a try before you buy, a demo is available. The PS3 version will release in Europe on the PlayStation Store later today. We’ll update when that goes live.

Source: Xbox Live Marketplace
(The game is not immediately visible right now. You’ll need to look under the ‘Top Rated’ section to find it.)

Will you be buying the game today? Do you think you can beat Justin Towell’s time? Let us know in the comments.


  1. I just got the final achievment on Unleashed whilst waiting for this… checked on here and seen that it’s out. Perfect timing, fantastic! Downloading now.

  2. Ehh, I can do better, (drowns in his own sorrows, for his whole life all he can do is troll.)

  3. I don’t care for the review, but I bought Sonic 4: Ep 1 for the 360 just now. I really love it! I played the Wii version too, and I love that as well.

    But I find the 360 version better than the Wii version. Not only that, but compared to the Wii version, controlling and moving Sonic, especially with the c-stick, is easier to do than with the D-pad of the Wii, not to mention that the controls allow for maintaining Sonic’s movement and flow of movement easier, personally speaking.

  4. *sigh*

    I just played through the demo of Sonic 4 Ep 1 several times on the PSN. Judging from the first level, I actually really, really enjoy it.

    The graphics are bright and colorful, the music is good, the homing attack works, and it’s really fun overall.

    I have mixed feelings on the physics though. For the most part, I am surprised that the physics feel more closer to the Genises games from actually playing it rather than watching. You don’t slow down when you use the good, old-fashioned spindash and you actually accelerate when you curl in a ball while going downhill.

    However, Sonic does feel rugged. Whenever I want to move forward by simply pressing right, Sonic just feels difficult to accelerate quicker. Once you start playing, you completely forget it later on, but I can’t help but notice it.

    If SEGA were to loosten the friction, then it would definetely feel like a 100% pleasurable experience.

    Overal: Very Good. I’ll be downloading the full game later

  5. @ krazeeKidd102

    yah thats true, he does accelerate a ittle slow but i didnt seem to mind it. the physics were neat and another factor that was input really well was the platforming and when it came down to playing the refurbished levels from Lost Labyrinth 2 and Casino Street 2, they were pretty long but all in all it was still fun. Long stages are a + for me. Game is sick my man.

  6. Yep, I like it. There are oddities that take some getting used to, and certain set-pieces in one zone in particular are Not Freaking Helpful in doing so.
    But overall the levels are long and the starposts are well placed and there’s not much cheap death. The physics are good in a mildly different way and it’s… a good, fun, enjoyable game.
    So far hitting an 8.5/10 for mine.

  7. I bought the game!! Its soooo cool! This will keep me busy until sonic colors comes out! To all sonic fans out there, the game IS WORTH IT! 🙂

  8. darn…only like 70MB left to buy it for the Xbox…

    OH WELL.

    Every time I check the leaderboards, I’m waiting to see someone who made it to #1 with a time of 0’00’000.
    People with Sonic Rush/Rush Adventure and Action Replay made it possible :/

  9. Does anyone notice that Gamespot didn’t give their review yet?

    I sense a tragedy coming…..

  10. Bought it completed it loved it. Okay have 2 emeralds to get but need to make it last a bit longer so hanging up my speed sneekers for today. Sega thank God you have started listening, only took you 16 years to realise you had it right the first time. More of the same please and we will all be happy. Also add-ons of all Sonic original levels and Tails and Knuckles playable would be appreciated. This should have 10/10 on all reviews best Money I have ever spent. Was it wrong of me to take the day off work to play this? 😀

  11. wtf…So im trying to download the demo on 360 and my xbox gets the rrod for like the 3rd time.
    its been months since i fixed it WHY TODAY?
    That sucks

  12. I dowloaded it before this was updated… i got to egg station but stopped because i want to get the chaos emeralds first! its so much fun!

  13. That is impressive, best i can muster is 1.10 =(
    That Damn 7th chaos emerald will not come within my grasp! Argh!
    But overall it’s a very enjoyable game, I’m trying not to beat it in one day, so i’ve only just got onto lost labyrinth.

  14. Was 12th on Xbox live, currently dropped to 20th with 47.70s
    Cannot for the life of me figure out how to shave off some more time… still trying to work out how someone managed to finish it in 30s WITHOUT SuperSonic. To quote RvB: “This doesn’t seem physicly possible!”

  15. @Hamilton: Actually, I just checked for myself and the EU PS Store doesn’t have a demo like the JP and U.S. one does, sorry. I’d heard earlier that there was, but didn’t check for myself. Very odd that Europe wouldn’t get a demo :-S

  16. Well, I just downloaded it from Xbox live, it’s a pretty fun game, I must admit the controls felt a little weird at the beginning, but got used later, just got to lost labyrinth and so far it’s my favorite level, love this game.

  17. I’m loving this game, some of the special stages proved to be a challenge, and some of the Acheivments are stupid, especially clearing the final level without taking damage. grr. But otherwise this is great, hopefully future episodes wont be at the same 10 pound price tag

  18. I got the game today (this evening) and completed it with 3 emeralds so far. Pretty sweet game though the difficulty curve is messed up and enemy placement can be a bit hap-hazard. The best time I have so far on the first stage is only about 50 seconds so I have ways to go before matching Towell’s time.

  19. I downloaded this game on the PS3 earlier today and I love it. Everything works in this game, even the homing attack. I have already completed it without collecting the seven Chaos Emeralds so going to go back and get those this time.

    Overall Sonic 4 episode 1 i s a great game and can’t wait for episode 2 🙂

  20. I have all 7
    the last one was a b*tch
    mostly because i had to play lost labyrinth act 2 like 10 times to get it.
    But the good thing about that stage is that if you get through it your guaranteed 50 rings at the end.

  21. I’ve beat that record…on release day too… but on the Wii version.. haven’t checked the leaderboards since then, but I’m sure someones managed a under 40 second run

  22. Wow he should be number 1 on the leaderboards, oh wait he cant, BECAUSE theno1sonicfan hacked it and is number 1 on everything!!!!! He even did it on the sonic adventure leaderboards!!!! I’m so annoyed, I have filed so many complaints, and I could be number 6 on the sky deck times, but because of him and another hacker I’m 8!!! Why do they hack the leaderboards, what is the point!?

  23. Blasted through the game on day 1. Got all of the Achievements and Avatar Awards. Probably not gonna play it a whole lot again though. It’s not that good. The problem is absolutely 100% the physics of the game. I loved the level layouts. I loved the graphics. Fix the physics and you’ve got a real winner, SEGA.

  24. @Brianzilla

    Your absolutely right about the physics


    Even if YOU dont feel it while playing, the physics need some major improvement!

    If SEGA is going to change the physics, the MAJORITY of us need to unite and ask them to improve it, most of us seem to be enjoying the game which is fine i think its a fun game also!

    But it truly does not play as close to the classics as it should

    Sonic really does feel too stiff, and decreasing his drag time alone would make for a funner game
    Before you disagree with me
    go back and play the classics side by side, the classics feel much loser and it makes for a better experience.

    This guy did a good job explaining it
    “although i disagree with him that its unplayable and a bad game”

    This video really does show that it needs improvements

    So many of us miss the old sonics so much
    this game feels like such a breath of fresh air, but at the same time something about it feels stiff.


  25. Hey guys, if you wear the sonic costume avatar award in Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing it turns into a black suit similar to the PSO suits in Sonic Adventure 2. Check it out!

  26. Ok, how about we be quiet about the physics, and just play the game, and have fun with it, hm? It’s a great game, on it’s own!

  27. @SonicSilverSS
    Listen dude, i see where your coming from and i get that you want to make peice but why settle for worse?

    This is an online game, theres no reason they cant update it.

    Seriously, just everyone stop for a minute and actually watch this video

    Go to 2 minutes

    and its clear as crystal that sonic really does play
    stiffer than he should.
    Unlike this guy im not enraged about it and i still have fun playing
    But the fact of the matter is THIS IS SONIC 4, the sequal many people like me have waited 16 years for Why settle for something that doesn’t play like the first 3
    Sega said it DOES play like the classics but it DOES NOT, and that is a fact.
    (for those of you who dont know what a fact is)

    As i mentioned before, i feel the game is fun so im not trying to start some online war here, im just telling people they shouldn’t settle for this and to help improve the game.

  28. @SonicSilver
    Im not gonna settle for less than classic physics on a game ive waited 16 years for.
    Yes, its a great game on its own, But they promised that it would play like the classics and it doesnt.

  29. What i wanna know is who beat my #1 ranking on Act 1 of Mad Gear Zone on score attack, and managed to get over twice my score with just sonic…i had a damn hard time getting my routine and path down to try get the best score with baddies and speed and someone over doubles it.. i am baffled at how they managed it. I am off to have a man cry in the corner, being #2 sucks ;_;

  30. Would you believe that someone in the video comments STILL thinks the game is too slow?

    Some people are just impossible to please…

  31. @TheHumbleFellow
    I can beleive it, the game feels very clunky and slow at times to me as well, due to the physics not playing like the classics.

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