Sonic 4: New Casino Street Zone Act 2 PS3 Footage, Super Sonic Included

Sonic 4: New Casino Street Zone Act 2 PS3 Footage, Super Sonic Included

[youtube][/youtube] has posted up exclusive gameplay footage they’ve recorded from the final build of Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1‘s PS3 version. In the video we see footage of the console exclusive redesign of Casino Street Zone Act 2, which was shown recently on CNET’s preGame, but now we can see and hear it played directly and in high quality. Super Sonic is shown in full force throughout the stage and it sounds like the music for this Act, as well as Super Sonic’s theme music have been completely revamped.

Do you like the new Casino Street Zone Act 2 and the musical changes? Share your thoughts in the comments.


Thanks to Shaddix and Indigo Rush at the SSMB for the heads-up!


  1. Great New gameplay! 😀 Hopefully it’ll be easy to get all the chaos emeralds in the consoles….

  2. Oh my goodness I can’t wait for tomorrow.

    This game looks amazing enough for me to be extremely excited.

  3. That Super Sonic theme is terrible! ITS SO ANNOYING!! Its too bad I was fine with the original theme and I really dont think changing it was necessary. Oh well, thats minor and overall the game looks awesome

  4. WOAH. This looks TONS better than my iPhone version… MUST BUY THIS TOO. I like the new music! This game definitely deserved the name Sonic 4 in my opinion, even if it doesn’t have the same momentum based physics!

  5. C’mon man. I’ve been avoiding Spoilers on this tittle since it was Needlemouse. I don’t need Super Sonic confirmation right there in the tittle of the article…. Dang.

    At least that’s good news, but I was so close to finding out for myself.

  6. This is the first time I’ve noticed that they went with the little-remembered Sonic 3 1-Up theme. Good form.

  7. Wow that’s cool! O.O Feels just as awesome as I remembered. The music is just as awesome too! The Super Sonic theme fits in nicely with the one in Sonic 2, 3 and S&K! =D

    @SEGA DogTagz

    It was kinda obvious Super Sonic was gonna be in the game. I mean.. It’s Sonic The Hedgehog 4! XD Why did you think there were special stages? lol Oh well. You know now! Now you can be more excited for the game?

  8. @Jmack

    Im on the same boat as u are buddy…its 12:30 here

    does the wii version come out the 11th? cuz I keep seeing release dates saying the 15th

  9. As tempting as it is to look .. I’m saving the surprises for tomorrow!
    8 hours 11 minutes to go 🙂

  10. aw…

    the 1-up theme just made me smile 🙂

    and what? Super Sonic theme is different? I would love to hear the original 😀

  11. Man I had to come back and watch this! XD I’m glad I saw this video! 8D It’s awesome!

    @Dakota Jones

    I think it’s the 11th in most places, particularly U.S. and is probably the 15th in the Middle East and the U.K. unfortunately.

  12. @GoldenHedgy

    The original Super Sonic theme was identical to the main title theme.

    Anyway, this looks excellent. A year ago, I wouldn’t have believed that Dimps could make a 2D Sonic game I actually cared for. Now I can’t wait to pick this up! I think this very well might end up being the first fantastic Sonic game I’ve played since Sonic Adventure 2. Curse you, XBLA, for updating after the other download services!

  13. At what hour does the game come up on WiiShop channel?

    I never take time to check when then update(monday yes, but what hour), first game I really want(badly lol) and it seem like a torture! 6h20(eastern Canada).

  14. @ Dakota Jones and Harkle70
    I’m hearing that the U.S. Wii Shop Channel updates at 12 noon EST. So, another 4 hours and 17 minutes yet.

  15. I’m waiting…. I’m waiting…. A few more hours to go….. Just waiting… *Plays Sonic Rush*

    C’mon Nintendo! This is actually the FIRST Wiiware game I really want and have been waiting almost a year for, and you have to make me wait a few MORE hours!!?? Well, we’ve waited this long..

    But it’s morning here, so I wanted to jump out of my bed, turn on my Wii and download Sonic 4 while singing “It’s the best day ever!!!!” XD


  16. I…. Will… not…. WATCH

    … .. I so want to watch it… but I will not! I shall wait until tomorrow. Sonic PS3 day!

  17. I’am so excited about the game, the updates, the Super Sonic new theme, the casino level and the world map! my hopes really rised after hearing there’s updates are coming after testing the E3 bulid.

    Finally a good new sonic game, i really don’t care about sonic new looking, can’t really wait to get it.

    still confusing on how sonic 4 on the first release will be on a nintendo console, this is really funny, still excited anyway.

  18. They changed alot of things. I love the new Act 2, Way better than that score attack one. Much better music for both SuperSonic and the Stage.

  19. Attention all Wii Owners: Sonic 4 is out now for Wii! I’m downloading it right now!!!!!!

  20. Hey everyone I just got done playing a bit of the Wii version of Sonic 4 and so far it’s pretty fun.
    The physics are a tad off from the originals but it’s not a deal breaker.
    Also the music seems a bit different from the 360 and PS3, they’re the same jingles but with different instrumentation.
    The special stages have tilt controls but they’re optional.
    Definitely grab this game…so far it’s very fun.

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