Sonic 4 Launch Trailer, U.S. PS3 Version Out Now

Sonic 4 Launch Trailer, U.S. PS3 Version Out Now


UPDATE: The game is now available to download from the U.S. PlayStation Store. /UPDATE END

SEGA Japan has today released the above launch trailer for Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1, which showcases all of the game’s four zones in action, including some of the bosses. The PS3 version will be released on the U.S. PlayStation Store later today for $14.99, so fans looking for an HD experience will now have that option. Tomorrow sees the launch of the PS3 version in Europe and the Xbox 360 version worldwide, followed by the Wii version’s European release on Friday.

Will be you be buying the PS3 version today? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Official Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Japanese website

Thanks to Shaddix for the heads-up and Woun for the YouTube conversion.


  1. Wow, even with the kind of chill background music this trailer is epic. Makes me really pumped to play it. I would if I hadn’t just finished it on Wii. XD

    Imagine this with Requiem for a Dream. Hold that thought *runs off to edit trailer*

  2. I logged onto the Japanese PlayStation Store and bought it about 3-hours ago, it’s a very nicely well rounded game, love it.

  3. DAMMIT PSN! Come on! I waited months for this game. Before I go to class YOUR GONNA UPDATE! >:]

  4. If anybody has both the Wii and PS3 version could you let me know if there’s a difference in the music styles.

  5. I am wondering, is this the ‘new’ trailer that SEGA (blog) mentioned that we will see in the near future, or is this a trailer of the trailer… Will EP2 be announched? Hope so…

  6. GOD FUCKING DAMMIT! I WANT A FUCKING PS3! Thats it. I now have nothing left to live for. I FUCKING HATE MY LIFE!!!!

  7. so hey guys, I got all the emeralds just a second ago and I think i found something interesting

    Either I’m going color blind, or the Purple Chaos Emerald (the very last emerald in the game) is now the Pink Chaos Emerald

  8. @Dakota Jones: I got all Chaos Emeralds on the Wii yesterday. Even though it IS a different version, I got the last emerald (which was uber tough to complete successfully), and rather than being purple, it DOES look pink. Huh…

  9. LOL i couldn’t wait. I made a fake US store account and bought a US psn card off the internet and they emailed me the code. Now to wait for this game to come out. 😀

  10. I’m thinking of skipping all of my classes today so I can Czech the PSN every five minutes 😛

  11. @ Peter van Damn: Yes, this is that last launch trailer. Ken Balough said on the SEGA Forums last week that they were going to make two last trailers, an iPhone one and a launch one with all Zones shown in it. SEGA Japan just beat SEGA of America and SEGA Europe to it, that’s all.

  12. @Shadster: thank you sir

    @Lucas Hinz: I think the graphics are the same but the 360 and PS3 versions are HD

    @Tiny *CombustionMan!* I still dig the wii music but I think I like the 360/PS3 music better.

  13. well i know a secret thing the cliff hanger but im not telling cause its a spoiler heh oh and SUPER SONIC IS AWSOME

  14. “well i know a secret thing the cliff hanger but im not telling cause its a spoiler heh”

    Pretty sure everyone knows by now. 😛

    Mad Gear Zone Act 1’s music was horrible. The original was a whole lot better. (of course, that was the Wii version)

  15. Awesome. Soon it will be out on all the platforms. =)

    Whoa… what’s all this “I have nothing left to live for”, “I need this game”, I’ve gotta have this… NOW!” and “I might skip classes today for this!” stuff I’m hearing? O__O;

    *backs away from the psychos… not slowly but as quickly as possible* XD

    Tell me all your impressions on the game after beating it. ^_^ I hope most of you don’t make common sense mistakes that’s actually very common to make from the very people who say “Whoever’s playing sucks!” to every gameplay video released so far. =p

    As far as I can see, the game looks great. It’s a pinch longer than Sonic 3 actually, which is not bad for only the first Episode. =D

  16. I just found out another interesting thing if you play Super Sonic in lost labyrinth act 2 😀

    this game is actually pretty full of suprises

  17. @ MrMetalloidMan

    yo dude do you have it or are you waiting? I want it for ps3. I can’t play this on my wii. ONLY because i bought the hdmi cable for my ps3 and if i bought it for wii it would defeat the purpose of me gettin’ the cable. shit is crazy man. psn is slow. but Medal of Honor is up. :/


    I just got it, it’s great, nice to have physical controls compared to iPhone version.

    One issue, I keep running past the gold rings at the end of the level. There’s too little time to turn back and get them. 🙁

  19. I would so buy the PS3 version if I had a PS3. And some more money in my PSN wallet.

    The Wii version has lower-res graphics AND compressed sound? Yet it costs the same as the PS3 version?! How could you do this to us Wii owners? After all we’ve done for you…T_T

    *would cry like a little girl if he had less dignity and felt better right now*

    I’m sorry for whining so much, but the only reason I can put up with the lower capabilities of the Wii is the lower cost of games (and some of the exclusive titles). You’d think SEGA could have priced the Wii version accordingly.

  20. Well I just beat the PS3 version. Casino Act 2 and Labyrith Act 2 are different from the iPhone version. Very good game, especially with a controller with physical buttons. Now to get the emeralds! 😀

  21. @ djslope:
    Xbox 360 and EU PS3 version are released today on the 13th. sonfan1984 is probably in a different time zone where it’s still the 12th. Xbox Live Marketplace normally updates between 10:30am and 12pm GMT in the UK. It doesn’t have a set time. I think it updates around the same time in the rest of the world, too.

  22. FINALLY i played it a little. this shit is so awesome and so much fun. thank you SEGA for allowing me to play sonic 4.

  23. YAY. I just scored 2nd place on Time Attack Mode for Lost Labyrinth Act 1 😀 My username is Klaymator14. Tee hee. Someone here has to beat it!

  24. YAY. I just scored 2nd place on Time Attack Mode for Lost Labyrinth Act 1 😀 My username is Klaymator14. Tee hee. Someone here has to beat it! 😀

  25. I bought it for wii yesterday, and I am fully satisfied. So no i will never buy a ps3 version of the game.

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