Sega to Reward Multiple Purchases of Sonic 4

Sega to Reward Multiple Purchases of Sonic 4

On the boards, Sonic 4 community manager Aaron Webber (AKA Rubyeclipse) has mentioned that there will be special shoutouts and nods to multiple purchasers of Sonic 4 for different consoles.

* Anyone who picks up two or more versions of the game will be included in a special sticky thread to be posted here on the SEGA and Sonic 4 Forums. This will be a sort of MVP list that will document all of the fans out there who went above and beyond to help support the game. This list will also be posted on the SEGA Blogs and featured on the Sonic 4 website via the blogs feed.

* Those fans who have both the consoles and the determination to grab three versions of the game will receive placement on the forum list, a digital bucket of cute fluffy kittens*, a special call-out on the SEGA Blogs and the Sonic 4 website’s news feed, and special placement in one very cool spot, to be revealed! (As soon as we finish unloading the kittens.)

* Finally, any die-hard collectors or supporters who have already decided that they plan to grab a copy of every version of the game will be featured in all of the above, and will also receive a special thank you shout-out, on video, from both Ken Balough and myself, which will be featured on the SEGA Youtube page and posted all across SEGA’s realms here on the internets. (Rumor has it that interested parties may also request that Ken present his thank you in Spanish, and he will actually do so. Es loco!)

As someone who will be buying multiple versions for “a-hem!” professional reasons. I.E. to make a multi-console comparison article, this makes for a nice show of support.



  1. Sega: We really want this game to make lotsa money!! Buy it 4 times and you’ll be awesome!! :DDDD

    Me: wut?

  2. I find it quite appalling. If someone is silly enough to buy 3 copies then they should a least be awarded with a healthy discount for Episode 2.

  3. lol, Sega is encouraging the fans to buy more then one version of the game. xD

    I’m already planning on downloading it for the Wii and 360. I don’t own a PS3 or a iPhone.

  4. Hmmm I wonder, did Sega ever send those Sonic 4 contest winners to Japan yet? The game is coming out next week…

  5. Sounds more like a Hall of Shame to me. It brands you more as a mindless consumer whore than the “true Sonic fan” the PR dept wants to make you out to be.

    Seriously, if people wanna buy more than one copy of this game for literally no good reason – they can go ahead. But ENCOURAGING and baiting them to do so is just plain evil.

  6. I plan on getting the iOS and 360 version, but not on their release days… Can I still be on the list? XD

  7. If i will buy all 4 versons I will have to pay about 60 dollars.
    So if someone will buy all versions of all episodes he will pay about 180 dollars (If there are only 3 episodes)

  8. If anyone wants their name spoken on the internet, I’ll do it for only £20. That’s half the price SEGA are asking. Bargain!

    I accept Paypal.

  9. I plan on just buying the wii version for now, I have a 360 but it keeps getting the RROD so i want to keep to a console thats reliable.

    I will probably EVENTUALLY get the 360 version though.

    Yeah, this is more of a scheme to get people to buy multiple copies, but thats marketing and SEGA is also a buiseness.

    I wouldnt call it evil.

  10. “Seriously, if people wanna buy more than one copy of this game for literally no good reason – they can go ahead. But ENCOURAGING and baiting them to do so is just plain evil.”

    I have a reason for buying two copies.

    Wii version cause that’s the main console I play games on and the 360 version for its achievements (also I’ve heard that version has better HD graphics but don’t quote me on that).

  11. Well, Aussies can start their evaluation today – Sonic 4 came out on the App Store, so I heard. (EDIT: Verified: $12.99)

  12. Hey SEGA? How about releasing PSP and PC versions of the game, huh? They have download services, too. Or maybe a price drop on the Wii version, since it won’t look as good as Xbox 360/PS3 version?

    This is pathetic. I was going to wait before getting this game because the only system I have that is getting this game is Wii, and as I said, it costs the same as the Hi-Def versions, but without the same visuals. I would have gotten 2 versions of the game if I had an iPhone and a PS3 or 360, but after this, I may not get any version of this game.

    The thread where this announcement was posted is locked. Otherwise, I would’ve posted my requests (see above) there. (More politely, of course).

    And just in case someone asks why I don’t just buy one of the other systems, I’ll just quote an ex-US president: “It’s the economy, stupid.” That, and it’s not worth paying $200+ just so I can play this and a handful of other games I like and can’t get for one of my other systems.

    This has gotta be one of the most shameless things a game company has ever done to promote one of their games.

  13. That literally doesn’t even make an ounce of sense, unless it’s some colossal hassle for you to disconnect your Wii in order to connect and play the 360.

    Either that, or you have a love affair with your Wii that goes something like “Oh Wii! I love you so much I want to play you every day – I don’t even care what game it is! …Except when I’m looking for an achievement fix”

  14. I can’t think of a reason to buy two console versions (other than to support Sega, which is a good reason,) but it makes sense to buy a console + iPhone version, depending on how big a fan you are.

    Although a discount would’ve been well appreciated, at least the community folks are doing something nice 🙂

  15. Same as thewafflefactory, I will be getting it on PS3 and iPhone, so I can play it HD but also mobile.

  16. It don’t have to make sense to you. I have both my Wii and 360 connected. I’ve own over 20 games for my Wii and only 5 for my 360 and I choose to download them for both systems.

  17. I can’t believe some people need to buy the game on more than one platform. It’s not like there will be huge differences like the two versions of Unleashed. They are the same game, except for the slight changes on the iOS version. I think encouraging people to buy multiple copies of the game is silly.

    On another note, how many people do you think will actually end up buying Sonic 1 tomorrow from that petition we heard about a while ago?


  19. Jesus people, it’s just a friendly award for the die hards. There’s nothing evil or stupid about this. I’ve been intending to buy at least two versions (iPhone and Wii) and I’ve been tempted to buy an HD version as well.

  20. I’m planning to buy AT LEAST the iPod Touch version(As soon as I get one) and the Wii version, considering that’s the only console that I own that 4 is coming out on.

  21. I’m still only buying one version (Wii), but I am really looking forward to your article comparing them all.

  22. There’s people who’ve own several different versions of Sonic 1 on several different consoles so why is doesn’t make sense cause some people decide to buy more then one version of Sonic 4

  23. @Chaoticfox
    Christ get over it, Sega are a company, marketing and promotion is what they do to achieve a success in sales otherwise they wouldn’t exist. It’s not like you are being forced to do it.

  24. For someone who has all four platforms and has money from christmas on them that has yet to be spent I think I might just take that challenge!

  25. If people wanna buy more than one version…then they can buy more than one version…it doesn’t make them “mindless” they’re just supportive…they want more episodes. As for me…the Wii version will do just fine Sega…thank you.

  26. I’m gonna buy the game on all three systems except one since the iphone cost a lot of money Sega. Its cool though, I told one of my friends to buy it.

  27. @Blue Chaos

    You could say the same thing about a company putting an addictive chemical in their consumable product. “They are a company who wants to succeed in sales – Nobody is literally forcing you to buy it”.

    I don’t need to “get over” something that doesn’t continuously bother me. This isn’t really a huge deal either way (pro-tip: neither are internet comments) but that doesn’t mean I’m not gonna voice my disapproval of their marketing methods when I see them -shrug-

  28. I’m definately getting it for PS3. I might also get it for the iPhone if I eventually decide to GET an iPhone.

  29. I’ll be focusing on getting the Wii and 360 versions because of the stunning graphics on the scenery and background of every zone. 🙂

  30. I’m only getting it for the Wii, since that is the only console I own. I don’t see the point in buying it for multiple consoles. Though if it came out for the DSiWare, I would totally snatch it to get a portable copy.

  31. I could rant and rave about how pathetic and money-grubbing SEGA is portraying themselves by making this pitiful marketing strategy, but considering how many times their PR has fucked up before, I don’t even seem surprised.

    As for me, I’m only getting the ps3 version. ONE version, because that’s all that Sonic 4 Episode I deserves. It barely deserves even that because of the price, but since I’m buying it anyways, I’m not going to bitch.

  32. Wow. Seriously SEGA? You know people will buy extra versions just because of this. But no. I’m not stooping to that level.

    Though it’ll be cool to be on the list for buying it for iPhone and PS3…

  33. lol, it’s not like you win a great reward for buying extra versions. Yeah, a special shout-out from them would’ve been cool but it’s not worth buying a bunch of copies. I’m planning on buying the Wii and 360 version and I don’t care about the reward at all.

    People should buy how many versions they want because they love and support the game that much, not because Sega rewards them for buying it.

  34. Kind of ridiculous that they would ask this considering the game’s already overpriced, but eh. *shrug* I’ll probably get ONE version (Wii) depending on how the reviews go.

  35. I’ll probably end up with 3 here lol
    My Ps3 combined with my brothers Iphone and Wii.

  36. “SEGA cronie to leak the game and forced SEGA to start covering up their asses by delaying it “to please the fans”.

    I’d thought they wanted to delay the game for more fans feedback

  37. Yeah, your whole comment makes it sound like Sonic 4 is a complete failure already and the nobody isn’t going to buy it

  38. Don’t get me wrong, I ADORE Sonic, and I’m a huge fan.

    But…why would anyone buy more than one version? I have a Wii, 360, and PS3. But why would it get it on more than 1 console? it’s a ripoff, there is no point.

  39. If I’d knew how to get my Dazzle to work so I can record gameplay footage of Sonic 4 on the 360 then I would buy it for only that system and not for both systems.

  40. Going to get the Wii and Xbox 360 versions myself. The shout out doesn’t matter, I was going to do it anyway! x3

  41. Ok, this is stupid.
    Why would you buy a game for FOUR systems. 2 of which are exactly the same. I’m sorry but you’d have to be REALLY sad for that one.
    Secondly, even if someone was willing, how is this “prize” gonna persuade them? Do you win anything? No. Do you get an embarassing “shout-out”, yes. With all the prizes they’ve given out before you’d expect them to give something away.

  42. Ever since I was a child, I always dreamed about my name being posted on the internet…..

    oh…. wait a minute….

    *looks at this post*

    IT IS! 😀

    My life is complete now!!! :_D

  43. Ive already got it on ipod, and im definetly getting the ps3 version. as for the xbox, i sadly dont own one, but i might consider the wii version if it proves to be better or different than the others.

  44. I’m finally decided I’m only getting it for the 360. I’ve figured out how to get my Dazzle to work on it last night. It makes me happy now I dont have to buy it for both systems and I can save my Wii points and spend it for something else. ^_^ If the game is actually very good then maybe I’ll get it for the Wii.

  45. Fuck that. Don’t be idiots, guys. You buy one version, and one version only. You only need to play the game once to know whether or not it was worth your money; hell, you only need to try the [i]demo[/i] to know. Why buy it a second or third time, for Chrissakes?

    Don’t fuck around, SEGA. This is straight-up bullshit. Nobody cares about being on the SEGA forum’s nice list unless you’re a child, for crying out loud.

  46. Yeah, they should give you a discount for episode 2 for buying that many copies. A special shout-out or having your name on list aint nothing. xD

  47. Oh yeah, and I can understand some people who wants to download two versions of Sonic 4 on their iphones and one on a console. That way they’ll have one on a next gen console and on the go.

  48. We shouldn’t be complaining cause it’s not like SEGA is forcing us to buy a bunch of copies. xD One copy is good enough for me

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