SEGA Releases Sonic 4 iPhone Trailer

SEGA Releases Sonic 4 iPhone Trailer


SEGA has released a trailer for the iPhone/iPod Touch version of Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1. The trailer has been posted exclusively at Yahoo Games’ Appolicious website and shows gameplay footage from Splash Hill Zone, Casino Street Zone and Mad Gear Zone. We get to officially hear music from Casino Street Zone and Mad Gear Zone for the first time in this trailer, too. Appolicious confirms that this version of the game will include online leaderboards, just like the console versions. Still no price confirmd for the U.S. and Europe, unfortunately. We’ll let you know when SEGA reveals details.

Source: Appolicious.

Thanks to Woun at the SSMB for the YouTube conversion.

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  1. Looks OK, on iphone, i don’t like how the screen spins when you go through a loop, it’s annoying

  2. I cannot believe that they were stupid enough to keep the rotating screen when you go into a loop. It looks horrible when that happens!

  3. I like that swingy jazz theme of casino night in thar’ and mad gear’s theme has more instruments now which is good and the theme i want to hear in full the most..

  4. I barely pay any attention to the iPhone version of Sonic 4 but the rotating loop looks…interesting. Itll probably make you dizzy after a while though

  5. Mad Gear theme, FTW. I just wish they would port this version of the game to PSP. I don’t want to get the Wii version of the game (which is the same price as the Xbox 360/PS3 versions, but has worse graphics).

  6. I… don’t really like the spinny-ness when you go around a loop. Or the music for Casino Street.

    But anyway, can’t wait for Thursday! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Dammit his legs are too long!

    Uh I mean…

    This looks like a nice trailer. However to me I noticed that about all the fixes made for each version were not here, such as sonic’s spinny legs and jumping animation differences.

    However, the rotating screen is going to be SO ANNOYING.

  8. i love the rotating screen, it gives me a rush! im gonna get this, didnt they say this version get 2 levels the others dont have? But maybe they took away lost labyrinth to do that.

  9. @thewafflefactory

    FINALLY! Someone else who enjoys the rotating screen, wait for Thursday.

  10. This better come out on the PC (not iPad). It’s very possible, right? Come on, Sega! Think of the market you can tap into. Plus the game’s all digital. They should program it for computer. They’ve done the same for many late-gen Sonic ports before.

  11. @ DieHardSonicFan

    I actually first saw that used in a fan sonic game, and i was very excited to see sega take their advice… or did they? idk, here is where i first saw it.

    This one actually looks a lot smoother then the iphone version of sonic 4, but hey, they are fitting a fairly large game on the tiny iphone processor. This fan game looks super tight, but i never knew where to download it. even if i did i doubt it works on mac.

  12. I think the camera on the loops is annoying, but not game breaking. I can also see from this that the iPhone version PROBABLY had little to no changes when the game was delayed too…Which I’m not complaining about, either.

    Also, about it running slower on the iPhone; it was confirmed that it runs at 30FPS rather than 60… However I’m somewhat sure that the iPhone 4 could easily run it at 60FPS, but I wouldn’t quote me on that.

    I was originally writing this in response to the person asking wether it’d run on the iPod 2G…but then I realised that they asked on the SEGA Forums…Doh. Either way, it should; If it can emulate Sonic 2 at 30FPS I’m sure it can easily play Sonic 4 at the same rate, probably higher if they pushed it.

    Either way, I can’t wait to get this.

  13. @HighCaliberFun
    One of the reasons people don’t play the PSP much is they won’t release enough good games for it.

    Sonic Rivals is actually one of personal favorite Sonic games. (I haven’t played it lately though because I already completed everything, have a bunch of other games for my PSP and Wii, and barely enough time to play any of them). Sonic Rivals 2 could have been a lot better, though. ๐Ÿ˜›

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