SEGA Confirms Two New Sonics Coming In 2011

SEGA Confirms Two New Sonics Coming In 2011

UPDATE: SEGA’s Alan Pritchard has confirmed to Joystiq that SEGA has two huge Sonic announcements coming early next year:

“The early part of next calendar year, we have two very exciting, huge announcements to make. I’d love to be able to tell you more about them now but I can’t. That’s further evidence of how we’re looking to improve and enhance our Sonic strategy.”

Thanks to Hero of Legend at the SSMB for the heads-up! /UPDATE END

SEGA Europe boss Jurgen Post has confirmed to MCV that SEGA is working on a new Sonic game they plan to release in 2011.

“We know we have Sonic and Football Manager this year, a new Total War next year, and a new Sonic and Virtua Tennis next year. These are the kind of titles that will allow us to focus on being healthy and profitable.”

No more information was given, so we’re left to speculate. Could this be Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2? The untitled Nintendo 3DS game revealed in press documents at E3? Maybe it’s the heavily rumoured Sonic Anniversary game? This is the first official word SEGA has shared in regards to new Sonic titles for release next year and with the last of the latest games being released next month, could SEGA be getting ready to talk about their 2011 plans soon? If a report from Platform Nation is to be believed, we could be hearing something October 22nd.

We’ll keep an eye open for any developments. For now, share your thoughts in the comments.

Source: MCV via ONM

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  1. I have to say sega is really doing a great job with sonic games this year.Hope it stay this way next year.

  2. I think that the 3DS title is supposed to be Sonic Chronicles 2.

    Now about the anniversary game, I still think its Sonic Adventure 3 πŸ˜€

  3. …Wow..
    So, they’re making a game like Sega Super Star Tennis? Or Sonic Free Riders?
    What thehell..I’m sorry but like, why don’t they just stick to the traditional. Good story and good gameplay..
    Sega I’ve always loved you..but not now..
    I can bet anyone that from now on we’re gonna see more Sonic instead of the other characters. :/
    Which is a shame cause I like Shadow & Silver too~ <33

    And they're probably gonna do the same shit where, this game is ONLY available for specific consoles.
    They're losing buyers that way, srsly.

    Flamers go ahead and flame.
    Haters go ahead and hate.

    Sega [kinda] killed Sonic now..

  4. Well, you know, one of them could always be Sonic 4-2. That kind of goes without saying.

    Actually, I hope we get two episodes next year, to make up for how long the first one took. The foundations are coded. All they need to do is design new levels, and (dare I say it) new character abilities.

  5. Awesome, here’s hoping for Sonic Adventure 3. Sega have been doing well this year and they surely show no signs in stopping.

  6. Sonic Adventure 3 please….man..If they used the SA2 engine with hd graphics, I would explode. I’ve been waiting 7 years for this sega.

  7. Maybe either a sequel to Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) or a sequel to Sonic Unleashed, maybe even another storybook series Sonic? πŸ™‚

  8. How about a proper sequel to Sonic 3 Sega? One that features Classic Sonic and Classic gameplay!

  9. Watch it be Sonic 4: Episode II and the next Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games. Won’t that just kill you?

  10. “Sonic Adventure 3 please….man..If they used the SA2 engine with hd graphics, I would explode. I’ve been waiting 7 years for this sega.”

    SA2 engine with HD graphics? Ew man. I hope Sega stick with the Sonic Unleashed engine. Sonic Unleashed has the best graphics and character model in all the 3D games.

  11. SonicSALES: I know, I have a better idea: I hope they don’t make anymore sequels to the classics and just leave them alone. I’m tired of all the drama with Sonic 4 cause it’s not exactly what the retro fans wanted. And no, don’t even say that Sonic 4 has Sonic Rush gameplay cause a person probably had never even played a Sonic Rush game to say that.

  12. @ Sonfan1984

    They should never have called the game Sonic 4. It’s just a cash it. Start a new 2D series.

  13. Oh man so cant wait, obviously it’s the anniversary game, the 2nd one could be SONIC AND MARIO 2012 GAMES,
    Gamesmaster magazine also had a mini segment saying a Bioware is working on an un-named DS handheld game. heres what they typed
    ‘GM’s sources have uncovered intriguing news coming outof BioWare. Their QA leas, a chap called Mitchell Fujino, appears to have let slip that he’s working on an ‘unannounced handheld game’. The very same Fujino also worked on the underrated Sonic Chronicles : The Dark Brotherhood, Is a DS sequel on the way?’
    Thats what was typed so speak away.
    I also hope its a SONIC HEROES 2 πŸ™‚ be nice to see a sequel to that.

  14. yeah, I kinda agree that they have alot of balls for calling it Sonic 4. I would be much happier if they made a new 2D series of Sonic games like the Advance series and Rush

  15. @sonfan1984:
    I meant the complaining about Sonic 4: Ep 1. The article/topic is about what SEGA might have planned for their two new Sonic games they will be announcing.

  16. Hmm, as much as I’d like it to be SA3, and by that I don’t mean just the title for those of you who require the extra assistance to figure that out :D, I don’t feel it’s as likely. It’s possible, but not likely.

    Though I do like SA2’s model best (Sonic Unleashed’s second best, but mostly because of the texturing.). The Unleashed/Colors gameplay IS Adventure series-based gameplay only with boos replacing spindash and target systems to make sure you don’t fly off. Though it’d be cool to include both boost and spindash. XD

    But for the most part, I’ll just wait for them to announce it. Cuz I KNOW the fans are gonna do nothing but speculate some crazy stuff for some crazy reasons even crazier excuses but mostly with the craziest insults towards each others’ ideas. @__@

    Good luck, SEGA.

  17. As much as I’d like it to be Sonic Adventure 3, I’m not feeling it’s very likely. I liked the SA2 model best for design and Unleashed best for texture, but the gameplay of Unleashed/Colors felt the same as SA3 replacing the boost with spindash (it’d be cool to have both by merely making you able to get hurt during boost thus requiring spindash and not gaining fan complaints over the awesome BOOST! 8D lol)

    BUUUUT, I’m gonna just GUESS one of these games is Sonic Chronicles 2. Not the main 20th anniversary one, but I think SC2 is possibly the 3DS game. idk. =P

    I know fans will make crazy speculations for crazy reasons and insult each others’ thoughts in a crazy way so good luck to ya SEGA! =)

    Metal – Why can’t I defeat you?
    Sonic: – Because, We’re Sonic Heroes 2!!!
    Metal – …I quit.

  18. Woops. I posted the same thing twice. *facepalm*

    Well at least I got my Sonic Heroes line in. XP

    Hmm, I wonder if these games will be EARLY 2011 or LATE 2011. ._.

  19. Maybe Knuckles Chaotix 2 for the 3DS, why?
    . A member of sega, says he wanna intensions to make knuckles chaotix 2 (i think it was izuka)
    .last day, someone who saws future games from SEGA in NY, saw a game and says (its sequel/ is better than his predecesor)
    .Knuckles chaotix in the 32 X, use a lot of 3d in screen effects.

    Well, is just an idea.

  20. Doubting on SA3. Probly something new, but controls like Unleashed/Colors since everyone loves that so much.

  21. Dimps is working on Sonic 4 Episode 2 (rumor still?). So SEGA maybe working on a long awaited tittle by fans SA3? SEGA and Sonic tittle(spin-off)?

  22. The game being announced Oct 22nd is Sonic Chronicles 2. There’s enough evidence to confirm it.

  23. @DashXFox

    1: Your’e stating a guess as a fact before it’s confirmed.
    2: That’s not enough to confirm it. It’s enough to speculate though.

    Not saying you’re wrong. Just that there’s nothing to PROVE that you’re right until they actually say it. πŸ˜›

  24. @DashXFox: What evidence do you have that it will be a sequel to Sonic Chronicles? So far any game is up in the air right now

  25. @sonicfan1984

    He has evidence, I saw him spill some out. Just no proof-worthy evidence. =P Don’t fight over it. XD

    Wouldn’t it be something (and a heck of a suprise) if we were all wrong but then the year after we start seeing all of our suggestions come true. O-o I would laugh. I would laugh at the wolrd and at myself.

  26. It’s crazy to think it’s Sonic Adventure 3.

    …God, I hope it is.

    As long as it stays true to the Adventure series. πŸ™‚

  27. Sonic Colors 2 is one of the games they will announce in 22nd October XD , just kidding.

    still, i have my hopes it will be Sonic Heroes 2 ! i wanna see Eggman,Metal Sonic & chaos 0 team up togther & form TEAM EVIL ! XD

  28. With the way things are going, I wouldn’t be surprised if we get Sonic Adventure 3D. The special edition would step it up and included PLASTIC 3D glasses!

    In all seriousness, I wouldn’t be surprised to find that these are the Mario & Sonic and Sonic Anniversary games. Although I’d prefer these to be Sonic Adventure 3 and Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2, with perhaps a nod toward Sonic Adventure 2 as a future XBLA/PSN title.

  29. @Blayke LaRue

    He really freaked me out in SA1 XD , i mean he IS the god of destruction y’know XD.


    correct me if i’m wrong but, are you saying what if they port SA1 to 3DS with fixing the bugs & glitches & do a new voice acting ???
    To me, it’s a great idea why wouldn’t they do it?? i mean mario 64 ported to the DS & it’s great & the 3DS waaaaaaaaay better than the DS it really works very well for Sonic .
    I’m starting to hope that this is the 3DS Sonic title : SA3D , sounds great isn’t?

  30. Sega: We are announcing SONIC ADVENTURE 3!


    that’s all I’m getting from these comments…

    anyway, whatever game it’s gonna be I’m looking forward to it.

  31. Hm. Maybe the obvious would be what would be impossible on the Wii – Sonic 2006, on 3DS. Except, unlike the Original, it would be remade so that it would make more sense, and somehow, more right. Sega COULD use Princess Sally instead of Elise, or they could make Elise into a hedgehog. This way, the kiss won’t really raise any questions other than “Why couldn’t it be AMY?” And they won’t have to use that One-Time Realistic Eggman Design, and stick with the traditional stuff.

  32. Interesting, SEGA, have come out with pretty crap games since Shadow the Hedgehog, but this seems to be going uphill. Sonic colours may be a big bonus for SEGA, but since I didn’t really like Chronicles due to the fact RPG’s don’t suit Sonic. It’s most likely going to be Sonic Adventure 3 or Sonic 4: Episode 2.

  33. Sonic Colours and Sonic 4 look set to make 2010 a great year for Sonic fans but I hope Sega aren’t rushing out a new Sonic game for 2011 just because it’s Sonic’s 20th.

  34. Here’s for Sonic’s 20th birthday:
    1.SEGA better make new good Sonic games.
    2.Make Sonic and Amy to be couple.
    3.New Sonic TV Show
    4.Sonic the Hedgehog The Movie (Based on SEGA Sonic games after Sonic Unleashed and others)
    5.Mario and Sonic Party or Adventure or Kart or Sonic and co appear as playable characters in
    Mario Sports Mix Wii
    6.Sonic Adventure 3!
    7.Sonic Anniverary!
    8.Planned to build Sonic theme land at Six Flags USA parks or Universal Studios theme parks.
    9.Sonic and Tails are best buddies
    10.Sonic Chronicles 2! (More SonAmy scenes, More Shade, better music, sound effects and graphics and models, More playable characters!, Eggman and Metal Sonic are boss battles, more battles and more!)

  35. @YoshiAngemon
    Well it already made sense. It’s just a bit more complex than expected.
    They couldn’t use princess Sally. In the videogames, Sally is one of the animals Sonic rescues like the Flickie, only she was a dude (named Ricky) in the original Japanese manuel. XD
    Besides, technically, Sally wouldn’t be any better because she’s still not a hedgehog… and her character placement wouldn’t fit her actual character. o_O (Technically, she’s also less of a Sonic character than Elise as she’s an anthro whose design doesn’t follow the guidelines to Sonic characters, such as her hair, name and clothing style)

    As for the “Why couldn’t it have been Amy?” is answered by the fact that Elise, for some reason, has “mystical powers” (hence being able to hold Iblis inside of her an create a sheild around Sonic to keep him from sinking in the sand)

    That Eggman design was originally complimented before people started ranting on the game. XD (Because it answered the question a lot of people asked: “What would Eggman look like if he were real?”, and because he looked kinda cool. He also, somewhat, looked like the classic Eggman by the face and resembled Theodore Roosevelt who his design was originally based from. Lastly, like you said, it was a one-time things so it wasn’t going to be permanent. XD)

    Although, I wonder what it’d be look if they DID make a good version of Sonic nextgen. o_O lol “Sonic 2006 (2011)” XD

  36. @Ryan

    Whoa… uhh.. maybe over the course of some years. Just the fact that you have 10 things listed is a bit much to ask for on it’s own, let alone what it is you’re asking for. XD

    But I like some of those ideas.

  37. as long as they are for the 3 main consoles ill be happy, not happy at all that 360 and PS3 dont get colours. of course one of those 2 sonic games is episode 2 for sonic 4, but the other will be awesome, the best parts of colours and unleashed and maybe a colours-esque game but with sonic 4 (classic) style levels and enemies? maybe!

    Still loving sonic 4, just got super sonic, and even his looking up animation is bad ass XD

  38. @ALSAGR The 3DS has those capabilites, but no, it would have to be traditional on a “Home Console” Its better that way.

  39. Well, Sonic 4: Episode II is a given. People would already know that’s coming out. So, I would say it’s the 3DS title and anniversary game that’s going to be announced next year.

  40. Sonic aniversary! But plz make different music from the old stage music SEGA! Don’t b lazy and use the same! πŸ™‚


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