Rumour: 20 Extreme Gear In Sonic Free Riders, More Gameplay Footage

Rumour: 20 Extreme Gear In Sonic Free Riders, More Gameplay Footage


A trailer for Xbox 360 Kinect’s U.S. launch on November 4th has hit the net, which showcases the games that will be available on the device’s release date. Sonic Free Riders makes an appearance with some new clips of gameplay footage from a few of the various tracks on offer.

In other news, a retailer error has caused some Kinect games to be delivered to pre-order customers early, but loading one of these games up before launch will request that you download an update to be able to play them. Unfortunately, this update is not available yet and trying to download it will result in you being temporarily locked out of Xbox Live. More on that at Kotaku. forum member JPX Brutatility says Gamestop are the retailer in question, because he has received a copy of Sonic Free Riders early from them. JPX Brutality claims he has also ended up being locked out of Xbox Live temporarily for trying to play it early in an attempt to find out what the game’s yet to be revealed Achievements are, but has now offered to share details from the game’s manual instead. One question from Miles Prower CC about the Extreme Gears in the game has been answered so far, revealing that 20 Extreme Gear will be available to purchase from Omochao’s Shop:

“Extreme gear are available in two basic types (board and bike), offering riders a total of 20 gear to choose from, if you unlock and/or purchase them all at Omochao’s Shop. Each Gear has its own characteristics and enhancements, so finding the perfect match for you and your character adds another dimension to the race”

That is the exact quote so to mean it seems like you will be able to choose your board/bike from an option of 10 bikes and 10 boards. So yes he can ride a bike. The motions for the bike are fairly interesting as well. You have to act like you are holding handle bars and tilt them left or right to steer. The graphics are quite hilarious.

No picture proof of the manual and quote has been made provided, so we’re treating the information as rumour for now.

Source: forums

Thanks to Woun at the SSMB for the heads-up on the trailer and YouTube conversion!

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  1. Wow, who would’ve guessed Harry Potter on Kinect? lol
    I think Kinect probably works best with party, fighting, fitness, dance and sports games. And by that I mean it’s the best kind of games for Kinect and Kinect is probably best for some of those genres.

    I see Sonic Free Riders isn’t the only boarding game on Kinect. =)

    And Kinect is starting to look real interesting (to me). And I think it won me over with that ridiculous but catchy song playing in the trailer too! XD lol

    Dang Shadzter! Talk about a major mess up with the early games huh? o.o So the games can be bought in a boxcase seperately from the Kinect right? XD Like you don’t have to get Free Riders with the Kinect in order to get it? You can get Kinect and Free Riders later or Free Riders and Kinect later right? O-O

  2. @ FoxBoy:
    Yeah, I bet whoever messed up at Gamestop is getting fired now XD

    Kinect Adventures comes boxed with Kinect automatically. The other games you have to buy separately, unless you find retailers that are doing their own bundles with extra games.

  3. Watching the trailer actually makes the Kinect seem a little more appealing than before. I didn’t realize how many games it had coming out for it. Then again, I wasn’t paying that close attention to it.

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