ONM Sonic Colours Reviews: “Sonic Cycle Has Finally Been Broken”

ONM Sonic Colours Reviews: “Sonic Cycle Has Finally Been Broken”

Issue 62 of Official Nintendo Magazine is available from today in stores across the UK for ยฃ3.99 and inside are reviews for both Wii & DS versions of Sonic Colours. The game grasped an impressive 86% score from reviewer Chris Scullion on Wii, closely followed by an 85% score from reviewer Simon Bramble for the DS edition. The Wii version is highly praised for not containing any gimmicks that ruin the game, such as the Werehog, talking swords or the motion controlled gameplay of Sonic and the Secret Rings. Scullion sees the Wisps as a gimmick, but says they don’t ruin things and are completely optional, so you can completely ignore them if you like. Scullion especially likes the Yellow Drill Wisp, saying “You’ll have a blast manoeuvring Sonic through the dirt and underground passages at stupidly fast speeds,”.

Another feature praised about the game is the new voice acting of Roger Craig Smith as Sonic the Hedgehog. Scullion says Roger makes Sonic seem pretty cool and not the equivalent of The Simpsons‘ Poochie The Rapping Dog. Elsewhere in the sound department, the music receives some positive criticism, with Scullion saying the ONM team were humming along to the tracks for each level. Speaking of levels, Scullion doesn’t rank them as high as the best of the daytime stages Sonic Unleashed had to offer, but he is happy with lots of the stages. Scullion wasn’t impressed with multiplayer and says “if you’re buying this for multiplayer, you’ll probably be disappointed, as Sonic Colours is far more enjoyable when played on your tod.”

Scullion finishes the review with a statement that many fans will be happy to hear:

Colours hits the jackpot for Sonic fans. It’s one of his best 3D outings since the Dreamcast days. Round of applause for Sonic Team – the Sonic cycle has finally been broken.”

As for the DS version, it’s highly praised for being developed by Dimps who did the very well received Sonic Rush titles, because this game sticks closely to the fast-paced gameplay in those games. Bramble says Sonic Colours on DS is at its heart “speed-run gaming at its finest” and has a lot of good things to say about the replay value of going through levels again to improve your performance and earn a higher rank and/or using later unlocked Wisps in earlier stages to find new paths and goodies. Like Scullion on the Wii version, Bramble is happy to see the Wisps are completely optional in this version, so you can speed through in usual Sonic fashion without ever using one if you so wish to.

The only complaint Bramble brings up about the DS version are the boss battles and bonus levels, because they break the flow of the game and says “the story’s a tenuous load of old tosh – but at least Sonic doesn’t talk.” The review is ended like the Wii one, with another positive statement that will put a smile on the face of fans.

“In fact, Colours on DS manages to silence not only its star, but those looking for yet another Sonic game to complain about. By ignoring the mistakes that did for recent titles, Colours manages to glide along, happy and oblivious, just as you will when you play it.”

For the full reviews, pick up a copy of Official Nintendo Magazine issue 62 in stores now, or order online at myfavouritemagazines.co.uk

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  1. What? no gold award?
    I’m glad it got a high score, but this is like one of the only good 10-15 games on the wii!
    Well, seems like I’ll have to wait to play it myself to see if it’s truly worthy of gold award. Regardless, congrats Sega on breaking the Sonic cycle! ๐Ÿ˜€


    Well, just having a better voice actor I’m even happier.
    The fact that there are only day stages makes me EVEN happier.

    I don’t care about multiplayer, I don’t have anyone to play with, so… Yeah, I’m fine with everything.

  3. Well I’m happy to hear this game might please fans who always complain about Sonic. But I don’t count on it. There are always people who complain about ANYTHING.
    I was worried Sonic’s new voice may be bad but Seems like it’s going to be good. I sure hope the game will be as good as what the review says. I’ll be happy to see Sonic’s image be redeemed. Sonic games have always been nice and I’ll be happy to see Sonic gain that top-notch awesomeness he had in the past again. I was very annoyed with all the bad criticism Sonic games have been getting recently. I hope SEGA can keep it up and make even better Sonic games. go SEGA!

  4. Awesome! I didn’t know they knew about “The Sonic Cycle” o.o

    Wha? Are you serious? You were worried Sonic’s new voice might be BAD? You knew he was voiced by Roger Craig Smith right? That’s like worrying that Johnny Yong Bosch would do a bad job! Those guys are praised actors, yo! XD

    After having Griffith (Who I don’t dislike but was heavily disliked by a lot) I think Roger should please a lot (Since he’s loved by a lot. XD)

    Speaking of Johnny Yong Bosch, it’d be cool if he were Shadow. >w> Troy Baker can be Knuckles. XD

  5. Ah, every good review makes me more and more excited! By now I’m totally souped.

    Hearing them say they liked Roger’s voice work makes me want to see some cutscenes even more badly than before.

  6. The so called “Sonic Cycle” was broken ever since All-Stars Racing got a good rating.

  7. What!? It only got 86 Perce-*shot*

    I can’t wait to get this game for both the Wii and DS

  8. This, NGamer and Dreadknux’s confirms it that Roger Craig Smith is a better voice actor for Sonic then Griffith was. ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. if the cycle has been broken, how come I still see it? D:

    Glad I woke up to read the article.

  10. @Foxboy

    Johnny Yong Bosch as Shadow?? YES FRICKING PLEASE!! =) I pretty much go crazy for his voice, and I’m straight. i think he could probably do Knuckles too…

  11. I wonder is all the people who is BITCHING and MOANING about how horrible and annoying the new voices (even though all we’ve heard so far is grunts) sounds actually read these reviews. This is the first time in a LONG time that I’ve seen reviewers who actually PRAISE the voice work in a Sonic game before.

  12. Oh hey, that’s pretty cool. Looks like I have higher hopes for this game in terms of sales and game play now. But you never know if reviews are biased or not till you played the game.

  13. I’m glad sega is finally listening to reason. Maybe they should fix sonic 2006 so the we can play it without randomly dying by trees or polls. Instead of being doubtful when they announce a new game,I can start looking on the bright side of things.

  14. guys i don’t know how i should play it with a clasic controler a gamecube or the nunchick and remote, I can’t decide weather to buy a clasic controler or a gamecube one :/

  15. @Jim-X

    lol Yeah, look at this video and listening to the guy with red hair named Sasori!


    That’s Johnny Yong Bosch and he sounds kinda like Shadow there, particularly towards the end of the video. This makes me think he could pull it off. Since Shadow’s probably already cast and I just thought of this, now I just gotta hope like crazy he’s actually Shadow. XD

    I also couldn’t help but notice that even as Sakura in that video, Kate Higgins sounds almost fitting for an interesting new Tails voice. XD

    In Naruto, Hinata’s voice is exactly like Cream’s so she’d be perfect for Cream.. but I assume most the females in voice acting are able to do that. lol
    However, what are the chances we suddenly find out Jet is being voiced by Vic Mignonga!? XD That’d be something!

  16. @sonicmovedj

    Well, I guess you should play with the wii-mote and nunchuck first since it’s the first one available. If you don’t like it then try using the gamecube controller since it IS a 3D game-type. If that doesn’t work, then go for classic. If this suggestion doesn’t suit you, then you’re still free to decide for yourself of course. XD lol

  17. @sonicmoveddj If I was you I’d go with a classic controller,give it the old school feeling. Although the wii mote can on it’s self feel comfortable,if you play it ness style.Heck,try both and see what works for you.It’s like on Super Smash Brothers Brawl,just find what fits best.

  18. Nintendo were waiting to bring up the Sonic cycle for a long time I bet. Awesome review nonetheless, this game has been getting so much praise and I couldn’t be happier ๐Ÿ˜€

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