NYCC: Interview with Sonic Production Artist John “Dubs” Gray

NYCC: Interview with Sonic Production Artist John “Dubs” Gray

There are men, and then there are those who are more then men. Ian Flynn and Pat Spaz (and I guess Paul too) are all good men. They do not compare to the awesomeness that is embodied in the one known as John Gray, or “Dubs” as he is known as by us lesser beings.

Dubs is the God-King of Archie Sonic, the master of all he surveys. He is a champion of the Nerbish people, whom will one day lead them back to the promised land that is printed media once more. His mighty, booming voice makes lesser men quiver in his presence. He is truly the mightiest, most handsome man to ever work on a book about a blue cartoon hedgehog and his furry friends.

Ladies and gentleman, I bring you the God-King, Nerbish representative, production artist, and all around awesome guy of Archie’s Sonic comics!

[youtube][/youtube] [youtube][/youtube] [youtube][/youtube] Join us tonight as we bring you the video of Archie’s Creators Tell All Panel, featuring Ian Flynn and Pat Spaz!

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  1. I was the one who told him he was burning the candle wrong! I actually said that he wasn’t just burning the candle at both ends, he was trying to cut it in half and burn the wick in the middle too. He probably didn’t remember that because he was so tired, but at least he wasn’t hallucinating penguins. Again.

  2. He’s so cool. Jazwares should make toys of him and Ian… and a Ken Penders figure to be their villain.

  3. I love the comics drawn by Dubs, just the way that his humorous art style mixes with the serious moments without feeling awkward at all. He really should be the main comic artist a little more often. Anyway, great interview!

  4. Loved it! He sure loves those “Nerbs.” (I’m part of the Nerb-supporting “legion” on Bumbleking he’s refering to admittedly.)

    I chuckled at his remark that he’ll “never… ever… ever…” live down drawing the “Sally slaps Sonic” issue.
    (Frankly, I think Sally’s had a harder time living that down, considering all the fangirl “hate clubs” dedicated to her on DA there are.)

  5. Wow. Absolutely fantastic interview! Great Job Q! I’m really looking forward to the Nerbs!!

  6. I have to watch this after this is done downloading then watch it in my room. I don’t want to start laughing without the comfort of a real chair

  7. Aaw… Another one that cuts off in the middle of a word. And I think we might be missing a word or two between parts 1 and 2. These interviews are great, but a little editing would go a long way.

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