NGamer Reviews Sonic Colours Wii, Supports Miis

NGamer Reviews Sonic Colours Wii, Supports Miis

According to reports, the UK edition of NGamer magazine has put out their review of Sonic Colours on Wii in their new issue released to store shelves today and it’s good news, because the magazine has given the game a score of 86%. NGamer has many positive things to say about the game, praising the single player, the Wisps and the replay value given when returning to stages to find hidden routes with later unlocked Wisps.

“The Similarity to the Mario Galaxy Games is it’s abundance of ideas. This is Sonic Team in an uncharacteristically creative and generous mood. It’s one that suits them well. The addition of the power-altering wisps is what does it.”

– “These aren’t powerups, they’re toys – single-use shots of pure fun that have the happy side effect of opening up new pathways in already pleasingly labyrinthine stages.”

– “The lists of powers goes on and on, and backtracking to find new areas in which to use them is a big part of the fun.”

NGamer weren’t too keen on the multiplayer section of the game though, claiming it can feel like a tug of war at times.

“As a multiplayer game Sonic Colours is less than perfect (the speedy action often results in a game of tug of war using the screen as a rope).”

The review reveals a new feature in the game’s multiplayer mode, the ability to play as your Mii.

– The ability to swap Sonic for your Miis means there’s still throwaway fun to be had.” (in multiplayer)

They finish the review up with a high note in their summary.

Summary – “Colours Rockets Sonic closer to the stratospheric heights of past glories and hints at a great future. Welcome back old friend, it’s been to long.”

For the full review, pick up the latest issue of NGamer in-store now or you can order it online from

Source: Sonicka at the ONM Forums

Thanks to SiLeNtDo0m at the SSMB for the heads-up!

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  1. First Sonic 4 gets good reviews, then Sonic Colours! The guy’s on a roll!

    Also, FIRST!!! (Hopefully…)

  2. should be noted that ngamer uk are quite harsh with scores… so… expect higher from sites like ign

  3. Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) got a 9.5/10 for its first review. I need to see more good stuff before I can believe this’ll be a critical success.

  4. Woo! so far 75/100% of new Sonic games as of February 2010 have been outstanding. I know what you all are thinking, uh… three? The reason why is because alot of people don’t refer to Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing. Although it’s not a core Sonic adventure, it’s still a Sonic game. One more game for the year to score, and if it gets a sufficing score, 100% of 2010 Sonic games are great! The fourth game I’m referring to is Sonic Free Riders! That’s the first game I plan on getting for the Kinect.

  5. “Welcome back old friend, it’s been to long.”

    “TO” long? Don’t professional magazines have editors to prevent them from doing things like that?

    Just being a terrible person, don’t mind me, I’m actually thrilled about all the love this game is getting and can’t wait to play it. And you can seriously play with your Mii? This, along with Sonic as a giant purple Pac-Man, has ensured my cracking up at the entirety of the game. Excellent 😀

  6. LOL Everything has to have Mii compatability on the Wii, doesn’t it? EVERYONE LOVES MIIS.
    But whatever, rather have features you have and never use than wish you had ones you don’t.

    Glad it’s getting good scores! I’m really excited for this one!

  7. You probably should also mention that this is the same magazine that gave Sonic Adventure DX a horrific 38%, and Sonic Adventure 2 Battle 70%. They have MAULED Sonic games over the years, so to get such high praise from them is a VERY VERY good thing.

  8. @Blippa – that was the first thing came to mind when I read this article. XD

    Well, this isn’t the first good thing we’ve heard about this game. Or any game in 2010, for that matter, as Clint Welding pointed out.

    However, I see a rough patch for 2011. Allow me to elaborate. First, we have the whole question of the Mario and Sonic game that is rumored for 2011. The previous two games have not been outstanding, and, without a doubt, the third one, no matter its quality, will have quite historically biased reviews. Furthermore, the Sonic Anniversary game has tremendous expectations to live up to, considering last decade’s anniversary present to us, and, even if Sonic Anniversary WAS to far surpass even Sonic Colours, it would still need to surpass Sonic Adventure 2. Sonic 3DS will most likely be less of a target for bad reviews, so, like Sonic Rush, will be labeled as “A nice little 3D Sonic game and a perfect launch title for Nintendo’s new system.”

    I hope to goodness Sega can keep up their incessant satisfaction of fans of the franchise and reviewers everywhere.

  9. NGamer is right, multiplayer platform games usually result in a tug of war with the screen. I bought LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Trilogy to play with my little bro. BIG mistake. For one thing, the camera is so screwy. It wouldn’t be so bad if my brother wouldn’t try to backtrack while I was pressing forward. >O<

  10. @SonikkuZaHejj
    Heh, in all fairness, I’d guess it’s the error of the person who’s quoting the magazine and not the magazine itself, but I really couldn’t resist 🙂

  11. The ability to play as your Mii in multiplayer did it for me. I am officially stoked for this game 😀

  12. Miis in multiplayer? Hmm… Sounds interesting. Do I get this on Wii or get Sonic 4 on the PS3? Methinks I’m leaning more towards Colors.

  13. “Welcome back old friend, it’s been too long.”
    Nonsense. Sonic games have always been great. I never care what the critics say.

  14. “Mii’s”? This is my second time actually looking at the front page, and this is the second time I’ve seen an apostrophe used in a plural. Come on, guys, this is grade school stuff. It’s okay to make a mistake once in a while, but this shouldn’t be showing up here.

  15. Pfft,the possibilities with the miis X) Should be a blast.I have quite a lot of mii’s I’ve downloaded that should be used. Nice review! It indeed looks like a good game,wonder how sonic free riders review will hold up.

  16. … What happened to the article posted earlier that had four new Sonic Colors playthrough videos? Why was it taken down?

  17. Brianzilla2004: Don’t worry. I’ve been reading Ngamer for years, and I know for a fact that the reviews they give out are fair and unbiased.

  18. @TheHumbleFellow
    I have issue 1 of ngamer back in 2007 and i have been collecting them ever since yay me

  19. I used to get NGamer on a regular baisis but something or other made me stop getting it. I may have to start buying it again. 🙂

  20. They gave Black Knight and Unleashed low scores of 50%ish, and gave low scores to Shadow, Adventure DX and other console Sonics as NGC Magazine. Should be noted they game Secret Rings 81%-ish.

    But hey, unlike Sonic in the past, I never doubt my fav games magazine. 😛 They were right on the money with Metroid Other M recently, and I’m sure they’re right here too.

  21. This isn’t really related, but I swear to god I heard somewhere that Sega was working on a new console.
    Is this true, or was I dreaming?

  22. Ryan, are you purposely trying to be annoying by asking the same questions over and over when we have already answered you several times? -_-

  23. @Brianzilla2004

    “Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) got a 9.5/10 for its first review. I need to see more good stuff before I can believe this’ll be a critical success.”

    That was Dave Halverson though right? I like him but you know how he is…

  24. I still comment on Sonic Colors videos. I don’t comment on Sonic 4 videos cause of all the complaining and I don’t want to get in involved in anymore voice wars with the fans until we hear more on RCS voice acting in the game

  25. @Ax

    It’s not Voice War II yet. It starts as soon as:

    1. Some guy on YouTube makes a huge, long rant after the game comes out.
    2. People start fighting about it.
    3. Petitions and campaigns to bring Jason Griffith/Ryan Drummond back are being posted on the internet.

  26. Yeah, some fans are still fighting over it. The 4kids/Jason fans wants Jason and the rest of the 4kids actors to return and the Ryan Drummond fans are upset cause Sega didn’t hire him back. I don’t want to get into that mess again. I’ve had enough of it for the last 5 years since the Sonic Adventure actors got replaced.

    “Well we’ve only got one month to go. =P”

    Correction: In a few weeks. Sonic Free Riders comes out November 4th, a few weeks before Sonic Colors. 😛

  27. Why would a company bring back a person they fired nearly five years ago anyways!? Ryan Drummond will NEVER come back.

    I don’t know why Drummond fans are so deluded to believe a single person can continue voice acting for a franchise after being cut, the games of the said franchise would automatically be good, and everyone will live happily ever!!

    Besides, Drummond would never want to come back anyways. He WANTED to voice Sonic in the Sonic X dub. He even offered to move to New York just to voice Sonic, but he was denied and later fired. If someone got fired from a job I WANTED to do and the same company decided FIVE YEARS LATER to show up and ask “Will you please come back?”, do you expect that person to be happy and crying tears of joy while running towards the sunset? NO! Unless he was jobless and didn’t have anywhere to go, he’d be fucking pissed! Plus, if he wanted the job back and couldn’t move on without voicing Sonic, he would’ve gave effort to get his job back. Did he? No. He just doesn’t care anymore. He has a life and a family. He HAS to move on.

    And that’s the same to Jason Griffith fans. Jason Griffith quit his job, and that’s why SEGA had to get Roger Craig Smith to voice him, and SEGA won’t bring Griffith back because he doesn’t even want to voice Sonic anymore. To be honest, I think he probably quit just to get away from the rabid fanboys constantly sending him hate mail and threats.

    I will admit that I was a little dissapointed when I heard that Griffith was replaced, but that’s because his voice work in Unleashed and Black Knight was the best voice acting for Sonic in history. Was he that good when he first started. No, he sucked balls. It took him at least three years of practicing just to make Sonic sound good. Even Ryan Drummond sucked when he first started in Sonic Adventure (“Amy, W-W-W-W-W-Wait…”), but he improved in Sonic Adventure 2 and onwards. There are many voice actors that suck, but they improve from effort and experience. What makes Jason Griffith, Ryan Drummond, or ANY voice actor of ANY Sonic character any more special than the next voice actor?

    The point is: Voice Acting has become a severely overrated issue of debate in the Sonic Franchise, not to mention that it would have little to no influence on the quality of the actual game anyways. Until the fanboys accepts this, nothing will ever change.

    Welcome to the Seventh Circle of Hell, Roger…

  28. You are absolutely wrong in your assumption:

    Ryan Drummond would come back to voicing Sonic in a heartbeat if Sega would give him the chance. I assure you of that.

    Maybe you would refuse because you’d want to “get back” at the company for firing you, but Ryan viewed it as more than a job: He truly loved Sonic and would put that in front of any hard feelings towards a company.

    And also, Jason quit? Say wha? I must say, you seem to have your “facts” severely mistaken. Sega fired him, just

    Yeah yeah, enough of this, but please get your facts straight before making accusations. 😛

  29. @Hamilton

    Ah, I see. I was wrong then.


    I am aware that Ryan was passionate for voicing Sonic. Of course, if SEGA did want him back and Ryan Drummond did want to come back, he would’ve been back by now. However:

    A: Drummond wanted to come back, but SEGA wouldn’t let him.
    B: After firing him, SEGA wanted him back, but Drummond moved on.
    C: SEGA didn’t care, and Drummond didn’t care.

    It’s rather unfortunate either way. I apologize for assuming that Ryan would flat out refuse out of anger, but it’s been five years since he was cut. He most likely moved on to a better life than voicing a fast, blue hedgehog.

  30. It’s less the voice actors’ fault that they didn’t sound great when they first got their jobs and more the writers of the games. Pretty much every mainstream Sonic game (up until Colours) was written by Japanese writers who didn’t know English, and then translated. This meant that the dialogue that the voice actors spoke was very rarely good.

    Furthermore, I hear that whenever they do voice samples for the characters, they just keep getting the voice actor to repeat a line over and over to the point where they are sick of it and then for some reason, these writers decided to use the latter voice clips instead of the earlier, better ones.

  31. Well, SEGA didn’t care about Ryan Drummond. He needs to take a break and stop to ask them to voice Sonic again. Roger OWNED him.
    Roger Smith was way better than Jason Griffith and Ryan Drummond!

  32. @Ryan

    How do you know whether or not Roger Smith is a better voice actor? We haven’t heard anything from his Sonic voice. Not even the unedited voice clips can give me a taste of what his official Sonic voice is.


    I can agree on that. Especially with Sonic Heroes. I still cringe from hearing “Let’s show that metal freak the REAL SUPER POWER OF TEAMWORK!!!!”

  33. I like Ryan Drummond’s Sonic lines from games:
    “I FOUND YOU FAKER!” – Sonic Adventure 2
    “Marriage! No way!” – Sonic Heroes
    “Hey look it’s talking egg!” – Sonic Adventure
    “Just the guy loves adventures, I’m Sonic the Hedgehog.” – Sonic Adventure 2
    “I’ll make you eat those words!!” – Sonic Adventure 2
    “You’ve turned into a big-time villain, doctor!” – Sonic Adventure 2
    “Because WE’RE SONIC HEROES!” – Sonic Heroes
    “Way to go Knucklehead.” – Sonic Adventure
    “Tails? Tails! Oh, I wonder he’s okay.” – Sonic Adventure
    “Oh no!” – Sonic Adventure
    “Shadow! Are you lost your mind?!” – Sonic Heroes

  34. @Ax

    Why can’t Sega of America keep a voice actor for a long time? Junichi Kanemaru has been Sonic’s japanese voice actor for nearly ten years, but Ryan and Jason barely gets five!? I call bullshit!

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