New Sonic Free Riders Japanese Trailer and Screenshots

New Sonic Free Riders Japanese Trailer and Screenshots


The official Japanese Sonic Free Riders website has received a makeover today, along with new updates that include the above new trailer and some new screenshots. In the screens and trailer we see more of Dolphin Resort and Rocky Ridge played in both single player and co-op modes, in which one mode sees you synchronized with another player. The trailer also acts as a tutorial to show you how the game is controlled, including the stage specific elements such as swimming, steering a minecart and riding a newly revealed bobsleigh. It looks like there is plenty of physical interaction involved in the game to keep players fit.

Source: Official Japanese Sonic Free Riders website

Thanks to Woun at the SSMB for the heads-up!


  1. Japan always gets the best trailers..

    Personally, I can’t wait for the release of the theme..In the wind~

    I think it’s the best theme song this year next to bentley jones..

  2. LOL! Have you seen that Sonic & Amy screenshot? It looks a bit weird! Well, if they’re not going to make them get together properly, then I guess you can just do it via Free Riders! Anyway, can’t wait for the release!

  3. Love the sixth picture!

    Amy: Isn’t this romantic, Sonic?

    Sonic: Just try and stay focused…

  4. Ugh. Reminds of all those Wii “Lifestyle” trailers, but more hyper. (COOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! HAVE MORE FUN!)

    Into the Wind, FTW. I just wish I could hear it more clearly over that screaming pitchman.

  5. Looks like Sonic finally loves Amy. I guess Amy’s dream was finally come true. So long Sonic waiting to his secret feelings for her. Why?

  6. Ryan: Actually, that pic is just from the co-op mode. You can get any two characters to hold hands like that. Even Knuckles and Eggman! XD

  7. Ryan: By your logic I guess Sonic finally loves Jet, Eggman, Knuckles, Silver and those characters too, right? Stop posting your bizarre SonAmy fantasies

  8. Overacting Actors are overacting.

    Seriously, the Japanese Trailers are always like that xD

    I’d KILL to play these, Too bad I can’t :/

  9. That trailer is just SCREAMING out to be put on forums and mocked.. Loving the song though. Wish I could hear more of it.

  10. *freezeframe* COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLL!

    Just being from Japan makes anything’s energy increase tenfold.

  11. @ all the SonAmy posts:
    Shadow and Rouge HAVE MORE FUN!!!!!!

    Metal Sonic and Dr. Eggman would be more COOOOOOOOOL!!!

    Sorry. Like a fungus, the trailer is starting to grow on me. 😛

  12. O_o lmao those people they are too hyped. That looked real corny because of them. Game looks cool, now that I see they kept a lot of things from the old 1 I can not see this ranking higher than an 7.5 average in reviews, but we’ll see.

  13. Honestly, I don’t care about this trailer at all. I’m only watching it for that awesome theme song playing in the BG. It sounds so much better then the guy who was singing it at the TGS Sonic concert.

  14. I know the story mode would have:
    Sonic was falling in love with Amy and starting dating her later
    More Sonic VS. Jet
    Eggman makes more evil
    Team Heroes VS. Team Babylons
    Hopely Silver and Blaze makes appearance
    Metal Sonic kidnaps Amy
    Sonic and Jet will race each other who save Amy from Eggman
    Sonic saves Amy first then make Tornado Spin to Eggman instead him and Amy in last Sonic Riders 1.
    Sonic and Amy are going out on a date while Jet, Wave and Storm are mad at him, Tails and Knuckles,
    But Knuckles smash them alot. In last story, Super Sonic will fight Eggman with his lastest creation.
    The Babylon Rogues will fight Team Heroes again someday.
    Hopely Shadow and Rouge are figured out about the Babylon Rogues
    Vector and Storm would be funny in the scene.
    Amy wants to race with Wave to revenge to hurt Sonic and his friends.
    Cream walks with Amy in the mall to shopping.
    In the beginning of Team Heroes, Sonic, Tails and Knuckles and they met with Team Rose. But
    Eggman makes annoucer to challenge Team Babylons. So Team Rose and Team Heroes will have to race each other.
    Sonic/Jet funny scenes will be awesome.
    Vector calls his phone for his Chaotix, Espio and Charmy.
    Tails was so jealous about Wave.
    Few SonAmy moments.
    Metal Sonic hacks Jet’s airboard.
    Shadow meets with E-1000B.
    Omochao makes appearance.
    Jet tries to ruin Sonic’s date with Amy in the beginning of the story mode’s Team Rose/Heroes’s story.
    The 7 Chaos Emeralds will be awards for if Team Heroes, Babylons, Rose or Dark wins.
    Team Babylon joins Eggman.
    Tails helps with Sonic to race Jet.
    Big, Omega, Espio and Charmy makes a small role but no playable characters.
    Amy will have a huge role.
    Cream was likely how to win the race. Teach by Vector.
    At the end of the final story,
    Sonic and Jet would be seen each other again for another World Grand PX next time.
    and there’s more to see.

  15. It’s nice to hear a version of the theme song that isn’t by that one guy who couldn’t sing. Really can’t wait to hear the rest of the soundtrack. <3

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