New Sonic Colours Screenshots, Violet “Void” Wisp Revealed

New Sonic Colours Screenshots, Violet “Void” Wisp Revealed

Many new screenshots for both Wii & DS versions of Sonic Colours have arisen at Andriasang, which feature the Aquarium Park stage and our first real look at the Asteroid Coaster stage. Asteroid Coaster lives up to its name, with the levels built around rocky asteroids, which appear to have been polluted with toxic waste, and yes, a roller coaster is present, a skeletal prehistoric themed one. The DS screenshots reveal the Violet Wisps “Void” powers, which give Sonic the ability to float and to suck up enemies into his vortex. This Wisp is exclusive to the DS version. The Wii screenshots allow us to see more of the yesterday revealed Purple “Frenzy” Wisps chomping powers in action. This Wisp is exclusive to the Wii version and judging by the screenshots, it can be used in both 2D and 3D spaces. The bosses from both stages in each version are also on display in full force, giving us a peek at their battle strategies.

Check out all of the screenshots below:
Asteroid Coaster


Aquarium Park


Source: Andriasang
Asteroid Coaster
Aquarium Park

What do you think of these stages and the Violet “Void” Wisp? Share your thoughts in the comments.


  1. Asteroid Coaster looks like great fun! The skeleton rollercoaster looks awesome.

    Also, it’s good to see another Wisp power up being used in the 3D sections (Frenzy)

  2. any news on that new sonic game meant to be reveled today with screenshots today is the 22nd and they said today was the reveled date it a sequal to a sonic game ?????

  3. @ Thomas Daly:
    Looks like the guy at Platform Nation who mentioned it wasn’t referring to a Sonic game, but a SEGA game:
    “No bother at all but I never mentioned it was a Sonic sequel just a sequel I was stoked for. It is not a Sonic game I was referring to but a Sega sequel and that is why I saved Sonic for part 2. I do apologize for the confusion but I do promise to let the Sonic fans on any new news I receive.
    Thanks for the email and I do apologize for the confusion.


    Scott diMonda

  4. @Shadzter: Hah, I’d knew it. The guys run on sentences is hard to understand and he hardly made himself clear on whether he was talking about a new Sonic title or not. I’m glad I didn’t get my hopes up for that.

  5. why is sonic in a roller coaster he could have grinded all that it would have looked better ­čÖé like sa2

  6. @ccproject72:
    That’s just a new trailer. SEGA revealed ChuChu Rocket for i-Devices a while back.

  7. @ needsemail1:
    They’re seperate Wisps and have different powers. Purple is Wii exclusive and has the Frenzy power and Violet is DS exclusive and has the Void power. Purple chomps and Violet sucks things up. I guess they could have used a completely different colour for one of them though.

  8. @needsemail1:
    In terms of colors, Violet is bluer than Purple.

    Also re: Void Wisp:
    Clearly Sonic is actually Unicron.

  9. When Sonic uses the violet wisp reminds me of Gastly from Pokemon…don’t know why. Both the ‘Frenzy’ and ‘Void’ seems related, propably the teeth thing.

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