New Sonic Colours Planet Wisp Wii & DS Screenshots

New Sonic Colours Planet Wisp Wii & DS Screenshots

Andriasang has released some new screenshots for both Wii and DS versions of Sonic Colours‘ Planet Wisp stage. Most of the screenshots are old news, but there are some new ones buried amongst them and they’re available for you to view below. The screens show some new areas that you may not have seen before, especially in the DS version of the game, which hasn’t received anywhere near as much video coverage as the Wii version. Sonic Wrecks has also released hi-res artwork of Yakker. Check out the screens and artwork and share your thoughts in the comments.



Yakker artwork:

Sources: Andriasang and Sonic Wrecks

Thanks to Woun at the SSMB for the heads-up on the Yakker artwork.


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  2. Yes, Shadzter! Indeed! :O
    I can’t wait to see a cutscene! XD I kinda wanna see what Sonic Free Riders could possibly have a story about. o.O (The theme kept saying something about Freedom and in the wind. o.o)

  3. Looks really good! Sonic Team have outdone themselves 😀

    Btw: When will the Wisps be sent out to the UK winners? 😀

  4. @Shadzter: Cheers I’ll get right on it

    @ccproject72: I know what you mean. They must be pushing the Wii to it’s absolute limits!

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