New Sonic Colors Trailer, Sonic Can Swim?!

New Sonic Colors Trailer, Sonic Can Swim?!

Courtesy of Gamespot

Gamespot has an exclusive Sonic Colors trailer with that Sweet Mountain music (like grandma and grandpa used to play) and all new levels shown including Sonic… SWIMMING underwater?!  (Well, spindashing around anyway.)

You can find it here.

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  1. Nah, he’s not swimming. He’s using the drill power. :p

    This game is looking kickass. I need something to distract me from buying Sonic 4 on my Wii right now and this is perfect

  2. The only possible ‘swimming’ I saw was at 1:03, in the Sonic Sim. It’s hard to tell what’s going on there. Other than that, Sonic is seen in the water level merely double-jumping.

  3. did you see those last few seconds of footage? makes it look like sonics gonna beat the crap out of eggman

  4. It’s official. My head just exploded.

    That was it- that was the trailer I’ve been waiting for. This is the best trailer for this game I’ve seen so far.

    I’m in love. Take my money now, Sega!

  5. “HOOVEER!!!!” “ROOOCKEEEETTT!!!!!!”

    I wish I could hire this guy for school so for each lesson he would shout “MAAATHS” “EEENGLIIIISH” etc.

  6. It’s really ironic that they release what some consider the best trailer for Colors right when Sonic 4 hits the Wii. Brilliant timing, I swear! XD Ah well.. one more month to go. Sonic 4 will tide me over till then thankfully. ^^

  7. lol when Sonic, Tails, and all the 8 wisps jumped, Sonic looked like Mario cuz of the jump! XDD oh segaa…

  8. Glad this won’t be like Unleashed where half an inch of water kills you instantly. This is more like the original games, where there were levels that were mostly underwater, AND YET SONIC DIDN’T DIE.

  9. Awesome, I love the beginning where they all jump!
    Can’t wait for the biggest and best Sonic game to come out! 😀

  10. Last 3D game that had underwater was SA2 wasn’t it? Though it was just Knuckles and Rouge who could…

  11. I read “Sonic can swim” and almost had a heart attack. …Don’t do that to me, guys!

    Anyway, I’m really loving Craig’s little voice snippets there. “ROCKET!” …Oh man, I wanna hear Junichi now!

  12. Ah! i almost poo’d my pants that was so cool! Sonic punches Robotnik at the end! Ah! So cool! the music was totally Groovy man! The Cut scenes are beautiful! Those levels look so fun. That one level looks almost straight out of Unleashed. Anyway, can’t wait for this game. For Sonic Unleashed I waited until the price went down $20, same for Black Knight, but this one I’m gonna need to get right away, full price.

  13. I can’t believe this trailer made me forget all the things that are stressing me out this night, for two whole minutes.

    Ohmygodohmygodohymygod. I want this game. NOW.

  14. Wow… looks like I was right. Those boxes with the question marks ARE the next few trailers. So that means…


  15. sonic swimming…they divided by zero didn’t they*shot for spewing meme* Ahem…anywhoo this game is looking great. Wonder what powers the square whisp provides.

    @needsemail1 Ah,knew there was something strikingly familiar about that!

  16. @Marcellof Go to 1:12 and you can hear Craig announcing which moves Sonic is using… He goes “HOVER!” and “ROCKET!”

  17. That’s not Sonic. Dreadknux played over 25 hrs of the game and he already confirmed that its a random announcer who is announcing the wisp powers

  18. I don’t see why any customer @ Eggman’s Interstellar Amusment park would want to ride a ferris wheel limbering over toxic green waste

  19. Oh boy… the announcer mystery again. Why do people always claim rumor as fact before any official word on the matter is said? It doesn’t even sound like Sonic. XD

    Anyhoo, I wonder what Eggman plans to use this Amusement Park FOR! Is it supposed to be like the Death Egg 2 only in disguise? (Which I assume would be used the same way as Death Egg)

    Also, I wonder what other species live on the same planet as the Wisps. In fact, I wonder why there’s Wisps on multiple planets in the first place. o_O And.. why is Yakker different from all the other White Wisps? He’s got a curly hair while the others have 2 straight typical alien antennas. o.o

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