Jaleel White to Provide Voice for Sonic Fan Film

Jaleel White to Provide Voice for Sonic Fan Film

Following an announcement on SonicFanFilm.com, Eddie LeBron (the director of the Megaman Fan Film) appears to have recruited the classic vocals of Jaleel White, the voice of Sonic throughout the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog and the SatAM cartoon series, in order to reprise his role for a short 10-20 minute fan film.

To quote a statement from LeBron on the site:

As of early October, we have officially signed Jaleel White to voice to do the voice of the titular character, “Sonic the Hedgehog”. Jaleel White first entered the public eye as Steve Urkl in the TV sitcom. “Family Matters” and since then, he has been in various feature films and has also entered voice acting. One of his most popular voice acting roles was as Sonic the Hedgehog in various cartoon adaptations. He is widely known by fans as THE voice of Sonic; as we do. Thus, we want Jaleel’s involvement on this.

LeBron goes on to detail the format of the live action movie, which hopes to take most of its inspiration from the earlier Sonic titles, as well as to include a completely CGI Sonic.ย  It is hoped the final production of the short will be premiered at the Screw Attack Gaming Convention in 2011.

For more details head over to the Sonic Fan Film site.

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  1. no freakin’ way! thats so awesome ๐Ÿ˜€

    Im interested to hear how he sounds as sonic nowadays

  2. Wow! That’s amazing! Just signing him to BE in your movie takes serious skill. Sounds like it could be a really cool idea! Will it feature Sonic’s original design or his 1998 revamp?

    But why would you premiere it at a ScrewAttack event? I suppose if that’s what you can get then you should take it, but ScrewAttack, in general, doesn’t seem too fond of the blue blur.

  3. Isn’t this the movie we’re not supposed to be discussing? ๐Ÿ˜›

    Holy crap on Jaleel White thou :O

  4. @Jix: Nah, this is a different movie. The unmentionable one is (or rather, is supposedly) fully animated.

  5. Ah. My friend told me about a dude called minimullen who could kinda sound like that guy. I think this is the fanfilm he tried to recommend minimullen for too. I bet that guy feels special to have the person considered over him being Sonic himself. XD

    This is some real news. Not real SHOCKING news, just real happy news. =)
    Though if it’s live action, I don’t trust fan creations that it’ll be that great in both the GCI/live action department or the writing department. But it might suprise me. =)

    Although, that fanfilm costed money didn’t it? So that means it’s likely White was paid, which makes sense considering most VA’s do voices in fan projects for payment. =P (I saw the first and only episode so far of a fan made anime of the game series Touhou Project. It looked like a real animel! O.O The scenery, animation, music, sound effects, and apparently the Japanese voices were provided by professional voice actresses for the project. O-O)

  6. This my friends is going to be epic awesomeness! Looks like I’m going to have to buy the Mega Man Film just to get an idea of what to expect in Sonic.

  7. Ah…DUUUUUDE! Imagine if someone did a Sonic animated short film similar to TMNT: Turtles Forever where the Sonics meet each other and like they got Jaleel White, Martin Burke, Ryan Drummond, Kanemaru Junichi, Jason Griffith AND Roger Craig Smith to voice the different eras of Sonic? That’d be awesome as one heck of a feat for one, secondly becuase we’d get to hear new lines from them all, third cuz they’d be able to talk to each other, and lastly becuase each would be able to provide their best acting under the direction of the audience practically! lol

    Ah… silly imaginations. XD

  8. It will be hilarious if he arrives to talk about the film and says”Sorry, can’t talk. Gotta juice!”

  9. Wow, I’ve never thought that Jaleel White will ever do the voice of Sonic again. ๐Ÿ˜€ I wonder how he sounds as Sonic now. I mean, it’s been over 10 years since he last voiced him.

    Welcome back, Jaleel White. ๐Ÿ˜€

  10. Oh my god. I must watch this. Jaleel did my favorite voice of Sonic (Together with Drummond)., so this’ll be great.

    I wonder if he can still do the voice as good as he used to.

    I’m getting excited.

    Foxboy: Junichi doesn’t really make sense there, seeing as he’s the current VA and a non english one xP So his generation would be the same as Roger’s.

  11. You have got to be freeking kidding me.
    Jaleel is one of my childhood heroes

    With the exception of Drummond, no one captures Sonic Personality as good as him.

    Im super excited about this.

  12. @FoxBoy

    Hey whats up FoxBoy!
    I am minimullen, haha that was very nice of you to mention me.
    Was i really almost recommended for this?
    I get allot of requests to do Sonic, so i cant remember if i heard anything from anyone.

    Either way, I consider it an HONOR, that Jaleel was chosen over me. Hahah.

  13. @Marcellof

    The point was to have the different Sonic voices. XD Roger’s also the current voice of Sonic… heck. He technically hasn’t even voiced him yet. (Well nothing that is yet released at this very present =P) lol

  14. @foxboy

    So are you saying the people in the actual project were considering me at one point or just your friend?
    haha just curious

  15. Let’s hope there isn’t any outdated slang in this film, because while I did love his voicing, stuff like “Gotta Juice” made me cringe, but then again I didn’t watch Sonic in the 90’s, I know it would be classic, but its outdated. But still AWESOMESAUCE.

  16. Ugh, is he seriously still making this? Until I see a trailer of somekind, I’m calling this crap. :l

    Getting Jaleel on board is impressive though. Guess he has a little budget to play around with.

  17. This isn’t the same SatAM based fan movie Aknoteholeresident is making, this a completely different fan movie since this one is live action/CGI and it’s based on the early Genesis titles

  18. Also, I’m not all that thrilled about the movie being live action cause live action films based on videogames sucks. I hope it’s all CGI.

  19. I was never a big fan of Jaleel AS sonic, Im a big fan of jaleel in general though… But Id rather him voice sonic instead of roger <.<

  20. So…. a good majority of us can agree that Jaleel White is a good actor and/or voice actor? Holy Chaos Emeralds… at least it’s something every one agrees to.

    I can’t wait to see the trailers. Sounds cool. I love Jaleel White’s voice for Sonic.

  21. I’m more excited that Jaleel White is returning to be the voice of Sonic again then the actual live action fan movie honesty.

  22. Sonic sayz:When a old time voice actor comes back to voice never scream. Have a f-ing fangasm! Tails:what about me sonic. Sonic: who gives a crap freaking Jaleel whites back!

    But really in all honesty i’m still pumped to see what roger sounds like in colors. I’VE BEEN WAITING a long time!

  23. Wow!That’s honestly something I would not expect,didn’t think Jaleel White would be up for hit honestly. I”m glad he is!This fan film is starting to really shape up into something freaking awesome,and will be the highlight of my day when it’s finally done and available for public viewing.

  24. I’m a film maker, I’m called “Le Bron” ( not “LeBron” but close), I like sonic. But I hope I don’t end up like that, he looked about 30 and a virgin. Luckily i’ve engaged in the act of reproduction already and I’m 14 years off 30. There’s being a fan then there’s just obsession.

  25. Awesome…!! I have always been wondering why this exact thing wasn’t produced all along and sooner than this. I am really looking forward to see how this turns out!

  26. I read this news and it really made my night. I love Jaleel White as Sonic. That just too awesome for words

  27. @TheDanimator

    Oh that’s you!? Cool!
    Sorry, I don’t really know. ^^;

    Hearing it’s based on the Genesis era that’s cool! =D Though I don’t see the point in it being live action if it’s based on that era. (Where are they going to find a set for Green Hill Zone? Lost Labyrinth? Scrap Brain?… SKY SANCTUARY!? x_x) Live action best suits the Adventure series. That’d be cool. lol

    I’m sorry to deliver this news to you.. but no. It’s not something we all agree on. ;~; I like Jaleel, I don’t mind. He’s pretty fitting for the classic cartoons of Sonic. Not sure how he’ll fit the classic game version of Sonic but hey this is a new “movie” so the style will be different of course. But there are people who found his voice annoying. =P

  28. I really can’t picture them making a live action film based off of the early Genesis games. How is THAT going to work?? That’s my main concern/complaint for this fan film right now. Hand drawn animation would’ve been better.

  29. For those of you nervous about a live action fan-made movie. Go watch his Live Action Mega Man movie. It’s damned good. You’ve got nothing to fear.

  30. At first I thought it was that shitty film by Richard thank god it isn’t XD Anywho looking forward to seeing this film sounds very intresting =)

  31. Wait, why are people bashing the animated film by AKnotholeResident? I thought the only thing bad about that guy was his freakiness and his minor freakout over Sonic 4. But everyone loved his trailer thingy and he’s redeemed himself from the Sonic 4 freakout so all that’s left is his personal life issues that of which I will refrain from judging. XD

    Anyhoo, The reason why live action Sonic worries me is because Sonic, being the main character, would have to be animated as he is an anthro-hedgehog. Because of this, when the main character(s) is/are animated in a live action film, the live action part comes from others being real actors and a lot of the scenery possibly being real. With the classic games not showing anything worth being live action and having scenery hard to do in live action and likely would be computer generated even if there WERE live action people there, I don’t see how that story would work in live action unless it looked REALLY cheesy. XD

  32. I stumbled upon the megaman fan movie completly by accident a couple months ago. Although I think they should of used different actors for Megaman and Roll, the movie was pretty incredible for being a fan movie.

  33. I finally got a chance to watch the Mega Man Movie and i must say that was epic! I can’t wait to see what he has in store for the Hedgehog. Hey Eddie if your still looking for a Dr. Eggman please hit me up, you can’t go wrong with me being the most evil scientific mind! (laughs)

  34. almost forgot. If anyone out there hasn’t done so yet go pick up a copy of Nintendo Power there is a neat article about this movie and the hinting of another movie (of course we already know that it’s going to be Sonic, but just read the article) Also in the same said issue Sonic Colors received a 9 out of 10!

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