‘Happy 10th TSS’ – From the Readers

‘Happy 10th TSS’ – From the Readers

A while ago, Brad and I asked for some of you guys to get creative for The Sonic Stadium’s 10th Anniversary. We’ve had a couple of cool submissions since then – the fantastic banners from syaming-li and Roarey Raccoon notwithstanding of course!

First, here’s a nice art piece drawn up by lozfoe. Sonic and Tails throw a party, with the blue blur about to scoff some birthday cake. Tails looks like he’s having a mad time as well, even if it does look like his temperature’s being taken. A cute piece of artwork, and really appreciated lozfoe, thanks!

The second thing we got in our mailbox was this short video from FTA, one of the chaps behind Find the Computer Room. Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Shadow all opine on their favourite Sonic fansites. Apparently, this place is Sonic’s #1 site to chill out at. That’s quite some praise, coming from the ‘hog himself. Is it your favourite too?

Many thanks to lozfoe and FTA, and thank you all for supporting the site in all sorts of different ways! Let’s see if we can get through ten more years together! If you want to send in something to add to this post, send an email to dreadknux@gmail.com with your submission!

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  1. Wow, I didn’t think it was today! I’m loving the new layout! Right now I’m actually writing a song. It probably won’t be done until later tomorrow though (late in Kentucky at least)

  2. Whoa… new layout! Very snazzy.

    I probably won’t have any time to make something for TSS’s 10th, though.


  3. Happy 10th Stadium!
    The mods sure are a lot gentler than they used to be.

    Anyway, thanks for putting up with us ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Cool happy birthday to TSS !!!

    The new design is great too, well done ! But where can I change my theme now ? (i’m in Knuckles’ theme)

  5. TSS is the best!!! Really it is. I wonder if any other fanbase has such a great website. TSS is better than any official SEGA site.

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