First 4 Figures 2″ Mini Figures Series 2 Now Available

First 4 Figures 2″ Mini Figures Series 2 Now Available

Series 2 of the First 4 Figures made Classic Sonic mini figures is now available to purchase in the UK. The figures include Super Sonic, Metal Sonic and Amy Rose and are available individually for £3.99 in-store at Gamestation or bundled with Series 1 figures Sonic, Tails and Knuckles at for £17.99. U.S. fans can buy the bundle of six online at First 4 Figures website for $29.99, though we’ve heard that people who already ordered from there haven’t had their orders sent out yet.

SSMB member Gnasher has made an unboxing video of the figures, which you can view below:

Thanks to Gnasher for the heads-up!


  1. Now how am I supposed to afford these AND sonic colors AND sonic 4 AND any other stuff I feel like buying?

  2. @KirbyLinkFan


    -Don’t buy everything at the same time.
    -If you have a way to make money, then only spend a certain amount of money at a steady rate and you will never run out.
    -You’re not stuck with a specific amout of money. You can spend money and make money to replace what was spent.

  3. I saw the 6 pack while I was dashing into Forbidden Planet to get my latest Archie Sonic issue; I didn’t pick it up cos I didn’t wanna double up on the original 3 and the Metal Sonic (Which I got free at SoS), now I wish I had time to check my local Gamestation for the individual packs on the way to the cinema today.

  4. Huh, i like how the metal sonic figure stands out and is more unique then the rest. I also like the expression on super sonic’s face.

  5. Here’s my new Sonic storybook game called Sonic and the Little Mermaid.
    There’s two playable characters in game are Sonic and Amy.
    In the story: Sonic and Amy are going out on a date to the beach, they saw the mermaid fairly and makes Amy into a merhog, Sonic surprised at her, he would be come merhog too just like AOSTH.
    But the evil king aka Eggman, Sonic thinks it’s Eggman and King of Seas wants Mermaid Fairly to be his queen but Sonic fights him to save Mermaid Fairly, but the prince appears to help them, It’s between Sonic and Amy to save the Mermaid Fairly from Evil King AKA Eggman.
    Likely this would be easy game with all levels and bosses.
    The other Sonic characters are in this story like Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Blaze, Silver, Cream and & others.
    It will be had two player mode for the other Sonic playable character besides Sonic and Amy.
    This game would be released for Nintendo Wii.
    Sonic and Amy will be closer to each other.
    Please, SEGA.
    So did you like my new Sonic game ideas?

  6. @Ryan ..Are you trolling? There’s no way you are serious at this stage.

    I have the Metal Sonic figure from SoS, it is awesome and has perfect details.

  7. @BlueChaos: He does that all the time. In every post he talks about Sonic and Amy. Annoying as it is I don’t think he’s worth anyone’s time and it’s best to ignore him.

  8. dude nice figures.All you are lucky.I dont live in london so i cant come to the sonic convetion or summer of sonic.But im a major sonic fan.P.s ewww sonic’s eyeball is little and the other is huge.

  9. Yesterday was the first day I go into town after deciding “I’m not going to walk all the way to Gamestation until TSS reports that they’re out”. I come home. Read this.

  10. These are really cool, got mine ordered =P
    i wonder if we are gonna see Robotnik and maybe some badniks, or the chaotix. Ill be surprised if the 3rd set doesnt have robotnik in tbh…
    Chaotix would be cool too, tho i prefer their new designs to their old lol

  11. I’d love to see a Series 3 with the Chaotix, or perhaps even a more obscure set, like Nack, Bean and Bark. A Mecha Sonic series with the three Mecha Sonics (Sonic 2 8-bit, Sonic 2 16-bit, Sonic & Knuckles) would also be a nice addition.

  12. They can’t go too nuts because they have to appear to mainstream markets too… the dream series 3 for me would be.

    Robotnik, Mighty and Nack.

    But the more likely set would be…

    Robotnik, Espio and Shadow. (although Shadow might not happen because he’s not ‘classic’ yet he is contemporary and is getting on a bit now.)

  13. Picked up Amy and Metal Sonic today. Metal is perfect, but apparently they misunderstood Amy’s headband – they’ve made it a bandana instead. Instead of tapering off below her ears, it’s wrapped around her entire head and tied in a knot behind her neck. 😛 She also has one spike coming out of her back. Not sure if she normally had that in her old design or not, but I don’t remember it.

    Either way, they’re both amazing figures, though. GAME were out of Super Sonics, and my local Gamestation isn’t stocking them at all, so I’ll have to wait before I can pick him up.

  14. Ive order/preorder the mini series Sonic figures, the 12 inch Sonic figure and the exlusive Super Sonic figure yesterday. The whole thing all came up over $350 but being a Sonic fan and collector it’s all worth it. 😀

  15. I tried to find them today. Everywhere had series one in abundance, but all I could find of series two was a single Amy Rose in the larger of the two Gamestations in town. I asked a member of staff if they had any more of the series, which they didn’t. As I walked away, she went on to express her confusion to another member of staff that I was asking about a “second series” of figures. Series is a fairly generic word, you know! Doesn’t just apply to TV shows. And if I hadn’t mentioned it, I would have been directed to the mountain of Sonic, Tails and Knuckles behind me.

    Anyway, looks like the allure of Super Sonic and Metal Sonic is too much to resist for a lot of people. I had to buy the box set from Play (imagine if I’d asked her about a box set of figures!) Not a big loss, considering it would have been the same price for me to buy all of series two from Forbidden Planet, though I do have doublers.

  16. O.O I’m definatly going to seek those out,if not I”ll ask my dad VERRRRY nicely to get them for me on ebay or amazon. That Amy Rose figure is just cute,tails too,if I could just manage to find one or two,I’d be partially satisfied.

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