Archie Comics Panel Live Coverage @ NYCC (Ended)

Archie Comics Panel Live Coverage @ NYCC (Ended)

The New York Comic Con starts today, and you guys know what that means: interviews, news, and media galore! This is all being brought to you by TJ Selinka, who’s first stop at the con will be today’s Archie panel “Archie Comics Means Business!”, which will be followed by a visit to the Archie booth to talk with Ian Flynn and a few other members of the Archie Comics staff.

This news post will provide live coverage for the “Archie Comics Means Business!” panel, which will run from 3:15-4:15 EST. Expected at the panel are some exclusive Sonic the Hedgehog comic related announcements, as well as details on Sonic scribe Ian Flynn’s upcoming secret project. Selinka will be updating this news post with all announcements relevant to either of those subjects. This will all be followed by a complete video upload of the panel later today, as well as a promised interview with Ian Flynn!

It has begun:

Archie Comics has partnered with Capcom and will be publishing MEGAMAN comics in 2011.

Betty and Veronica will be receiving their own magazine comic similar to Life with Archie.

Archie is bringing back their Superhero Comic lines, in 2011.

Back to Mega Man.  Chad Thomas and Spaz are working on Mega Man.

Within the next few weeks more Sonic Comic apps are going to be available through itunes itself.

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Ian flynn is writing MEGAMAN, and a reboot of Cosmo the Merry Martian.

SEGA loved the Sonic Encylopedia, and are trying to figure out what to do with the marketing. Encyclopedia is over an inch and a half thick. Has been put on hiatus because SoA has gotten more invovled.

Aaaaand THAT’S IT! Stay tuned for pictures from the panel, as well as a full video, later in the day! We’ll also be bringing you an interview with Ian Flynn!

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  1. I like how Sega’s actually getting more involved because they liked the book. I think this can only be a good thing.

  2. Great, now Ian can ruin another character, this time without real story to fall back on when he fails. Great. Just Great.

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