A Blast From The Past In Time For Halloween

A Blast From The Past In Time For Halloween

Remember these?

If you’re planning on breaking out the pumpkins on Sunday, check out Rally the Cheetah and The-Lioness’ Sonic designs from last year if you’re stuck on a cool look.

Rally’s also come up with a fresh new design this year, Rouge the Bat.

Cutting out a pumpkin and roaming the streets this year, or locking yourself in and switching the lights off so it looks like no-one’s home, like I am? >_> Either way, let us know in the comments.

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  1. I did the Tails one this year. It looked really good. I was very happy with the stencil and details. Thanks Rally!

  2. I actually made a Yacker pumpkin this year. The design was pretty simple, I just altered one of his official artwork pics to make suitable for the carving of pumpkins. Except I ended up losing one of his antennae/horns somehow…

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