“Yardley Working!”: The Sonic Fan Art/Writing Contest

“Yardley Working!”: The Sonic Fan Art/Writing Contest

Hey folks!!

Well, there’s no Sonic Eggs comic this week, but Kichi is working hard on them as we speak. This week, you’re getting something better….

Yardley art

Tracy Yardley art!! It’s time for you to show off your creativity and sense of humor. Sonic style!!

We got three separate contests for three pieces of art. Let’s look at the categories.

Category 1 – Shades Fanart

Winning Page = Page 13 “The Hedgehog’s new clothes”

Draw me your funniest art of our resident sissy clone to win this page of Shades in his Sunday best.

Category 2 – “Two for one” Funny fanart

Winning page(s) = Page 11 “Ms. Manners”

Although this was only one comic strip, it was on two pages so the winner is getting two pages of art!! Just draw me a very humorous piece of Sonic art. Keep it funny, but also, KEEP IT CLEAN!

Category 3 – “Writers deserve love too.”

Winning page = Page 14 “Playing God and Playing Favorites” and a bonus secret prize.

For this page you can do two things. Either write me a funny short story containing 300 words or less, or make a funny comic strip. Either one can win! If a friend does the art, you must share one of the prizes with him. (It will be mailed to one address though.)

RULES – Contest is open to U.S., UK and any country where it’s allowed. Winners will receive their art page in a plastic sleeve for extra protection and it makes it easy for posting on a wall. Only one entry per person for all three categories. That means if you go for the Shades art, you cannot enter for the other art.

Winners will be PM’ed and shown here on the front page you must enter by 10/15/10 and I will decide the winners the following week. Winners will be decided not only on skill, but humor and creativity. So you can draw like a toddler but if it makes me laugh, that counts.

Entries must be posted in the categories shown in Sonic Showcase here on SSMB, or on Sonic Eggs Universe forum. at Emerald Coast Comics.

So do your best and have fun!!

….And yes, I’m keeping the other pages so nyaah!! XD

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  1. It’d be good idea to link to this article in the related topic on the forum cause nobody has a clue about anything.

  2. I assume the story/comic section needs to be Sonic-related.

    Can you enter more than once in a single category? i.e. submit multiple drawings for category 2?

  3. I thought this would end up being the hinted Yardley contest… I think I got myself a winning picture for the 13th page… but I REALLY want the page where Chuck pretty much disowns Chris… can you enter for two pages?


  4. @Frack

    “Only one entry per person for all three categories. That means if you go for the Shades art, you cannot enter for the other art.”

  5. @Dr. MK: You do know how to read, right?

    “RULES – Contest is open to U.S., UK and any country where it’s allowed”

  6. I’m thinking of drawing a comic strip for the “Playing God And Playing Favourites” page but it looks like I’ve got some competition………..

    Hehe bring it on!

  7. Now that my computers able to bypass the DLL errors,I can use my art programs again:) I will have to try to enter something.

  8. Ah one thing I have to ask is for category 2 do we actually have to make it a comic or can it just be a piece of funny Sonic art? I’m concentrating on the latter and wonder if this is fine.

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