Video: RubyEclipse Plays Sonic 4 at J-Pop Summit Festival

Video: RubyEclipse Plays Sonic 4 at J-Pop Summit Festival


SEGA attended this years J-Pop Summit Festival yesterday and brought along playable demos of some of their upcoming games for attendees to get some hands-on time with. Sonic fans were also treated to a presentation of Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 on the big screen in the Viz Cinema, where SEGA of America’s Aaron Webber aka RubyEclipse played through Act 1 of Splash Hill Zone in an attempt to beat a time record set at the event. Does he beat it? See for yourself. The demo shown appears to be from a new build, since it has the changes to it RubyEclipse has mentioned up until now at the SEGA Blogs, such as a new running animation, achieving ‘blurry’ feet’ quicker and the ability to run off screen at the end of an Act.

What do you think of this new build? Speak out in the comments.

Thanks to YouTube user JostheLynx for the footage.

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  1. I attended the event, but missed out on his run at the theater.
    Got to meet him, had a great time!

  2. @Shadzter Well sooooooooooooooorrrrrrrrryyyyyyy…I think the game is coming along nicely, nice transition to blurry feet and I like how you can run off screen now like the classics…

  3. i seen the running animation. it looks awesome. but this guy is slow. he did it by a point. Surely he could do better.

  4. haha good run, were the people joking when they kept saying WOOOOOAAAAH at all haha i mean it was good but yeah…

    Also i never took into account until now that the insta sheild isnt in this…even though it didnt come in handy that much it will still be missed.

  5. @Jmack Can you not sleep knowing you were the second to comment? I know if I dont get to be the 7th comment I piss my pants, I kill for it, I know how you feel man. Insomnia rules.

    Anyway, He has been sped up quite a bit from the last demos eh? I am diggin what I see and am loving it.

  6. @thewafflefactory…Insomnia?? It’s only 10:30 where I’m at dood lol. Yeah it’s crazy how the whole game looks way better when all they did was tweak it a little…small but important things.

  7. Seeing a good player do a speed run after all these players not used to the game trying to run through the first stage makes me want this game even more. This shows me that knowing the level and the routes will make a difference, just like the classics, no hold right, hit boost, win crap. It amazes me how much the little tweaks in this build bring it down from “Sonic Rush minus Boost” to exactly where “Sonic 4” should be. All of my concerns for this game are gone and I’m finally looking forward to this game without the slightest hesitation.

  8. These people are way to impressed with the homing attack. Good to see the spin dash is a little more useful, judging by how fast he takes off at the beginning.

    I gotta stop myself from watching anymore footage of this game. This is the only act I’ve seen so far, thankfully.

  9. The speed of this game is now at a level that I am thoroughly pleased with. It seems like platforming and speed instead of just platforming now!

  10. The speed is perfect and the physics are very impressive i must say. My biggest complint is the excessive boost pads, they really went overboard with those.

  11. God Bless SEGA. Sonic 4 will lead the way for SEGA to restore and bring back the charm that Sonic had on the Genesis to next gen systems.

  12. The ‘ooohs’ and ‘aaahs’ are because everyone there had already played the level, and after seeing it so many times knew exactly where the important moments were for a speed run. They clapped for everyone when they played, regardless of time. A great group of fans.

    Also, Jix – nice meeting you! Were you the one with the Sonic letterman?

  13. RubyEclipse gave me a little insight on what was going on… apparently Sega wanted to release this game asap but he fought to have the game delayed so they could work on it.
    He wouldn’t give us a release date (I guessed Nov.23rd and he gave me a raised eyebrow) but he said we’ll get a release date before Thanksgiving

  14. I’m happy with this build for the most part. Not a huge fan of that title card for the level though. It looks rather choppy and ugly.

  15. “Unlock Full Game”? That means they already have the trail demo ready to go. I think this is coming sooner than later. My guess is October.

  16. Uhh.. well I like the running animation, it’s faster to get to, and at the end he can just run off the screen so it’s fluid.

    Otherwise, the running off at the end isn’t really that big a deal and I don’t care, and the rest of the game looks identical to how it was before the new build. I mean, it’s better now, just not drastically. But I like it. =)

    I can see 2 of those things as amazing but I wouldn’t “Whooa” and “aahhh” at all of those, then again, I never played it so I don’t know what is and what isn’t a tough spot. lol At least he beat it. (Sure made the homing attack look like an impressive addition though)

    I don’t mind the uncurling anymore, it works with homing attack since it’s become apparent you can and probably should do it when you uncurl. Adds to this so-called “challenge” XD

    Of course the game’s not PERFECT, neither were the classics. But it’s pretty darn GOOD right?

    As for the release, I’m still gonna guess sometime in November. Kinect comes out November thus so does Sonic Free Riders. Sonic Colors comes out November. And all the main games since Shadow The Hedgehog have come out in November. This game might just do the same. lol

  17. (Unlock the full game!)
    So thats mean that i will play just one act in the trail demo? Not like the preveios classic games? I am so sad now!

  18. See?! This is what gameplay videos should look like! DECENT PLAYERS!

    Finally this game is given some justice 😀

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