UK Sonic Colours Pre-Order Bargains

UK Sonic Colours Pre-Order Bargains

Sonic Colours won’t be released in the UK until November 12th, but already you can grab a fantastic deal on both versions of the game. Online retailer now has the Wii version of the game available for pre-order for just £24.95, with free delivery. At, you can pre-order the DS version of the game for the low price of £21.70, with free delivery. Great bargains for those trying to save some money or after a cheap Christmas present for a Sonic fan.

Links: Sonic Colours Wii £24.95 Sonic Colours DS £21.70


  1. I’ve already spent the last 4 weeks trying to make money because I’ve pre-ordered it from GAME already! I did alot to get that money, and I’m proud of it, so I’m still going to pay the full £30 for it at GAME.

  2. @ sonicwalter:
    Bargain doesn’t mean special edition, it means cheap prices. I’d have said in the title if it was a special edition. So far the special edition is only listed on Dutch, German and Finnish retailers websites, but I hope it is released here in the UK and everywhere else in the world.

  3. £20-£25 for a new game…

    When asked for why theres no PS3/360 version, Sega will turn around and say “Well they sell more copies on the Wii/DS” No shit. If you’re selling any new game at those prices people will buy it.

  4. Conversion in $US – $38.40 Wii version / $33.40 DS version

    Current GameStop price – $49.99 / $29.99 (Has $5 off)

    Wii version is extremely cheap while the DS one is about par

  5. @ Jix Hedgehog:
    Shows how much we get fiddled in the UK XD £21.70 is good for a DS game here, because they normally retail for £29.99. Shocked to see a Wii game being sold cheaper here than in the U.S. but £24.95 is ridiculously cheap for a new game.

  6. Wii games tend to sell at around the £30 limit anyway don’t they?
    I’m still waiting on a UK pre order bonus to be announced, then I’ll pre order it. (Fingers crossed)

  7. Shadzter: The special edition is also on the german site. You even posted it xD

    Also, we get games for 49.99€-59.99€ most of the time. 59.99€= 77.25$ = £50.12. Stop complaining, we have it worse. xP

  8. @ Marcellof:
    Well you can thank the high taxes for that.
    I wait with pre-ordering till I know what’s in the special edition.

  9. Oh, wait we we’re talking Wii games.. They’re usually 39.99-49.99.. Still a lot :-/ Pokepark is for some reason 59.99, though..

    DS games also sell for 39.99. At least last time I checked..

  10. @ MarcelloF:
    Oh yeah XD I’ll edit my comment. I hope that special edition is released to the rest of the world too though, I really hate region exclusive bonuses.

    Wii games normally retail for £34.99, with some online retailers selling them for £29.99 like with this game. So, £24.95 is an absolute bargain.

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