Tracy Yardley! Does Sonic Eggs, Part 4

Tracy Yardley! Does Sonic Eggs, Part 4

This week’s page is an example of Sonic Egg’s use of continuity for future gags and jokes. In a previous page, Tails mentioned something about giving the Tornado “sentience”. This wasn’t a throw away gag. He’s really doing it. And you can see him at work below. Also, did I….neglect to mention that no one on this comic particularly cares for Chris?

This comic runs weekly at ECC. You can discuss this comic with long time fans and the creator’s at their forums, where occasional sneak peaks of future pages are given.

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Nuckles87 has been an editor at Sonic Stadium since 2007, and has been covering events like E3, PAX, and SDCC since 2010. An avid retro gamer, he runs a monthly stream on Twitch where he explores obscure Sonic oddities, and how aspects of the franchise have evolved over the decades.


  1. LOL Sonic X could’ve scrapped Chris entirely and just had Grandpa Chuck as the “human” companion character. Immediately infinitely better.

  2. Agreed Sonictoast, so agreed. If the show was just half as funny as this comic, it would have been the best– no, the GREATEST Sonic TV series, ever.

  3. Chris had an okay voice, and a cool design. I expected more from him. But his personality… ugh… XD Of course I’m not enough a jerk to HATE him I just don’te care for the character. I would’ve taken Helen over him in an instant! XD

    And to Monty, I never noticed how well the title of the show worked for this situation! Someone should make a video like that! XD WEL DONE, BOY! XD

  4. I don’t mind Chris either. From my perspective, an 11-yr old boy really can’t do much. And Chris has yet to grow out from certain childish ideals, that and the fact that his parents weren’t involved in his childhood deepened the degree of loneliness he had felt. That loneliness had nearly disappeared since Sonic and Co came. If I suddenly became friends with someone as awesome as Sonic or Tails, I’d definitely be ecstatic as Chris was and even more traumatically depressed if those awesome friends were to go away. Chris is that character that speaks to children who feel unloved or ungrateful, or in my deductions, just purely normal; kids who are being who they are, not who they ought to be or so desperately want to be. Chris embodies that certain childish desire embedded in all of us. That’s why I’m not such a hater of Chris (though my brother is).

  5. LMAO! I wish the show had this much humor. It would be 10X better that way. I love this comic. 😀

  6. @ Ax: I would take Helen in an instant as well. She was a really good character. Helen, Chuck, Ella, Tanaka, and Sam were my favorite human characters on that show. Danny was okay and the other girl was cool, along with Topaz and… you know what… I liked every human on that show, even Hawk, more than Chris and would rather have them star.

  7. Thanks for posting this comic on TSS front page; I probably would’ve never discovered it otherwise. Bookmarked.

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