Listing Sonic Free Riders Action Figures Listing Sonic Free Riders Action Figures

As well as a Sonic Colours action figure, U.S. toy retailer now have 3 listings for Sonic Free Riders action figures. The figures can be bought as a two-piece set of Sonic and Jet for $18.95, or you can buy them individually. Alone, Sonic costs $9.95 and Jet will set you back another dollar at $10.95, so buying them together will save you $1.95. The figures are currently listed for a November release, which of course matches the month of the games release. No pictures or sizes are available at present, but we’ll keep an eye open for any released in the future and pass them along.


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  1. I have all of the 3″ toys except Sonic and Caliburn. Plus I have a few customs as well (Sonia and Metal Sonic 3.0). I have no objections whatsoever to owning every single Sonic character and transformation EVER in the 3″ size.


  2. We noticed that you lacked Sonic Figures. So we made Sonic Figures for your Sonic Figures (or whatever :P)

    srsly. How many figures will SEGA release?

  3. Please, oh please let there be a Robotnik figure complete with his little scarf.

    if Sonic can have one million different figures produced, the so can Eggman.

  4. Now please don’t get me wrong but why are you so happy about figures, I though they’re for kids.

    i don’t mean anything bad I just want to know why do you like figures (if you do).

  5. J-Jet the Hawk action figure? I’m seconding Edge on this one. My life is now complete.

    Maaaaaan, I’m hoping these guys come with their Gear, too D:

  6. Absolute perfect timing!
    Guess Jet has more feathers than Sonic has quills, so he’s a little more (?)

  7. Ive always found Jet the hawk really annoying.

    No offense to anyone that likes him, hes cool looking.

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