Story Mode & More Confirmed For Sonic Free Riders

Story Mode & More Confirmed For Sonic Free Riders

In an interview with Vandal, Sonic Free Riders Producer Kenjiro Morimoto has confirmed some new details about the game. Since the game was unveiled at E3, there’s been no sight or mention of a story mode, something that has featured in both of the previous Riders titles. Morimoto-san tells Vandal that there will be a story mode in this game and that it is catered to help players improve their skills and take their time with the game.

Morimoto-san also details the amount of players the game will support in its multiplayer modes. Two players can play in versus and 4 players can take part in the games co-op mode. Finally, Morimoto-san reveals the game will contain 16 characters from the Sonic universe, as well as your Xbox 360 Avatars. Whether the character roster will contain guest SEGA characters on top of that total (like with past Riders games) is unknown.

You can check out the interview in full at Vandal, but beware, it’s in Spanish.
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  1. Oh man, I went from having zero reasons to get the game to one…And one reason is usually enough for me to buy a Sonic game. Curse you Sega!

  2. Please let that be 16 Sonic characters and THEN the Sega extras. In fact, can’t we just leave those guys out? This is a Sonic game, and as such, I’d like there to be as many SONIC characters as possible.

  3. Ooh, a story mode! More content is always good, and this also means that we’ll be hearing plenty of the new voice actors. Awesome.

  4. Gee-whiz, a story mode?! Hopefully it’ll be as good as the stories for the other Sonic Riders games! Remember how it was revealed that Jet and his crew are actually aliens?! How delightfully quirky and original!! Hey! Maybe… just maybe… it will explain how Sonic came to be! I bet it’ll have something to do with him being raised by seven mystic unicorns from deep into the center of the earth. Or something else just as cool as that.

    In all seriousness, why? Why couldn’t Sonic Riders just die? -.-


    ….no. Its still not worth it. Like Rundas said: no controller, no buy. I will thoroughly enjoy watching any cut-scenes from the game on youtube for free. Otherwise, this game can suck a dirty rag.

  6. @ gato:
    Yep, SEGA announced Avatar support when they unveiled the game. Pretty cool of them to add those in. I’ll have a good laugh seeing my Avatar on an hover board XD

    I’ve added the Avatar support bit to my article in case anyone else doesn’t know.

  7. So there’s less characters than the second one and there’s less players on versus mode?
    Then again, 4 players playing Kinect might not work…

    How about some characters we haven’t seen before in Riders? That’d be nice.

  8. @ Burtzman:
    Yeah, I can’t see 4 player versus working well in any game on Kinect. They’ve got 4 player co-op in there though at least, which will probably work, since both players have to stay close together and hold hands, so the device will be able to scan the players almost like two bodies instead of four.

  9. @Rundas

    Well they don’t expect people lazy enough to only want a controller to be the kind of people to go out and buy the thing anyways. XD

    Yeah, add a controller to Sonic Free Riders and you take away the game’s whole reason for existing. XP

    However, I couldn’t help but notice the irony of all this positive reaction and support towards a story and larger number of playable characters. =) el, oh, el.

  10. Yeah, it’s better to ignore these so called “Fans” cause you know, they definetly don’t deserve that title.

    And anyone complaining about the game not having a controller option solely for the reason you have to move, please kindly get off your couch and onto a treadmill.

  11. It’s not that we’re lazy. It’s just that Kinect expensive price plus the uninteresting games equals waste of 100$

  12. @Ax
    I’m OK with excercising, I just don’t feel like throwing away 100 dollars for the piece of poop that is Kinect.

  13. I want a controller option because i don’t want to buy something I’m not going to be able to use. Also I don’t want to pay $200 just for this game because I know that I’m not going to play anything else that comes with kinect.So give the fans that wants to play but have no desire to buy the kinect the option of playing the game with a controller.

  14. Story mode?
    More new VA awesomeness.
    Anyway like most people, no thank you, especially since I don’t own a 360.

  15. SonikkuHedgehog: Yeah, it’s better to ignore these so called “Fans” cause you know, they definetly don’t deserve that title.

    And anyone complaining about the game not having a controller option solely for the reason you have to move, please kindly get off your couch and onto a treadmill.”

    Oh, I’m definitely a Sonic fan but I dont have $200 to just throw away either when I can use it for other things. I have no interest in buying a Kinect system and theres no other games for it that interest me. But hey, if you’re willing to spend $200 just for this game then more power to you.
    I’m a controller kind of person cause I like to sit down and be confortable while playing games. I hate motion controls. I don’t even like the Wiis motions controls so motion controls where you use your entire body to play a game is so out of the question.

  16. Big woop if there’s a story mode. The other 2 Riders games had a story mode too. I just wanna know if the turning mechanics don’t suck like the last 2 games. They couldn’t do it properly with regular controls so what hope do they have with Kinect.

  17. Ain’t getting it. I’m not interested in the Xbox (reliability) or kinect (been done before on other consoles IMO i.e. eyetoy), Plus I’m saving as much money I can get my hands on for a PS3 by next spring.

  18. Are Sonic and Amy holding hands in that pic? Or are they just trying to push each other off their boards?

  19. Aw, man. I really didn’t want to have to buy Kinect, but… If this has a story mode… I’m going to end up getting it just to get a Knuckles fix.

    I’m quite fond of Jet, too. Even more so if he has a new voice.

  20. @ Humble fellow
    They hold hands since it’s the co-op mode.
    You can make Eggman and Jet do the same thing you know,

  21. While having my Avatar racing Sonic and friends while wearing my Sonic shoes and shirt unlocked from Sonic Adventure was reason enough for me to pick the game up, a story mode is a huge plus. Obviously, the online multiplayer is where there’s potential for some real replay value, but a story adds a lot. Hopefully the story won’t be quite as painful as in previous games, and the story cutscenes will all be viewable without having to play through the thing again (curse you, Sonic Riders 1!).

    Also, hopefully we’ll get some solid new voice actors to fill in for the fairly terrible 4Kids cast. I like what I’ve heard from Roger Craig Smith, and expect any additional replacements to be at least a bit better than whoever they replace.

  22. I’m guessing these last eight characters will be Robotnik, another Robot, 3 SEGA characters – NiGHTS, Alex Kid and Beat, Shadow, Silver and Blaze.

  23. I don’t understand why people are actually considering buying this title simply because it has a story mode when the actual game itself may play horribly (bad motion controls) with no option for using a controller? You could just watch the damn scenes on youtube once it’s out.

  24. @Rundus

    No, it’s that you’re lazy. You didn’t say anything about the price. You asked for an option to use a controller, to sit down and press buttons. If you don’t have an interest in a game meant for kinect then you obviously wouldn’t have come to read the info and comment.

    Of course the Kinect is pricey, it’s a full out machine. It’s practically it’s own console almost only attached to the 360. At least it didn’t start off over 200$ like an actual console. It’s not like it’s just a small little add-on.


    What is it with you people and console competition?

  25. @Gamer18

    The game was made FOR the Kinect. That’s it’s purpose of existing. If you’ren ot interested in the Kinect, you’re not interested in the game, thus you don’t need a controller option.


    It’s not really a waste for those who ARE interested in it if they’re actually interested in it. Who said they’d be buying it JUST for Sonic Free Riders? What if they were already interested in Kinect? What if they want the other games? What if these games we know of so far aren’t the only games Kinect will ever make, as we should expect? The point is it gets old when people say they’re not interested… over and over and over, which is ironic because if someone’s not interested in something you don’t usually expect to find them on the subject again. (and the “fans” remark he made was towards the story and character complaint that is being contradicted.) And yeah, sit down, ya lazy bum. XD


    Controllers have been done before too, y’know? They’re trying to get better at motion controls, particularly becuase videogamers are stereotyped as being lazy and brain dead, hence the reason for games requiring more thinking and physical action these days.


    THANK YOU! *bows*

  26. @Ax

    You’ve really gotta stop with the “lazy” remarks here, man. You sound like a total prick, and I can bet you many of the people who want a controller function here are not lazy, as you put it. While I will admit myself that I like sitting and my ass and “pushing buttons”, you have to understand that video games are basically designed for people who want to relax and enjoy something without having to do all sorts of crap they could just do in gym class.

    So yeah, Mr. macho-man…knock it off, will ya? Not everyone here wants to jump around like an idiot in front of their TV just to play a game.

  27. Ax:
    I’m not lazy. I workout about 5 or 6 days a week and in pretty good shape. I prefer to sit down and use a controller to play videogames. Also my room is way too small to be doing all that kind of movement. And how is it ironic, I’m interested in the game but I dont want to cough up another $150 to play the damn thing. You and the other guy are the ones who is calling people lazy or fat because they prefer to play the videogames using a controller

  28. im confused?

    i thought fans said only “gameplay matters” yet there raving about the game having story etc.

  29. @Stan

    “games are basically designed for people who want to relax and enjoy something without having to do all sorts of crap they could just do in gym class”
    Which has been made quite obvious with the creation and success of Wii and the creation of Move and Kinect. However, a lot of people don’t have the will to do all that excercising. Doing so for a game might motivate them to keep at it. Besides, that doesn’t make it bad that they want to ADD this type of gameplay to the controller gameplay we currently and always will have. But like I said, it’s just annoying to repeat you’re NOT interested in something because if you’re not interested it really doesn’t make sense for you to even be back in order to say it again in the first place.

  30. @SK72

    The people on here aren’t raving about the story mode, dude. The people on here are arguing over whether Sonic Free Riders should be playable with a controller or not, which is something good to debate considering that not a lot of people would fork over $150 for a Kinect system in order to pay $50 more for a Sonic game.

    A Sonic Riders game at that….

  31. @Stan

    Also, please, don’t call me macho-man. I’m nowhere near that. XD I’m not getting the kinect either, particularly because of money. But I’m not gonna come back just to tell everyone I’m not gonna get a kinect. (especially when the Kinect is merely a fun new way to help people who ARE lazy in the videogaming community and would like to play it and can afford it.)


    I’m not claling anyone fat. It’s simple, if you’re not interested then what are you doing taking interest in it? Just to come and remind everyone you’re not interested? and if you’re since when has it been so wrong to add a new style of gameplay? Just because it’s excercise doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. And it is ironic to be interested in a game that was meant to be played on Kinect, which you’re NOT interested in. I’m not trying to insult anyone or fight, it’s just too many people are so annoyingly negative. XP Why is everyone so spoiled? XD


    It’s not a debate. I’m not debating it. It’s simple. If you’re not interested, then don’t look into it. Why say “I’m still don’t wanna buy a kinect” over and over? If you’re not interested in Kinect, just play the first 2 Riders games and watch part 3’s cutscenes on YouTube or something.

    And why do fans like to assume everything’s an argument just because there’s a disagreement? I ALWAYS see fans doing the whole “Let’s stop the fighting” thing when there isn’t any fighting. XP (All it does is make people think it’s a fight and feel the need to defend themselves)


    It’s not a debate. XP (I think. XD lol)

    The people who are interested in kinect and can afford it will buy it or save up for it. Sonic Free Riders is one of the games they can buy if they’re interested in it as the game was made to be one of the selectable offers for THEM.

    If you want to use a controller, there’s 2 other Sonic Riders games that do that. If you want the story, you can see it on YouTube.

    If you don’t want to move around, either because your lazy or you just don’t find it fun, then neither Kinect nor Sonic Free Riders are for you unless you look into it for the music, story and voices. However, considering the gaming industry has made numerous attempts to get as close to virtual reality as possible, so far Kinect is doing just that. And in the future there may be something even more advanced. And controller usage will always still be abailable as there are certain kinds of gameplay only able to be used with a controller. =]

    Also, I apologize for anyone I DID call lazy as it was merely a remark and I wouldn’t know how lazy you are or not. xP

    Just try not to be so negative ALL THE TIME, okay people? XD

  32. Ax: I’ve said that I’m interested in only the GAME (Sonic Free Riders) but I’m not interested in the Kinect and wish there’s an option to use controllers so people like me who don’t wish to spend even more money on it to play this game. And I’ve never said that adding new style of gameplay is wrong. If you like that new style of gameplay then good for you

  33. @sonicfan1984

    Exactly. You shouldn’t BE interested in the game since it’s purposely made FOR the kinect. The game wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for the Kinect.

    Plus, if they give a controller option then of course everyone will save money and just buy the game, thus Kinect makes even LESS money. Not good for Microsoft.

    The only way I can see you being interested in the game is for the storyline, music and voice actors as the gameplay is for Kinect and the gameplay with a controller can be found in the previous two titles. But you can get the voices, music and story for FREE on the interwebz! XD

    This is off topic, but considering Sonic 4’s release date, is there a likely chance of seeing a Mad Gear trailer before then or not? o0

  34. “Plus, if they give a controller option then of course everyone will save money and just buy the game, thus Kinect makes even LESS money. Not good for Microsoft.”

    It’s not like SEGA has anything to gain from it for helping Microsoft by making SFR Kinect exclusive. SEGA is losing money from many people who would buy the game if there is a controller option so since theres no controller option then not that many would buy it or even care.

  35. @ Ax
    One question:
    Where is Free Riders specially designed for Kinect?
    The game looks like it’s taken most of its inspiration by Riders 1, which worked with a classic controller.
    I haven’t saw one part of the game you couldn’t control with a controller.
    And you know a lot of people want that game but can’t afford Kinect, so they complain about it, so Sega patches the game to let it use normal controllers to increase sales of the game.
    Gotta love how stuff like that works.
    And I’m back arguing, like the hypocrite I am. XD

  36. @sonicfan1984

    What makes you think they don’t get anything out of it? They had to make the agreement somehow. WHY are you interested in the game when the only thing special or different about it IS the Kinect?


    The programming. If it’s so much like Riders 1, then since you’d rather use a controller, which Riders 1 does, then why not just go play Riders 1? Free Riders has nothing to offer other than Kinect. The whole reason it exists is because SEGA wanted to make a game for Kinect. If they weren’t going to take full advantage of Kinect it wouldn’t exist at all, especially since it’s the Riders series.

    And yeah…thanks. Arguing. Just what we need. It’s not like we aren’t going to come to a dead end with no resolution. Then again, hypocrite… you have a point there. Sonic fans are hypocrites. All the these we complain about was our idea in the first place if you look back on it. Hmm, poor SEGA. XD

  37. Ax: If Sega has an controller option then that will increase more sells on the game and more people will buy it. But since it’s only for Kinect and you need Kinect in order to play the game then it’s a no buy from me.
    I’m interested in it cause the game looks like it will be better then the first two Riders. I’ve already own Riders and Riders: Zero Gravity and it’s ashame I wont be able to play this and miss out on a Sonic game cause it’s only for Kinect.

  38. @sonicfan1984

    Duh. How many times do I gotta say it? They games purpose for existing is so Sonic can have a game for the Kinect, not to do what he’s always done. SEGA would also make more money if Sonic Colors wasn’t only for Wii and DS too.

    Yeah, it’s a real shame you won’t get a different copy of Sonic Riders 1 to add to your other Sonic Riders 1. XP

    It’s like why didn’t they make Secret Rings for other consoles too instead of just the Wii controls it was specifically made to use? Not everyone wanted to buy a Wii for a Sonic game. It’s not like they’re making MORE money by making Colors Wii exclusive. XP

    I guess this just shows how much SEGA was milking money from Sonic huh? Focussing more on the idea than the best well to take peoples’ money that is. XD;

  39. Whatever. I’m done trying to reason with you. You ask me why I’m interested in the game and I gave you my reason and you’re trying to be a smartass about it.

    Enjoy your Kinect.

  40. I can appreciate why people would be interested in the game, but not Kinect. It would be nice if we could just fork out $50 for the game and pick up our 360 controllers and play a new Sonic Riders title. This game is obviously an effort to leverage people who enjoy Sonic games into buying a Kinect. If they made it compatible with standard controllers, then about 99% of the incentive to buy a Kinect to play Sonic Free Riders with the new control setup would go out the window.

    I’m sure that Microsoft has a hand in the creation of this game. They want people to buy a Kinect. They commissioned SEGA to make a Sonic game for its launch to help get a few more adopters. Money money money money. Moooney.

  41. @sonicfan1984

    Reason with me? Reason with me about WHAT? About why people come to an article about SFR only to say “I’m not buying a Kinect” over and over? Okay fine. “Nice try”. XP

    If it’s not good enough to buy a Kinect which would allow you to play other games with Kinect controls and all the games they make for it in the future, then the game’s not good enough to worry about being Kinect Exclusive. Some poeple hate the Wii, but a lot will probably buy one just to play Sonic Colors. Probably because Sonic Colors looks worth really good. XD

  42. Could we please calm the debate down folks? If people are interested in the game but can’t afford Kinect, that’s fine. Yes it does get a little annoying seeing the same comments posted in every Free Riders article, but that just shows that people are liking the new stuff in the game. This isn’t just a Riders 1 clone, since it has an interesting co-op mode and other new multiplayer modes, new voice actors, HD graphics, DLC support, leaderboards, online multiplayer and now a new story. It’s understandable that some people with a lack of funds for Kinect would be a little annoyed. I’m aware the game is built for Kinect and is likely part of a launch line-up deal with Microsoft to help promote Kinect, thus why there’s no controller support, but you can see why people would be a little miffed.

  43. @sonicfan1984

    Let’s get one thing straight. It’s not that I don’t agree with you, that the OPTION would be better and make SEGA more money. In addition to liking things optional, I also dislike things exclusive.

    But a lot of games are exclusive to something that require you to buy the console in order to play it if you don’t already have it. You can either buy it, wait til the price drops or just forget about it.

    All I’m saying is all everyone makes a big deal out of it when it shouldn’t be. I wrote a lot and responded to multple people, but I’m not freaking out over your freak outs as much as it sounds like I am.

  44. Shaaaadzter it’s not a debate! DX

    What’s with you fans? Can’t a person have an opinion woth many words without it being considered a tantrum? ._.

    As for all the stuff you just said.. I sort’ve just said I agreed to that in the previous comment (didn’t see your comment then) I was just pointing out the fact that all people do is repeat the negativity we’ve already heard. -.-

    But the way you put it, people are upset that SEGA is treating the Kinect’s game better than the non-Kinect Riders games. In that case, isn’t it possible for a controller-optional version to be released later as an update to the game? Or for ANOTHER Riders game to come out both for Kinect and controller? (Sonic Free Riders 2? XD) I mean SEGA’s only trying to get better.

  45. @ Ax:
    I said debate, because the back and forth between you all seems pretty tense, though I did read you say that you particularly weren’t being aggressive and I apologise if anyone else wasn’t. I was basically just trying to get things back on-topic.

    I think it would be possible to add controller support via a patch, but they probably won’t. This game is designed for Kinect and SEGA probably have a deal with Microsoft to keep it Kinect exclusive to help drive sales for it and a controller option wouldn’t drive Kinect sales. As for your other idea, that would be good further down the line. I enjoy the Riders series to a degree, so it would be cool to see a 4th entry in the series, but that’s up to SEGA and whether it would be financially viable.

  46. Story mode: Because we needed more space genies.

    Nah, whatever. I never really liked the stories themselves, but I liked the character animations in the Riders series, so I’m kinda excited for the cutscenes.

    Also, I’m hoping the Chaotix make it to the game this time, instead of recolored robots and random other SEGA characters. (…I say, as if I have the money to actually buy this game.)

  47. Ax:You totally missed the point. You ask me why I’m interested in the GAME itself and I gave you my reason why I’m interested in the game and then you’re trying to act all smart. All I want is a controller option and then you come along and calling people who doesn’t want to fork out more money for a Kinect and wants an controller option ‘lazy’.

  48. @Shadzter

    It’s okay. You’ve gotta be one of the best members/commenters on this site so I’m always sure you have a reason for what you say. o0

    If it seemed intense then I guess I’ll try to make it less so. There’s not really much anyone can add that isn’t something someone’s already said anyways so yeah. XD


    You did? What was it again? I think Shadzter pointed out some good reasons but… unless you’re referring to the part about it being a Sonic title in general.
    I’m not trying to be smart, I’m only saying what’s on my mind. You’re the one getting all uptight about it. Which is basically all my original comments were referring to in the first place; People being too uptight.

    And no, I was only calling lazy people lazy. (The ones who actually act like the idea is a major problem regardless of the price. XP)
    If I called anyone else lazy then I’m sorry. I was just being an ass. XD;;

  49. @ProjectZuel: I did. Actually, Sonic Riders was the first Sonic game I’ve played. I actually unlocked everything in a few years (yes, I said years.) More on topic, Sonic Free Riders looks really cool. My only requests are if this game could be on Wii, use Miis, and have Wii Balance Board compatibility.

  50. @Ryan

    You know.. since this article is the only info on the story we currently have.. I assume no one has the answer. But I would guess somewhat so as she was in the previous two titles. I expect the story to focus on Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Jet, Eggman, Amy, Wave and Storm. And if for some reason Shadow, Rouge, Blaze and/or Silver appear in the story, I will be quite surpised and intrigured. XD

    Lemme guess the 16 characters. :/

    1: Sonic
    2: Tails
    3: Knuckles
    4: Amy
    5: Jet
    6: Wave
    7: Storm
    8: Dr. Eggman
    9: Shadow
    10: Rouge
    11: Blaze
    12: Silver
    13: Cream
    14: Ulala (it’d be cool if it were Vector)
    15: SEGA character (it’d be cool if it were Charmy)
    16: SEGA character (it’d be cool if it were Espio)
    17: It’d be cool if there was a 17th (not including Super Sonic) to make room for Metal Sonic. lol
    18: It’d be cool if there were room for Marine too. …What? It’s just a thought…

  51. Character rosters are always fairly amusing time-wasters… Here’s what I’d like to see:

    * Amy
    * Blaze
    * Cream
    * E10000G
    * E10000R
    * Jet
    * Knuckles
    * Metal Sonic
    * Robotnik
    * Rouge
    * Shadow
    * Silver
    * Sonic
    * Storm
    * Tails
    * Wave

  52. You guys are all complaining about having to buy Kinect to play this game; meanwhile, I’d have to buy a XBOX360 before I even GET to that bit!

  53. I dont care about storymode or anything of the like

    I just want NiGHTS and Billy Hatcher to be playable, they were the only reason I bought Sonic Riders 1 and 2 D:<

  54. @ProjectZuel well everyone did like the stories in the sonic riders series they just wanted better gameplay, i mean Zero Gravity was the best and idk why IGNorant gave it a 5.9 i mean the story was pretty cool, the gameplay could have had ittle bit more done to it and the graphics were awesome. I just dont want the story to be like the first Sonic Riders game where its mostly focusing on the World Gran Prix and all

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